St. Germain   01-December-2007

through Mike Quinsey

As we approach the end of the year, we can look back to the beginning and see that you have progressed in leaps and bounds. It has reached the point where the importance is no longer necessarily with the dark forces, although their actions still impinge upon you. The Light is continuing to grow at a fast pace and has opened the path to completion of this cycle. The new energies are bringing in changes that indicate the dominance gained by the Light. The dark are becoming held back, and prevented from escalating their plans to try and recoup lost ground. They are almost in frenzy, at the thought of defeat at the last moment when global dominance appeared within their grasp.

Those of you who follow reliable sources of information, are finding a consensus of opinion that leaves you in no doubt that the Light now leads the way. So many activities are reaching the point where they must bring about their intended results. All in all, the Light has encompassed the whole Earth, and those areas of darkness are breaking up and no longer carry the power to keep you in their clutches. The outlook has never been more encouraging, and even those who have little understanding of what is taking place are awakening to the truth. Their interpretation may not be accurate, but nevertheless they feel the positive changes within themselves.

These are times when it is best not to be too rigid in your thinking, and instead be open to events as they occur. Many have expectations that align with their religious upbringing, and expect them to be fulfilled accordingly. Be more flexible and ready to move your focus upon what is actually happening, rather than trying to make it fit your beliefs. After all, the Light and Love will find you regardless of how you see yourself. There is no exception, and every soul can partake of it if they allow it to come in. These are times when you can link with the Light more easily than any previous one, and once you do so it will continue to increase at a faster rate.

The Light is breaking down people's resistance to it, and touching the inner Being and bringing it to the fore. Their Higher Self is emerging and causing them to look at themselves in a new way, and beyond the fight for day-to-day existence. Suddenly they are aware of a greater meaning to their life, and realize that it has a purpose that is not being fulfilled. It means a change of heart and seeing others in a new light. The sense of Oneness is beginning to bloom amongst you, and with it comes the caring for others. For so long you have lived in societies where you have been encouraged to succeed by all means possible. Now the awareness of your duty and responsibility for all others, is beginning to alter the manner in which you view them.

The Light is bringing people together, and they will experience changes that will return Mankind's freedom to determine his own future. Hitherto, you have accepted the imposition of the ways of the few, who have led you upon a dark path whilst asserting that they are doing what is best for you. See how distorted your understanding has been, but you are no longer hoodwinked by the actions of those who have held you in bondage for so long. In duality there was bound to be a fight between the dark and Light for your souls. It has taken place since time immemorial with periods of dominance by both energies. However those conflicts are all but over, and the end times will open up a path for everyone that declares their intent to leave duality behind.

For eons of time the Light has tried to transmute the dark energies, but Man has attracted more of them to Earth and failed to see that his true Self is of the Light. It gladdens our hearts to see that it has all changed for the good, and at last so many souls are emerging from their self imposed darkness. You are sampling the peace and harmony that comes from discovering your true Self. Acknowledging the wonderful feeling of being in charge of your destiny, and realizing that you are impregnable in the Light. You can mingle amongst any group and hold fast to it, and without saying a word your presence is felt. The Light is the subtle yet powerful energy that penetrates the dark and transmutes it. Once you are aware of it, you can literally work miracles.

I am St. Germain, and I oversee your progress standing at the helm of the great army of Lighted souls. We are invincible and accompanied by Lord Michael and his Angelic Forces, who work incessantly for the Heavenly Father. They wield great power and it is used to protect you on this final stage of your journey to Ascension. Beyond our remit are even greater Beings that also beam their energies to Earth, and as a result a wonderful Light is enshrouding you all. If you ever experience personal doubt, just remember how the Army of Light is assembled around your planet and is slowly permeating everywhere on Earth with it.

The Federations and Councils of Light constantly appraise the situation upon Earth, and your victory over the dark is assured. The Creator has declared that the cycle shall end accordingly and so be it. You are approaching a New Year that shall see events take off with such rapidity, that you will be elated at the outcome. You will understand that there will be no going back to the old ways, and the path to Ascension will soon become crystal clear. It is intended that each and everyone shall know what is taking place, so that they may make their choice to join it or seek another path according to their desires.

No one need feel left out of what is going to happen, and following First Contact steps will be taken to enlighten you as to what is taking place. You will eventually be in no doubt as to the manner in which the Heavenly process will occur. This will be the time of the Light and Love giving you the opportunity to return once more to the higher realms. It will be a great gathering of Beings of Light from all over your Universe and beyond. They come to assist you and Mother Earth, to achieve a wonderful upliftment that will give you the opportunity to move into the next phase of your evolution.

When you get immersed in your problems, take time to see in your minds eye the beauty and peace that is immediately ahead of you. It has been a long cycle of duality involving many lives, but all have brought you to this unique occasion when Ascension in your higher physical body is possible.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.