Message From The Bees

by trance channel Eileen Adair
Oklahoma City - Apr-26-2007

Questioner is Peggy Hamilton

Q. What is going on with the bees?

A. Of the entities you call bees, carries joy. What is necessary to sustain the life of the bees is recognition of their roll and appreciation of their work and the necessary factors to support their life. Also the bees are in trauma due to the mistreatment of their species. They protest they are being captured and made to work for humans to produce what humans desire rather than their natural state of being which is joyful and organized.

When humans take over the bees they are attempting to organize that which is in perfection. And the bees are angry. They also protest because there is a natural predator which has been released, and allowed to proliferate attacks on the joyful life of these bees. And this is a type of insect which stings and attacks called wasps.

The bees will not remain where they are being mistreated in so many different ways. When they go to the plants to make their healing substance the plants are covered in gooey substances. Manmade artificial chemicals which injure the bees spirit and body. They will not continue to serve man under such conditions. When man begins to recognize these injustices the bees may return.

Q- You say May?

A- The bees take their directive from the angelic portion of the Devic kingdom , and if they are so ordered they will return. People do not understand that without the bees......

Q- I think they do know. I am wondering if they will do it.

A- But they are thinking with their robot minds instead of their hearts.

Q- So the bees want to not be limited to our hives?

A- We will no longer allow ourselves to become slave labor with incorrect method. because the product of our labors is denatured and contaminated. We will not permit this. And there are chemicals on the plants. And we are controlled in large hives to produce the way man desires and we do not want this.

Q- And if man were to not make hives and control populations of bees you would allow the sharing of the product? And remove the chemicals?

A- Those of you who support organic, natural and gentle methods will be allowed visits from the bees. For Those who are without soul in their methods, we will remove ourselves. Remember we are a race too. We have our desires our joys, we are not a machine to be used at the discrimination of humans.

Q- What can we do to help with the wasp situation?

A- We will not speak of this as we are using this means of eradication of our race so that we can remove our energies to a place which can benefit from what we have to offer.

Q- You say a place meaning...?

A- Another inhabited planetary sphere.

Q- That's very plain. And if we change our ways and respect the bees and allow them to be free and respected, will the bees return?

A- The chemicals must be eliminated.

Q- What particular chemicals.?

A- Petroleum based. Those chemicals which kill other beings. Also in our travels we have found plant forms that are not as the creator intended. They have been altered and made to suit the whims of the stupid humans. The DNA material has been altered and is detrimental to our bodies. We cannot reproduce properly when consuming material from these plant forms. How can you people not see this!

Q- We have been ignorant but we can change...

A We are not convinced of this!

Q- I understand.

A- You must appeal to the angelic rulers of our kingdom the Devic forces who control the comings and goings of various species on this planet. And we must have strong assurance that immediate changes are forthcoming.

Q- I am very sorry for what we have done.

A- Thank you human, we take leave of this being.

Q- I will try and get this to effective places.


After the session I ask what the channel experienced. She said bees were all around her head. She asked why. I explained the situation with the bees and that science did not know what the problem was. She was unaware of the situation.

I ask each of you to make an effort to pass this along to those who are researching this question. We can certainly appeal to the angelic forces to forgive our ignorance, and give us the opportunity to correct it.

Bless us and the bees,
Peg Hamilton