St. Germain  19-December-2007

by Mike Quinsey

The anticipation of the celebrations that are soon to follow your preparations is igniting a feeling of happiness that overrides all of your greater fears. Suddenly what seemed important yesterday can be set aside, as a new energy brings people together. It is so encouraging for us to see you uplifting yourselves out of the gloom and day-to-day problems. We see you shutting the door on them, and enjoying your own way of celebrating this wonderful time of the year. The whole atmosphere seems to change once you are inside your homes, and love and Light are shared in the time honoured way when you exchange your gifts.

Not every one remembers the true significance of these seasonal celebrations, but when they do an extra measure of love enters their lives. There is an appreciation of the greatest teacher to have ever walked the Earth, whose life's work ensured that today you have advanced sufficiently to follow in Christ's footsteps. Long ago energies were grounded upon the Earth that were your guarantee of enlightenment. Ever since, the vibrations have been lifted through the gradual transmutation of the negative energies. It has given you the space to grow and bring even more Light to Earth. As a result, you are today able to reach out for the opportunity to ascend, and to bring an end to your presence in the cycle of duality.

It has been an extensive period of experience since you first stepped upon your beautiful Earth. Many lives have given you those stepping-stones that have seen you rise up, and now you walk tall and very proud of your achievements. In the midst of the darkest times upon Earth, you have found the true meaning of your purpose in life. You stand in the full glory of your Light, without fear or trepidation at the efforts of the dark forces to bar your way.

As you prepare to finally enjoy the fruits of your preparations, perhaps you reflect on the past year with its ups and downs. You may resolve to make the New Year one of opportunities to overcome some difficulties that are carried over. With good intentions you make promises to yourself, and maybe others to raise your goals even higher. There is a greater expectation that 2008 will see some momentous changes, and a degree of excitement at that prospect. I can tell you Dear Ones, that you will not be disappointed but beware of distractions caused by the attempts of the dark to dampen your spirits.

At some stage next year you will see the power of the people come to the fore. It has been bubbling below the surface for quite some time now. However, it has reached a momentum that means it is unstoppable and will fulfil the desires for changes for the good of all. This is as you might say, a time to keep your nerve because you will be buffeted by the dark forces who are now desperate as they see their plans coming to a halt. They are aware that as mighty as they are with the weaponry and personnel behind them, they cannot stem the growth of consciousness and the Light that comes with it.

The truth of many actions is being revealed that shows the dark in their true colours, and no longer can you be easily fooled by their lies and subterfuge. Trust in them has long vanished, and only the diehards refuse to see what is in front of their eyes. All of the systems that control your daily life and means of existence will change, and in 2008 you will see the first steps taken to implement ones that truly reflect your status as Sovereign beings. At heart you are Beings of Light, and in the changing circumstances you will find more people becoming aware of their destiny and identify with their true selves. You have been living an illusion and played along with it. Now the truth will dawn upon you, and you will seize the opportunity to step into your Lighted Self.

Nothing is more heartening to the many Wayshowers who have graced your lives so many times. They have worked tirelessly to bring Light into your lives, and now they can experience joy at seeing you break out of the dark energies that have kept you in the lower vibrations. It is not said flippantly that you are Gods, and I ask you to grasp the significance of it. You have a potential beyond your present understanding, so take another view of your powers to create a new future for yourself. In reality you are not reliant on anyone else for your evolution, although many Beings guide you once you desire to advance. All of the time you are moulding the events in your life that will have a bearing on your future.

Some of you have incarnated especially to participate in the moves to bring the changes about, and I can say that very soon you will be called into action. The Light forces have not been idle, and have been organised to oppose the dark and move into the ascendancy. The Light is already powerful and represents a strong force that cannot be diminished, but instead is becoming even more powerful than on any previous occasion. Next year will belong to the people, and at last you will enforce a change of direction that will lead to the ultimate closing of this cycle. All of this is quite natural, as cyclic changes are necessary in the continual upward movement of all life forms.

Enjoy your present life and see it as the greatest time for your advancement and return to full consciousness, and know that the Creator is desirous of you finding your path back to the Light. Many different civilisations await Man's advancement so that they can claim their own back again. You have loved ones and friends from eons of time ago, that eagerly look forward to re-uniting with you. Accept that Earthly experiences have dulled your memory, but that you will have been fully awakened by the time of Ascension. Already many feel drawn to the stars, as instinctively they know that they are not of Earth.

I am St.Germain and will soon play my final role, as I lead you out of duality. I have held your hands for a long time, but now you are becoming of age and ready to determine your own future. The Cosmos awaits your presence, and much interest centres on you and your beautiful Blue Planet. You shall rise up in glory, and your Love and Light will illumine the Universe for all to see.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.