St.Germain 27-June-2007

by Mike Quinsey

I am St. Germain, and I come to assure you that the plan for your final days in duality are quickly coming to an end. There is not even a seed of doubt about the outcome, and you shall finally leave the old Earth behind in a trail of glory. The illusion of the past will no longer have any hold on you, unless you so desire to remain in the old reality. Although many opportunities are now developing that will provide sufficient impetus to bring the changes into being, you need to keep an open mind. Be ready to grasp the lifelines being thrown to you and place your energy where it will do the most good.

Keep your eyes and ears open, because the movements for change are liable to burst upon the scene at any time now. The pressure is building up, and will inevitably bring an eruption that will shatter the efforts of those supporting the dark to continue hiding the truth. An explosive potential exists, and once it comes into the open, it will spell the end of the treachery and deceit that has taken place over the last century. No protestations or pleas of innocence will save the skins of those who have methodically and unrelentlessly controlled the path of Humanity. Not one person shall avoid having to answer for their actions, whether it be whilst upon Earth or in the higher realms.

Out of all the confusion upon Earth a great Light is moving you onwards and upwards. Those who aspire to leave the old Earth Matrix behind are being offered opportunities to rise up forever. Nothing can now hold you back, and the new reality is taking shape and manifesting at a time when it may once have seemed unlikely. What was a slow process of change, now rapidly gathers pace as Humanity has made its intentions crystal clear to bring this cycle to its conclusion. For many there are few if no further lessons to be learnt, and karmic responsibilities are being quickly expunged.

Energy comes with all messages, and when you resonate to this one you will experience all the promise that it carries. Contemplate the future and what it is you seek, meditate on the path that leads to it, and find your true place upon it. You will find and follow the path that fulfils exactly what you desire, and that of another is not necessarily yours. Do not be concerned where others are going, as their plans like yours have been laid down for eons of time.

In your individuality you are unique, and such an important part of the whole. Heaven has weighted the odds so that only one outcome is possible, and that is one that will see the Creator’s Plan for this Universe go ahead unimpeded by the actions of the dark. As important that you are, it was never a consideration that your lack of progress would in anyway prevent completion. There are many paths that have been opened up, and whatever choices you make those of you who are prepared for Ascension will proceed accordingly. It would be unthinkable that you were held against your wishes to satisfy the ambitions of the dark, and that there was no way out.

The Brotherhood that oversees the Great Plan, works tirelessly towards the release of Humanity from the thralls of and domination of those who would prevent your progress. To suppose that there are greater powers on Earth than Heaven, is to carry those doubts that are a fertile ground for the dark forces to bring confusion and chaos. Leave them to squirm in conditions of their own making, as they face certain defeat and loss of power to dictate the future events. Now their plans are being manipulated by the forces of Light to bring them into the open, so that you can be in no doubt as to their ulterior motives. Lies and subterfuge cannot be hidden indefinitely, as you are now beginning to see.

Many who are sensitive are becoming aware of the immediate period of exceptional upliftment. Energies are building up on Earth, and will continue to do so until the final days of duality are upon you. The Light is opening up people to the truth, and there is a genuine desire to see the end of your present form of government. This shall come about very soon, and from thereon you shall see the dawn of a new day that will grow into a wonderful Light that shall envelope the whole Earth. Those who wish to continue living a lie can do so, and that will be their choice alone.

Is it not wonderful, that in the midst of great changes everyone can still exercise their own freedom of choice. It has never been any different, but has only appeared to be so because you forgot who you were. Yet all through duality and in spite of the darkness of some souls, the Light of Truth and Love has always been with you. You have felt alone and abandoned when you have in reality been surrounded by Beings of Light. You have been confused by the teachings of those who have been misguided, not knowing which way to turn. Yet the truth has always been held in your subconscious mind waiting for you to go within and find it.

Dear Ones, we chide you not, as it was foreseen that you would loose your true identity in the veils of darkness that have prevented from seeing your true selves. Now that darkness is lifting and the Light is opening your eyes, and the promise of Heaven upon Earth is near to manifestation. Some have glimpsed the new Earth and told you of its beauty and majesty, fit for the sovereign Beings that you are. Believe that you are great Beings that carry the Light, and live accordingly bringing peace and harmony to all around you.

These times are so essential to your final understanding of duality, so that you personally experience the power of Spirit in Matter. Know that whatever changes, matter is simply re-arranged so as to serve in a different manner to that previously. Nothing can be permanently destroyed, and you will realize that all of your actions and thoughts have been the power that has brought changes about. This understanding will enable to re-claim your power of creation. In the not too distant future you will use your experience as co-creators with God, and your experiences will serve you well.

You are becoming ready to fully accept your responsibility as co-regents with the Lords of Time. You will carry the Light of Love far and wide, and most importantly will have the wisdom and experience to use it wisely. I stand where you are destined to be as the Masters you really are, but first there shall be the necessary changes that will carry you forward. There is still work to be done to restore Earth to its pristine condition, as this great Being is also subject to the great cleansing that is already underway.

Joyous times are around the corner, and happiness will become your mien. How wonderful times will be when you return to your true status as carriers of the Light and Love. You will be working with those Beings that come from afar and offer you their hands in peace. Forget for a moment how other Beings appear to you, and know that their differences are only the outer coverings that suit their environment. All are from the Source of All That Is and their soul is exactly the same as yours.

The promises made to you when you entered duality, were that the end times would release you from its cycle. Those times are here now, and your future is assured in the higher realms of magnificent beauty unparalleled upon Earth at present. That will change, as the incoming energies break down that of the old that has no further place in the plan for your future of mankind. The coming Golden Age is one of perfection in the image of the Creator thoughts.

The Love and Light is embracing each and every one of you. Reach out for it and bring it to yourselves, and release all that no longer serves your Higher Self. I love you all as my Brothers and Sisters that you truly are and will continue to be so, go in peace and bring joy and happiness to others.

Thank you St. Germain

Mike Quinsey