St. Germain  03-October-2007

through Mike Quinsey

My Dear Ones, know that whatever life plan you arranged, you will have been guided along that path. The ups and downs are all part of your progress, and within certain parameters you will certainly have followed it accordingly. Slight deviations or delay are not of any consequence, and you can be sure that whatever milestones were planned for your life, they will have been manifested. Freewill apart, there is not much point in having a course mapped out with your agreement if you do not follow it.

Your Guides have a duty to you to ensure that you experience life in the manner in which it was planned. Those "chance" meetings or seemingly unplanned happenings that change your life are meant to occur. You would be most disappointed, if you found out that you had missed opportunities to evolve that had already been agreed upon. Think of the number of players in each event in your life, and yet all of them have made a prior agreement to take part. It sounds almost too complicated to work, but your Guides can call upon powerful Angelic Beings to help if so desired. Their influence can if necessary override any of your thoughts, and they can replace them with their own. However, not in any way that interferes with your freewill, and instead making sure that it complies with it where it has been exercised prior to your incarnation.

You could say this is a busy and taxing time for your Guides as there is so much Karma being cleared, and necessarily so as for so many of you this is your last life in this dimension. There is a deep cleansing taking place, and your final lessons are being presented to you. These can seem trivial or have a major effect on your life, yet all in their own way are equally important to you. They are the last stages of your evolution in this cycle of duality, and you must be free of any attachments that are still of the old energies. In part you are releasing them by allowing the new uplifting energies to attach to you.

The final cleansing frees you up from responsibilities that have brought many different souls into your life. Some of whom you may have maligned or hurt in such ways that they have need to appear again in your life. Others are those to whom you may have been kind or generous, who feel that they owe you a debt of gratitude. Not all Karma is by any means what you may term negative, and much is positive and helpful. There are times when you simply face a situation to ensure that a previous lesson has been well learnt. Again your Guides arrange all these events, and you will eventually be thankful for their meticulous attention to your needs.

You will find that the basis for all of your experiences is how you apply your ability to express your love for others. Being able to see the Oneness that binds you all together, and accepting the responsibility for each other's experiences and well being. Whatever errors exist in some spiritual teachings, there is always an underlying emphasis to show respect and be true to your God. To recognize and respect the inner Being of others, that is also part of God. When that belief can be extended to all souls, there will be a coming together that will push cultural and religious differences aside. Instead there will be a recognition and acceptance of the beauty in such a panoply of different expressions.

For too long you have emphasized the differences between you, and ignored what you have in common. Regretfully, you have often been taught to see others as inferior to yourself, and exalted your own position above them. There is no longer any place for such thinking, and the Human Race must be seen as One. You are linked together in a common consciousness that has directed and led you into many different directions, and all are equally responsible for the experiences of Humankind.

Today you are seeing the most negative side of Man revealed, and it is being presented to you for your cleansing and understanding of how mass consciousness manifests. So rather than lay blame elsewhere, be generous in your acceptance that it is of Man's own making. We know that it is hard to be completely open to the suggestion that every single person has contributed to the position you now find yourselves in. Accept it, and your responsibility to be part of the changes, and be active in clearing away all that is not in harmony and balance.

There are always two sides to everything, and the negativity that abounds upon Earth is balanced by a beautiful influx of Light. I work with other High Beings so as to maintain that balance, and we can confidently tell you that the Light is expanding at a fast pace. At a certain point in your understanding, it becomes obvious to you that you are all souls on a path experiencing duality. That being so some have to play out the roles of the dark as part of their growth, and who better than those who not yet found the Light. In so doing they are learning from their experiences, whilst also allowing you to see and experience them at the same time. It is a lesson in understanding the energies that are attracted to you when you have become embroiled in the dark.

Your Light is diminishing the power of the dark to pull you further into the negative energies. You are holding a mirror in front of them showing another way that leads to peace and harmony, and you may be sure it will not pass unnoticed. At some time the Light will touch the hearts of those who have lost their way, and the first glimmers of awakening will occur. Not one single soul need be forever shrouded with the dark energies, and this is why you are encouraged to send them your Light. We cannot sufficiently emphasize the need to be compassionate in all circumstances, and the day will shortly arrive when you will be sorely tested to stay within your Light.

I am St. Germain and will confirm that the great changes are well in motion. Nothing can stop their manifestation, but before they can take place there will be revelations that will shock people to the core. Anger will be unavoidable, but we plead with you not to allow it to cloud your judgement. True justice will not take place on Earth, but in the afterlife of those who have held you in bondage for so long. Do not concern yourselves with their fate, as like any other soul they will be surrounded by loving Beings. They represent God and have a great capacity for love and forgiveness, and will guide those lost souls back to the Light.

The fact you are on Earth at such a prodigious time, is because you desired to be present, to witness and experience first hand what was taking place. You knew that it represented a most remarkable opportunity to evolve through the joint experiences of Humanity. Even in the mere presence of the many energies on Earth at this time, you have learnt so much about them. After all, everything that exists is a pattern of energy that at another level manifests as physical matter. Your many lives have taught you so much about duality, and you are all greater Beings because of it.

Your sojourn is all but over, and it is possible to enjoy these last few years. See the gain and success you have had, and do not dwell upon the antics of the dark. They are real, yet illusions that have led you to believe in a false reality. Your true home is in the higher dimensions, and this is where you are about to return through the process of Ascension. Be that which you are -- Beings who have a capacity for never ending Love, and help lift Earth that final step into the wondrous Light of Infinity. Be the gods that you are, as you have come so far to realize that it is your true selves.

I leave you with great joy and love knowing that you are rising above the lower dimensions, and have your feet firmly placed upon the ladder that leads to the Golden Age. Welcome back Dearest Ones.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey