2008: The Year of Hope

Sarrinn and The Ancients through Daniele DeVoe


Greetings, dear lightworkers! As winter settles in across the Northern Hemisphere and summer's softness blesses the Southern Hemisphere, we feel the yearning of all humans for more joyful, elegant lives. Even those of you who have found personal joy hunger for global peace - no one is immune from this desire. If this is true - and if it is equally true that the divine is expanded and empowered when two or three gather together with a focused intention - then how can peace fail when more than six billion are united? The year 2008 offers the strengthening of hope and the activation of a new nine year cycle that will include the much-awaited moment of December 20, 2012.

Many of you can already feel it: the realization that the potential future, which is best defined by the word "peace," is gathering strength. We suggest that you quickly learn to let go of your personal definitions of peace and simply receive and share the resonance of that bliss-filled state. We also suggest that you do not define peace for others-any others-so that their version of world harmony can be honored, too. If you think that individual expressions of world peace are not possible, consider that individual expressions of war have been successfully manifested for centuries in your reality. And consider also that there are more of you who want peace than those who want war. This is why we call 2008 "The Year of Hope." Even so, as you begin this glorious year, hope will not be the dominant energy.

The Removal of Masks

In January, expect politics to be promulgated worldwide as the U.S. elections become actively "newsworthy." As voters take sides and as the field of candidates is culled down to election-day size, the scramble for votes will heat up beyond historical experience. It won't take long for the polite masks of your candidates to be removed. January will be filled with revelations about the true character of those seeking your vote-watch carefully. And in general, any remaining personal disguises will be removed for most of you. Think of this like the removal of your mask at midnight at a masquerade-only with this revelation are you looking into a mirror and seeing your own true self, perhaps for the first time. This is a necessary step for all conscious beings moving from your 4D reality into the fifth, or universal, dimension. Third and fourth-dimensional negativity cannot exist there, nor can it even move through its welcoming and loving gateway. When your own mask evaporates and you see your true self, get to work on any unfinished business. You cannot be left behind, but you most assuredly can make your own ascension much more gentle and elegant!

February will bring shifts and understanding to most of you if you watch for subtle messages. There will be an immense breakthrough this month, but most will not know of its impact until much later in the year because of the understated nature of its occurrence. This change is for the better and will have impact globally as well as personally. This change will also move voters in the United States into a more stubborn stance. They want leadership, honesty, peace and responsible leaders. This month, they will lose their patience for old-fashioned mudslinging politics-and it's still early in the election process!

So many people stuff or deny honest emotion. Yet it is your emotions that activate and empower your lives. In March, most of you will begin to take command of your emotional bodies and use them quite brilliantly to manifest. It is true that energy follows thought, and it is also true that thought that has been teamed with vibrant emotion manifests energy more quickly, powerfully, dynamically and elegantly. As you discover this truth more personally, it would be very appropriate to also gain command of your thoughts. You are already aware that even errant thoughts create reality. This month will inspire most of you to clean up your acts on the thought level, because the negative creation will simply be too obvious to ignore. Please do not mire yourselves in guilt or grief as you take responsibility for your less-divine thought creations. As you recognize them, love yourselves, forgive yourselves, understand (if possible) how you thought this thing into reality, and undo it with positive, new emotional effort. Then remember to receive your new creation!

Chop Wood, Carry Water

Have you ever seen a fruit tree bearing fruit that is so ripe that it is actually falling from the branches? April will be like that-ready or not, here it comes! It's interesting to note that the numerology of April is "5"- the number of change, balance and unconditional love. You are ready; those you know and love are ready; the world is ready. The question is: Will you step in and make use of that very ripe fruit? Or will you delay and let it rot where it falls? This month, the universal dimension is available to everyone more easily than ever before. What will you choose to experience? If you live from habit or if you live each day based only on the experience and knowledge of the past, you might miss the more amazing reality that is part of who you can be now. And here's an interesting thought: if you wait for 2012 to transform your world, you will still evolve dynamically. If you transform your world today and thus build 2012's transformation from that higher resonance, imagine what the 2012 shift can accomplish!

May is going to be a "chop wood, carry water" month. Do you remember the old story of the seeker who asks the wise man what life is like before enlightenment, and the master tells him, "Chop wood, carry water"? Then the seeker asks the wise man what life is like after enlightenment, and the master answers, "Chop wood, carry water." This month you will be living in a physical world, performing the everyday actions required therein, but as an enlightened one. What does that mean to you? Can you live joyfully in that awareness? Can you experience bliss while living the mundane? Remember, the work must be done anyway; you might as well do it with a positive attitude and a light heart.

