Age of You

October 4, 2007 through Laura

Blessings one and all...

We greet you this day in the energy of thankfulness and unconditional love. Our voice has been doing her own work and integrating all the new energies which have flooded on to your Earth plane. We thought it fitting to re-establish our written communication with you at this time as the home of our voice moves into the celebration of Thanksgiving and remembrance of all the blessings each has received.

Your Planet has just taken another great step in it's evolution, some may say a "Quantum Leap" in consciousness and some may call it by a different name. It matters not the phraseology you choose to use. It matters only that you have some awareness of what has transpired and what it means to you and all the peoples of your Planet Earth. You may be looking around you saying "nothings really changed", "I was waiting to really see something happen and nothing really did." There is a reason for that Angels of Earth, if you are looking around you, you are looking in the wrong place. The profound changes have happened inside each individual and not in the exterior world you perceive with your physical eyes. You may start to see some external changes soon but these are a result of the changes that have gone on internally in each individual.

We know we speak to a group who already have a more fully developed awareness than the masses who are just now beginning to wake from their long sleep. If you want to really witness the leap in consciousness look to the people around you who would never before consider reading such a communication from spirit as you are reading now, the ones who would never before have a serious discussion about their dreams or having had an experience with an invisible being coming to them as they lay in their beds and wondering what in the world was happening to them. Look deeply into their eyes, hear the tone of their voice and listen closely to their questions. Notice a difference? Do you see a change? Can you feel the reaching out to new levels of understanding and acceptance? Do you hear them considering things they may have never considered before? Do you hear them asking, if not demanding that there must be a better way for us to all live together?  Do you feel them reacting to you and what you say in a whole new and more open way?

What of you our precious Angels of Earth, do you not feel it too? Have not your dreams intensified and taken on a whole new dimension and meaning? Are you not now remembering your dreams more clearly than ever before? Are you not finding things that no longer serve you falling away at an unprecedented rate and new this and ideas flooding in like never before? Do you feel the unexplainable relentlessness that is accompanied by an uncharacteristic inner peace at the same time? You are saying to yourself, "How can I be so restless and charged up yet feel this inner peace and contentment at the same time"? You make a choice and know instantly afterwards that it was the correct choice for you but have no idea where you are going to go from that point but it seems perfectly fine with you. Could you imagine feeling that way five years ago or even one year ago or for some a few weeks ago? [Laughter]

Welcome to the New Consciousness beloved Angels of Earth, you are now in the energy of "You". It's not about your connection to anything, not even to spirit, it's about your full connection to "You" and all that "You" are!

No you have not entered the "Age of ultimate selfishness", it's not about denying others anything. What it's really about is becoming your true "I Am" self, becoming the creator you truly are and choosing what "You" really want from the field of limitless possibilities that stand spread out before. What is really making you restless is that you have never before considered or been able to envision truly limitless possibilities for yourself or your world. The inner peace and contentment you feel lies in the center of that field of limitless possibilities. It is totally peaceful and serine because there is now energy attached to any one of these possibilities because they are just that "possibilities". You are free to choose any one or number of them that strikes your fancy. There is no right, no wrong, no better, no worse they are just there waiting for you to choose or choose again.

Dear Ones, we understand this can be somewhat overwhelming to you coming out of the energy of limitation and restriction but you will get used to it! [Laughter] Some will dive right in and others will take their time getting used to this new paradigm, it doesn't matter which one you are, each will move through at their own pace and in their own way. We ask you to "feel" the possibilities open to you now and start practising making conscious choices. The time of sitting back and just going with the flow has passed. You are truly the creator of your own world and it needs your input, your "choices" to move forward. In essence there is really no flow, just what you choose to create for yourself.

Some are saying to themselves, "I really don't know what to choose".  Think of it like shopping for a new wardrobe, try something on and if it does not suite you try on something else. The world will not end if you choose a shirt and decide a few weeks later to get a sweater. [Laughter] Dear Ones, you need to let go of the concept of "what is the Best choice". Just because one thing is "Best" at one stage of your life does not mean that it is most appropriate a year, a month or even the next minute of time. You have been so conditioned to think in terms of the future instead of considering what is best for you in that present moment of time. What suites you, feeds you, and fulfills you in every sense of the word "right now". Tomorrow is another day, it might be something totally different in that moment of time. You have been conditioned to think in massive blocks of time in the future. Where will I be in five years and what are the things that will get me to that place I want to be? You really have no idea what you will really want when you arrive in that time five years from now, it will most likely be quite different from how you feel about it now.

Most of you have been living your whole lives this way, has it made you happy? Are you really satisfied with where you are right now? How many have discovered what you thought you wanted five years ago is not what you want now that you have arrived? So Dear Ones, has this method that you have been taught and cling to so fiercely been working for you?

Angels of Earth we have asked "You" many questions this day of your time, can you guess why?

It's because the answers, the choices, are not up to us or to come from us, they are in "You"!

We told you from the beginning that we were here to help guide you "to make your own choices" and now more than ever before you have the most open playing field to do just that, choose. It is not our purpose to choose for you, the choices are yours and yours alone. "You" are the creator!

Angels of Earth we hold "you" in our Heart of Hearts and ask "you" to do the same for each other. Most of all we ask that you be loving, gentle and patient with "You".

Blessings one and all...

The Guardians