Diane  16-May-2007

by Mike Quinsey

For those who follow events on Earth and see them through the eyes of one who is spiritually aware, they can clearly see that the physical battle is not the key to your future. They will also understand that the ages long confrontation of dark and Light has almost reached its end, and is playing out the last acts in the drama of life. As the Light spreads across the Earth it gathers pace, as more people realise that the only way forward is to lift up into it. By these actions the dark are not only denied the negative energies that fuel their plans, but are confronted with the power of the Light that transmutes them.

As the Light grows at an exceedingly fast rate, it is drawn to each soul in a process that has the power to awaken them. They can ignore it, but it will still be enfolding them and tugs at their consciousness for recognition. It induces change by bringing the truth out, and these are challenges that go to the very heart of each individual. Even those who are deeply involved in the negativity that exists, are not beyond being awakened. However, in accordance with their life plan, they indulge in and play out their darkest dreams as part of the karmic interplay that is duality.

Freewill allows for a soul to be uplifted at any time, providing they have overcome the attraction of the lower vibrations. You can always change the direction of your path, but it takes a strong character and determination to do so. It is in the recognition of the Light that strength is found, and the realisation that everything else is transient and short lived. By living in the Light the dark energies fall away, as they no longer serve any purpose that is necessary to your evolution. Life is about continually choosing your pathway, and many waver backwards and forwards until they commit themselves to the Light.

As the truth dawns on people, there is a time that arises when they review their beliefs and the purpose of life. Intuitively they will reach the conclusion that each is playing a part in bringing Light to the Earth, and that it is the highest energy within which all has its existence. You express this quite correctly as "the truth will set you free" and many understand that it is contained within. By all means follow the teachings of another if they reflect your understanding. However, always be ready for a greater truth that may come to you.

You are far from being alone on this journey through duality, and when you have reached its end as many have, it is the time for further enlightenment. Great Beings who serve others draw close and they will guide you to your goal. They respond to the decision of your inner self to live your life in Love and Light. From this one statement of your intentions, you are placing yourself on the path that leads to your Salvation and in this cycle that is Ascension.

Beyond Earth there is great activity, and mighty Beings of power that are beyond your imagination hold the Universe in their hands. Yet each and every soul plays a part that influences the outcome, albeit that it cannot change the Creator’s constantly unfolding plan. Your Solar System is changing and prepares for upliftment, and your Sun is the controlling energy that can now be seen to be having such a strong effect. All planets are rising up, and it is your choice as to whether you are prepared in readiness to go with them.

The great Law of Attraction determines your future by reflecting back to you energies that are vibrating to your level, and if you desire to be uplifted you will need to have the intent to change. Freewill is therefore a two edged sword, and the whole cycle of duality has allowed you to experience exactly as you desired. What you have learnt is that freewill comes with responsibility, and if your actions harm others you will follow those experiences through until you fully understand them. Furthermore, you will make amends through karma and in so doing will redeem yourselves through that understanding.

Everything that you experience is repeatedly re-moulding or confirming your beliefs. From life to life there is continual progress regardless of whether you drop down into the dark. In fact, such experiences are the springboard to a greater realisation of how the dark and Light are essential to your understanding of evolution. Returning to the Light is the beginning of your exciting and wondrous journey through the higher dimensions. Evolution never stops until you once again reach the Source of All That Is, but that is still a long way off.

The low point you have experienced is but a passing phase, that will not have to be repeated once you have risen up. It is nevertheless a most important period in your evolution, and will equip you well for service to others who have yet to experience it themselves. There are times when you all envisage a Utopia in which all is in harmony, where love abounds and you experience the perfection of all creation. That vision is soon to be fulfilled and Ascension is the gateway to it, and every effort you put in to achieve it will have proved to be well worthwhile.

Live your truth in the Light of Love without any measure of it, and give gladly. This way you will be a shining light that will lift up others, and by your example you will be showing them the way to express their Higher Self. Be assured it will be noticed, and you will have planted a seed of truth that will yet come alive. There is no need or place for indoctrination or blind obedience to the beliefs of another. You are free souls that have the understanding of the truth within, and when you sit quietly in contemplation it will come to you.

I am Diane from Sirius, and we give you thoughts and ideas resulting from our own understanding. You have the ability to be discerning and if they ring true follow them, but always be true to yourself. Our Love and Blessings are with you, and we eagerly await the coming time when we shall all come together.

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.

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