The Flowering of Midsummer Dreams

This June will be a time for dreaming. Prepare your dreams throughout these last days of spring and first days of summer, and nurture them with love. There is an old aphorism: if you can imagine something, you can create it. Well, June affirms that, "if you can dream something, you can manifest it." We feel that the important thing to remember is that you will manifest your dream; so this is not a time to be sloppy, inattentive, uncreative or simply bored. It will be quite simple to create results based on those characteristics, too.

The flowering of your June dream will happen in July. This is part of the reason we urge you to be specific and visionary with your June preparations. There will be a strong feeling of instant gratification for those of you who have done your work well. And, of course, for those who do not command their thoughts or elevate their emotions, instant gratification will be evident as well. What is different in this year of hope and new beginnings-2008 is a "1" numerologically-is that you have entered a nine-year cycle in which your enlightenment is assured. Your ascension is inevitable; only your own disbelief can cause you to miss what is happening now.

A Much-needed Change of Dark Energies

In August, there will be an attempt to stem the tide, and it will not succeed. The suppression that is the ambition of a very few who are still stuck in their own nightmare will find no anchor to cling to nor any support for their doomed and negative scenarios. August-and this month holds the resonance of "9": completions and endings-will mark the end of the power of these sad beings and the beginning of their awakening to more positive purposes. We are sorry if this sounds naive to some of you, but it is the energy and the opportunity that we perceive. Help us nurture this much needed change of dark energies successfully, and you will help us succeed in the ascension of all humankind.

What is adventure to you? September, a "1" month, will mark the beginning of many adventures for most of you. We define adventure as new experience. How do you define it? Are you aware that many of you define adventure as new experience with danger involved? If this is your definition, we suggest you change it and remove the "danger" aspect before you begin this amazing month. New experience will be ubiquitous in September. And with new experience, your spirit soars! Your spirit craves knowledge and growth; learning new things is essential for your physical and spiritual vitality. We are aware that many of you are nervous about change because of past experience. We suggest that you intend for the adventurous changes of this surprising month to be magical, joyful, instructional and expansive. This will mean the difference between the change happening to you or with you. Which would you prefer?

Use Courage to Conquer Fear

October will offer you a chance to catch your breath. Does that sound good? This year will have been a non-stop experience of change and growth; and, quite joyfully, October is not filled with extreme transformation-unless, of course, you invite it in. Even then, the transformation will most likely be quite gentle. Interestingly, this will also have a quieting effect on the imminent election. As voters realize that they are being offered the same old rhetoric, their excitement will wane and their allegiances will go through some last-minute changes that will create quite an interesting "last-minute desperation" feeling for the candidates.

The result should be quite entertaining if you pay attention, especially as you move into November. Those of you who took advantage of the quieter energies of October will be able to move through the election and its aftermath with mature understanding of what is truly happening in the world. This is a time of moving into more spiritual truth; more active, mature understanding; and greater sensitivity to the needs of yourself and others. Applying this wisdom to your holiday celebrations will also bring you a deeper pleasure throughout the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. And as the year ends, those of you who have survived until now by constant use of courage will finally be able to relax. New levels of trust in your own self, your own life, your own choices and even your own incipient future will be felt by so many of you that the very nature of your nation-and we do not speak only of the United States-will be changed and empowered. Courage is needed when fear is present.

In December, many of you will learn to live without fear as your inspiration. The energy of the year 2008 is change-gentle, elegant, hope-filled change. And, of course, your attitude will have great impact on how gentle and elegant the change will be. As a shining example of all the attributes you wish to enjoy in a highly evolved and enlightened world, you will be an essential part of the process. The more of you who shine your love, the more gentle and elegant the change will be. From our viewpoint, we know that the magical change coming in 2008 will happen and come to completion successfully just as we know that the shift will come to completion successfully, too. What are not permanently etched in time, and the akashic records, are the variations and individual efforts that your wondrous free will will use to fashion that inevitable outcome. Use your free will to bless the year with love. Use your free will to bless your world with peace. Use your free will to bless all beings with compassion. And as you do, you align your will with the divine and you use your free will to help your world pass through the gateway to heaven on Earth. Namasté.

© 2007 Daniele DeVoe

Daniele DeVoe is a Channel, Psychic, Healer, Teacher, Writer and Ordained Minister.

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