Diane   09-July-2007

Through Mike Quinsey

What a glorious start you have made to this important month, that is not just a continuation of the increasing energies upon Earth, but an escalation. It is having immediate results and more is to come meaning that a pivotal point will have been passed. For some time the balance has been turning in favor of the Lightworkers, and you will see that their efforts will start to bring matters to a head. This month will be a true turning point in the affairs of Man, and some positive signs will appear indicating that long overdue changes are beginning to take shape.

There are several major events that now have an unstoppable momentum, and all will serve to highlight the need to remove the last cabal without further delay. So much is now held up, waiting for the change of leadership that will allow representatives that truly stand for the people to take over. Ones who can be trusted, and serve because of their higher principles and love for mankind. They are amongst you, but only a few dare to stand up at this time when to go against your present leadership is courting danger. This is all the more reason to get behind these dear souls, and use the power you have to help them bring about change.

Worldwide there is much consternation and disgust at the revelations surrounding 9/11, and if moves are made within America to bring the criminals responsible to justice support will be forthcoming. As a Superpower that is threatening the stability of the whole world, it is extremely unpopular and throwing a shadow across the people of that country. Their destiny is to lead, but with the God given decree to bring peace and Light to a world in transition.

Two great realities are battling for the hearts and minds of the people, and one will lead to total destruction if allowed to grow unchecked. The other is the promise of peace with Love and Light at the helm, and a pathway that leaves the old behind having served its purpose for the Cycle of Duality. Whatever choice is made this cycle must end, as the Universe is set on its path to Ascension and the souls of Earth must choose which it is to be.

Many have made their choices already, but with the input of many energies that are uplifting the vibrations upon Earth it is possible for many more to join the Light. Simply make the choice to aim for a higher manifestation of yourself, knowing that you are a much greater Being than you are led to believe. For eons of time your true Self has been shrouded by the dark energies, and you lived under them seeking a way out. That has all been part of your necessary experiences to evolve sufficiently to lift up out of it for good.

You are capable of much more than you believe, so give your imagination free rein to soar into the heavens and capture what is destined to be your future selves. Desire is the all important energy that will lift you up, and once you set your sights on becoming once again the Angels that you are, that pathway will open up for you. Some doubt that they have such potential, but be assured that of necessity you allowed your true identity to be lost in the shadow world of Illusion. You truly took on another identity so as to experience duality to the full.

All in the Universe is cyclic and moves constantly in accordance with the Creator's decree that draws all back to the Source. You will be moved regardless when the time comes for change, but you can be the master of your own destiny if you so desire. You are in a unique time that allows you to reclaim your place in the higher realms, and you should be cleansing yourself of any energies that are not of the highest vibration. Put the old behind you and once you decide to make that decision, many Beings will be attracted to you. They will help create the path that you have chosen and sit with you in your moments of quiet introspection.  You will be inspired to set your sights high, and they will accompany you when you visit the higher dimensions. Your life is much more active than you think, and at night when your physical body is at rest you leave it for your journeys out of the body.

We can assure you that life is wonderful, and continually exciting and full of opportunities to travel. The higher realms are being opened up again to you, as you once more become Beings of Light. Life on Earth is a small albeit an extremely important part of your evolution, but you were never intended to remain forever in the lower dimensions. It is not your true home, that is amongst the stars where you return if you take the opportunity of Ascension.

Every help is being given to lift the vibrations of Earth, and energies stream in from all over the Cosmos. You are linked to the Central Sun of this Universe and it holds all within its vibrations. The energy that is the life force is one you call Love, and comes to you as Light and nothing can exist without it. Harmony and balance is achieved through its highest expression as Unconditional Love, and it is your ultimate aim. It is difficult to lift up out of the contrasting energies of duality, but this is what you must do. You no longer need to continue experiencing such extremes, and have it within your power to set a path out of it.

I am Diane and I welcome these opportunities to address you. We of the Galactic Federation are at those levels that you are aspiring to reach, and many of you have appeared in our presence. Soon there will be no barriers between us, and we shall all freely mix as we wish. You will then be able to experience first hand what it is like in the higher dimensions, and marvel at the perfection of all around you. It matters not whether we are from Sirius or otherwise, we are all ascended Beings which is why you are soon to join us.

We exhort you to make time for your evolution and focus on your future. The days of the old Earth are numbered, and one that is brilliant and renewed is waiting to manifest and carry you into the Golden Age. Leave the old behind as it has almost finished its purpose, and welcome the new into your life now. Try to be that loving expression of yourself that is your highest vision of your true self. Be kind, loving and compassionate in all you do, be love in action.

Thank you Diane,

Mike Quinsey.

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