Changes of Dimensional Awareness

The Lightspeakers via Christie Pennington - July 2007

It is that many of you are apprehensive of what is to come, others welcome change at any cost and care not if there be mutilation of current reality, as some have predicted of chaos to come.

Then we continue to say, there are those to whom any change, even for a perceived improvement is tantamount to slipping the rug out from beneath them, better they have what they know, though unpleasant, than that which would require them to change their lives, habits, routine, themselves.

We take no issue with any of this, each is following the opportunity of the path they have chosen well. Yet we do choose to clarify vibrational and essence awareness for you.

You cannot change your vibration without changing who you are, at least not long term. So to simply think good thoughts, even feel them momentarily is not enough. It has been said the law looks not on the judgement of good or bad because these polarities do not truly exist, so potentially physical beings can simply program their minds and feelings toward a certain goal, set a particular intention and so it would appear.

We come to tell you the process is more refined, yes you are all inherently worthy, but first you must enact your worthiness in order to believe it. If you attempt to change thought and feeling from a personality level without engaging your soul, the process will fail or work only partially or temporarily.

This is what The Shift means, beings, shift from the operative stance of personality to that of soul enactment. This means everything as you know it, if you choose to do this, will change.

So it is that time ceases to be experienced in the same way as do events and relationships. We say, do not expect the outer to change and fall apart so much as your inner world first. Then the process will correspond somewhat in the outer. The process though now beginning will not be completed wholly in 2012, that is to be the completion of a particular phase of The Shift.

Your monetary and political system will not collapse overnight, you will not awaken on the New Year 2012 with a new outer landscape, yet the experience of those physical beings that have made the choice to shift will be much different from within. Your awareness of other dimensions is increasing and will take on speed rapidly. There are those, many of whom already correspond with other realms of consciousness such as we. More and more the lines of demarcation between the physical and non-physical, of all dimensions will diminish for those we speak of.

For others who choose not to take part, little will change as they cling to their former concept of reality. There will continue to be many earth changes though none catastrophic and more and more of less impetus as those involved in The Shift choose this change to be one of ease and comfort.

There is no power that designates that it be harsh, you as co-creators determine the process, the earth as part of this co-creative endeavor reflects humbly with love the desires of the mass consciousness within this Shift.

As you incorporate your soul essence more and more in your daily lives, you will be more and more in touch with the wisdom of other realms. This is a monumental change upon your dimension, this has not been open to the physical prior to this time. It is why so many stargates have opened to allow the passing of energy.

The Councils of Wise Ones are evermore collaborating with one another and those they come through are more and more linked in consciousness as well, as they bring through the information as energy. As this occurs and is brought to wider and wider reception, the availability increases.

Much of the chaos and destruction you have seen is the result of many moving higher in consciousness establishing a way to link energy with others on your planet through reception of shared emotions of sorrow and assistance. As more become receptive to the information coming through, there will be less need for them to establish energetic connection with others through emotions based upon the sharing and understanding of pain and sorrow.

As physical beings move out of personality and further into soul essence experience, they will learn and adapt to connection with higher dimensions and translate this type of connective experience with one another on the earth realm.

The codes for moving into soul expression in the physical realm are being reawakened within you, it is not rewiring, it is establishing the connection of the wiring that was and is already there. The circuit breaker so to speak had to be pulled.

Those new ones, we call the Eventcomers, you call Indigo and Crystal, come with their wiring already switched on. Their memory and connection with other dimensions of consciousness is fully established, they come to assist you in re-establishing your own.

They heed all information systems at once and are tuned in fully to other consciousness calling, so seem to be scattered, yet they are fully adept at not being unilateral in their thinking and behavior - rigid is not their way, it is your job to shift more into this multiple organizational mentality of spirit.

We speak of uniting mind and spirit here. Utilizing your physical brain to harness the power of the soul by expanding it's unused potential and enabling all it's circuitry which has heretofore been lying latent and unused.

So it may appear, as more tune into this increased capability, that some have lost their senses. We say, they have found them. We do not and will not predict a travail of pain and sadness to come in that time of 2012, we do not cite separation. Those who choose not to take part in this will not be punished by calamity as some have said, they will simply enjoy a different experience from a different perspective which will not be inclusive, as you so do now look into your surroundings and not see all that is there. You do not consistently experience the varied multiplicity of energies existing beside you...... angels in your midst..... yet they are there. You are not punished or held liable for this - you simply do not experience that perspective and dimension, so it will be for those who do not wish this, they are not lesser beings, backward in their spiritual substance.

Yet they retain the ability to change their course and join in consciously, they shall not be put asunder from greater connection.. ...that would be calamity indeed, and so this option does not exist...always and always there is opportunity for them here as there is no separation from the Whole.

So to encapsulate we say this, do not dwell so much in wondering of what seems to lie ahead and is only now surrounding you. Dwell in your "now" moments and experience them from the choice of perception that entails going higher than your personality' s dictates.

In each and every mundane experience when you are challenged to react or behave from your normal personality' s responses, move into that centered place within you, respond from your essence of being. As you do this more and more, becoming more and more comfortable with this perspective which cares little for sameness and security and cares only for love, you will find you create more powerfully, exactly and lastingly.

Yes, belief and feeling must be present, yet it must come from the pure power of love. This is the vital force connecting all the dimensions that determines your worldly experience now and to come.


Christie Pennington

The Lightspeakers are reflectors of the Light, teachers expressing wisdom and love from other realms of consciousness, their purpose is to empower us by stimulating our conscious remembering of our Divine connection.