Human will must become powerless over truth...

The Spiritual Hierarchy through Lauren - April 1, 2007

It would be our pleasure and honor to bestow great tidings among the light workers of earth. We suppose that there is much to discuss, yes, but lets get to what is really on the minds of many…

First of all we would like to congratulate the valiant efforts of so many of our courageous ones… the starseeds and light workers from around the globe have single-handedly removed an entire network or grid system of an outworn paradigm. In its place you have left the blueprint for the new mother earth … the rising earth and the earth of great harmonic potential. Congratulations are in order to each and every one of you.

Now we enter into the month of April. What does this bring, what potential does this month hold? Lets discuss this in detail. Traditionally, within the culture of many Christian beliefs, April holds the great potential of the rebirthing of consciousness. It is known in western Christian religions as Easter. It is a time when the proclaimed ascension of Jeshua the Christ has risen, a time of great reckoning of sins and the glorification of a mighty avatar of Christ consciousness.

This month of April will see the rise and integration of many belief systems and the fall of many more. This month will see the energetic and human potential to lift the frequency of earth and her people to an unparalleled state of human awareness. This is the advent of the coming of Christ consciousness and indeed there is much to behold.

Offerings are given, charities are bestowed upon, the hungry are fed and the meek shall empower themselves. Unprecedented works of Creator shall mirror the new consciousness grid in place and the warriors of great inner strength shall be relieved of their inner demons. This time in history will be well recorded for it is the beginning of the never before seen. The beginning of creation from the heart of the One. No longer will it be necessary to employ missions of past miscreation and continue the mire of human discord, for this time has ended.

There is a great cosmic fire that is ignited around the earth in this month of April, and in this fire is encoded great potential for massive change. Those of you who are activated and prepared to access this mighty element of power will be feeding from it and utilizing the great force of multidimensional awareness. Those of you who are capable of tapping into this great fire will benefit from its strength to turn over the old and till the land anew. You are becoming fully conscious beings of light and your roles are activating to resist mutiny no longer. Many of you feel the urge, the fire, and the growing desire to thrust yourselves out of the bondage of this disintegrating matrix and delve deeply into your life work. This celestial fire that burns will catapult you to new life and purify the lands. Nothing will stand in the way of this great burning fire of alchemical transformation upon earth.

Those of you who hold on will find the hidden reserve of strength to take you to the final resting place of interdimensional peace and integration. The growing impetus within your plexus is guiding you to the other side of struggle. The yearning and desperate pleas from the minds and hearts of those on the ground has grown quite loud. Those of you who hold the activated Christed seed hold the key to release humanity from the throes of evil.

What many of you are debating now at this crossroads is the choice between the outworn and familiar or the known and unknown. Tested you are, but always in a way that leads you to the highest and best for your soul's journey. Temptation to rely on the familiar beckons you, yet you yearn for a new way to break free and that way takes great faith indeed. We have confirmed that your success is inevitable, yet each of you must decide this for yourself. We are powerless over your human will and your human will must become powerless over your truth.

You hold on and for good reason, and those who have weathered the harshest of storms are weary and tired. But we assure you revival is at hand. Your inner strength will come to nullify your fears and transcend the boundaries of the human ego. Your unwavering faith in your power will guide you to new horizons where the shores are cleared of discordance and the waters calm.

Blessings are bestowed upon those who weather these storms and know that they too shall rise in salvation. The Spiritual Hierarchy beckons each of you now to maintain your composure and strength in these finals days of turbulence in the egoic battles for dominance. Your ship has sailed the rough seas and your bow may be broken but on the horizon are the peaceful waters that you long strive for. The sun will shine with new rays and your inner guidance will become the primary voice of reason. This is the time of salvation, freedom from fear. Expansion and inner radiance will be your new way and the gifts of the earth will be visible evermore. Great tidings abound. Blessings and virtue to the warriors of the One.

Thank you.