St. Germain  31-August-2007

through Mike Quinsey

Can you not feel the excitement that is growing, as you get ever nearer to those welcome changes that will totally re-shape your lives? Something is in the air, and even those who have little if any knowledge of the period that is approaching are beginning to sense it. The dark create chaos because that is their way, and at the same time the Light is also creating changes but these will be permanent. You are by nature sensitive to the energies around you, and those coming in are lifting up your consciousness to a new level of awareness.

No one likes to feel that their view of life and its purpose could be different to their long held beliefs. However it would be wise to have an open mind as once the changes commence they will happen very quickly. There is nothing in the plan for Mankind that is objectionable or without the ability to move life into a new and uplifting era. It is a matter of making up for lost time, and bridging the gap between your present levels of experience and your quality of life. You would not want to stay in duality for any longer than you need, and this period having peeked will fade away as all cycles end. It happens along with the introduction of a new phase of life, which as it becomes established will bring upliftment.

Major changes are afoot, and you will know without doubt that the efforts of the Spirituality Hierarchy, the Galactic Federation and their allies have paid off. Most of this work has of necessity been carried out quietly and efficiently, and largely without your knowledge. Out of interest and to gather your support we have outlined our plan many times, but also altered it to follow events upon Earth. However, it has never deviated from its ultimate aim to release you from the control of the Illuminati, and open up the path of Light to Ascension.

You have only to look around you to see that there is much activity being carried out by the people. They know changes must take place even if they are not quite sure how they will be achieved. You cannot go on in the present circumstances without realising that Man is on a collision course, deliberately planned by the dark forces. There was a time when they could hide away and there actions were hardly noted. Now they have to come out into the open and the deceit and lies are apparent. We have told you this is a time when the truth must come out, and there is much that will eventually be revealed that will cause a shock re-action.

Have no fear however, because the plan to take you forward is well advanced and already unfolding. New world leadership is of vital importance, and it will start in America and other countries will quickly follow suit. It will happen that way, because people will recognise that there is no other option if you wish to leave the old behind. You do not really have to be concerned about what will happen those perpetrators of the many criminal acts against Humanity. They will be exposed and their crimes made known, so that you are aware of the way in which you have been manipulated and used during the last century.

Judgement and subsequent punishment will be according to your laws. However, remember that the greatest trial is self-judgement which all of you experience once you have left Earth. It is the examination of your actions and the reasons for them in the Light of the Truth, and you will accept your failings as experiences that nevertheless call for your understanding. It is you who ultimately decide how you will overcome them, although in the end-times the Law of Grace will allow for lessons to be learnt without the need to go through them again. As you have often been told, the Creator does not punish or castigate any soul however low they have fallen. It is you every time who choose your pathway out of the dark and into the Light.

You are never alone on your journeys, and should you turn to the Light for help it will be there. It has always been that way, and you are accompanied by many Beings who through their love for you are your constant companions. At this momentous time there are Higher Beings that have the whole of Mankind within their Light, and they will ensure that the path to the Golden Age is opened up for you. It is through your rising consciousness that you are now able to grasp the importance of these times. You are opening up and able to leave the old influences behind, as you realise that they are no longer of value to you their lessons having been learnt.

You do not necessarily have to join groups to find your Light and true Self, because all answers are within. However, sometimes it strengthens your beliefs to find others who have trodden the same path. Your direction will be clear when the Masters return to Earth to address those who are carrying the traditional views of organised religion. The truth will remain once the distortions of their teachings have been removed. Then shall it be possible to re-unite Man behind a common understanding as intended.

God is All Love and that will be the main thrust of all new teachings. There is in reality no separation between you, except that the difference in the interpretation of God's Laws has caused divisions. You will become One once again, with a full understanding of your true relationship to the Creator. The Truth will release you from the guidance of your lower self, which reflects your many dark experiences you have been through over eons of time. You will easily move into the Light as your understanding encompasses the truth of the real you. You are glorious Beings of Light that have allowed yourselves to experience the dark energies as part of your evolution, and now that period has almost been completed.

I am St. Germain and greatly uplifted by the changes within Mankind. You have broken out of the lower dimension that have held you captive, and reach up into the Light. Now you are recognising your true selves as Beings of Light, and finding peace of mind and the love in your hearts that has always been there. You are feeling free to express yourselves in accordance with the guidance of your Higher Self, and it is wonderful to see these changes occurring.

We have all come a long way together, and now our journey shall continue in Love and Light. Wonderful times beckon and at last you shall be free from the dark influences that have held you back. Heaven is opening up its realms of limitless experiences to you, and the joy and happiness it will bring. No longer shall you journey through the Light with a lack of understanding. You will be fully enlightened and have reclaimed your places as the Angels you are. Accept the future as your path back to the Light from whence you originally came. Accept your greatness and Oneness with all else and live in that understanding now, and you will be laying out that pathway to re-union with your Higher Self. Live in your true potential now, and your upliftment will go speeding ahead. Be Love, think Love, act Love and that is all you need to do.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey