St. Germain  08-October-2007

through Mike Quinsey

Never lose sight of the fact that absolutely nothing can prevent the coming of the end times. It is an event that has been decreed by the Creator, and it has allowed those who abide by it to actively ensure that the plan works out. Whatever happens on Earth that would appear to support another path, will only have a limited impact and is already losing its power to maintain its presence.

The greatest power is that of your growing consciousness, as the more you learn of the truth of your reality you are envisioning a new one. Over a long period of time we have planted the seeds of change in your minds, and now you are manifesting the very thoughts that are bringing them into being. We are a collective force for good, and as you draw more Light to Earth so we send even more to you. The Law of Attraction is ever active, and we encourage you to hold fast to your desires to bring positive changes into being.

The process of change is continuing to speed up, and is bringing in a series of events that are taking you to completion. It is wonderful to note your individual growth, and how you are able to leave behind a fear based culture for one that promises absolute peace. Not only that, your acceptance of the nature of the changes is so important, as predictions of old concerning the end times have been laced with death and destruction. Changes will inevitably result in some physical upheaval, but it is controlled by us to ensure that it is spread over a larger area to minimize its effect.

Your vision of the changes that will carry you forward, are helping bring them into your lives right now. You are changing and so is the Earth, and you cannot help but be uplifted into the higher vibrations. Eventually, those souls who cannot adjust to them will leave the Earth, and find they are continuing to exist in a similar dimension to the present one. The Lords of Karma, and the Higher Beings who hold your future in their hands are aware of the needs of every soul, and none shall go wanting for Love and Understanding.

All of you are known for your life plan, and great care and devotion to your needs are given. The greater plan is concerned with your evolution, and it will not be completed until every soul has fully returned to the Light. As time goes by, so you shall have contact with the Higher Beings and many great souls and leaders such as Jesus. The coming of the Christ energy has already taken place, and it is anchored in every soul who has reached a higher level of understanding. It is the Love that knows no limitations, and can be unconditionally given to every single soul. The coming of the Christ is a collective energy that will carry you into the higher dimensions and Ascension.

Your potential is unlimited and you never cease to move even higher through the various dimensions. You will be literally expanding into a great and wonderful Light Being. Have we not told you that you are gods in the making, and that is indeed your true destiny. Deep inside your sub-consciousness you know this to be true, as you came from the highest levels to experience duality. This has nothing to do with your ego and it will not be inflated by learning that knowledge. You already know that all souls had their beginning in the Source of All That Is. Is it not natural therefore, that as your consciousness expands, you feel in harmony with the true nature of Man.

On Earth there has been an attitude that has promoted the idea that it is everyone for themselves. It has fostered and encouraged greed that has denied others their inheritance from Earth. Mother Earth has always supplied your needs, and they were meant to be shared amongst you and not to profit a handful of individuals. There is ample for everyone and how could it have been any other way, when your evolution has been planned and not simply some kind of chance happening. However, inasmuch as you have always been given freewill, it has been up to you as to how you have lived your lives.

The Will of God is that you live in complete Harmony, Love and Happiness. Once you see this as the only way forward and live your life carrying out the Will Of God, then you shall see the fruits of your labor by manifesting those qualities in your life. It is most natural for you to do so, as you are benign beings and a true reflection of God incarnate for your understanding of physicality. As your Light quotient increases, you will find yourselves gravitating away from the old ways that no longer serve you.

By living your Light you will be doing all that can be asked of you, and will be contributing to the uplifting and enlightenment of others. Some ask what they can do to help Earth and the souls living upon it. I say again, live your Light so that it may open the hearts and eyes of others who are looking for their own salvation. You teach by example, and when your Light shines out it will touch others wherever you are. The charisma and personality of those who walk in their Light attracts others to them, as have many teachers of your past and also in the present. Today the number of lighted Beings that walk your Earth has substantially increased. That is a credit to their intent to anchor their Light upon Earth, and it is fully effective in transmuting the dark energies.

Your Light is your protection against all assaults against you. Nothing that is fear based will penetrate it, and your peaceful countenance will even calm those who may have the idea of carrying out a physical assault upon you. Light is Love and is the most powerful energy that exists and you may only have it in small measure, but even so it is your amour and protection against the dark energies. Stay calm regardless of what is going on about you, and see how you have a calming effect on others. It will serve you well in the coming period, when the dark have their last fling to avoid their inevitable defeat.

I am St. Germain, and as ever only a whisper away if you call my name. We have been together many times, and I shall lead you into the New Age. Many shall accompany me, and we will travel to new heights into the Light. The way has opened up, and Ascension is your ladder to success.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.