Ag-agria  24-December-2007

by Mike Quinsey

With the New Year soon about to start, there is a greater expectation than usual that it will be a momentous and amazing year. We can tell you without a doubt that it will be so, and once the changes commence they will continue to follow on in quick succession. In the remaining 5 years of this cycle you shall experience a lifting up that will change you forever. With leaps and bounds you will not only catch up on lost time, but move into a new paradigm that will fully prepare you for Ascension.

Much is happening behind the scenes and the net is closing in on the last cabal. A number of paths have opened up, that have the possibility of bringing about its collapse through the removal of the major players. One way or another they will fall and already their position is untenable. The greatest asset to our allies is the support they are getting, as more people are becoming aware as to how they have been misled. We have stated many times that the truth must come out, and there is evidence of it having already started. Once peoples appetites are aroused by learning the truth of how they have been manipulated and misled, an appraisal begins of other events that have also aroused their suspicions.

Truth will be the byword as you move into yet higher vibrations, and there will come a time when it will be impossible to get away with lies. You are developing the ability to recognize and feel the lower energies that accompany them. Duality is coming to a close and you are by choice leaving it behind. It has served its purpose well as a means of giving you innumerable experiences, that are unique in the continual battle between the Light and the dark. It has to be emphasized once again, that each and every one of you volunteered to experience in this way. You may not have realized the depth to which you would fall, but you were well aware that a time would come when you would all be given the chance to rise up again.

Many can sense that their experiences are at a stage of completion. They are cutting their ties with the Earth and the lower vibrations, having found peace and joy by following the prompting of their Higher Selves. It is this coming together that is restoring you to the status you once held, before you dropped down into the lower dimensions. Through it you are beginning to accept that you are much more than you imagined, and can find your way back to your true reality. It is your intent and willpower to overcome the pull of Earth's vibrations that is enabling you to leave the old behind.

As time goes by you will notice that people with the truth will become more outspoken. They will become fearless, and drawn into groups with the same ideals and positive outlook. Natural born leaders will emerge who have awaited this wonderful time of opportunity to assist those of the Light, to walk fearlessly and purposefully towards their goal. Nothing can stop the path fully opening that will take those who are ready on to Ascension. The end-times are decreed to end this way, as otherwise they would become utterly chaotic.

Everyone of the Light can contribute to the upliftment of those around them, by speaking their truth. Humans have a quaint belief that it is taboo to talk politics or religion amongst friends or families, yet this is the time for revelations that will open the eyes of those who have not yet seen the Light. It is only through frank discussion and sensible dialogue, that others can begin to understand the transition that is taking place. Certainly everyone will at some time touch upon the truth, and it will be their decision as to whether they allow it to enter their minds. Continual blocking of the Light will simply mean that they will continue to go on experiencing in the lower dimensions.

With the coming of First Contact there will much to do where your personal enlightenment is concerned. The Masters and we shall clear up the many misconceptions that are taught as the truth. Your history is a series of adulterated versions of what really happened in ancient times, to hide the true facts that will show you have been used and abused for eons of time. It is time to claim your place amongst those who have upheld the truth, in spite of efforts to prevent it being known. Many accounts of your true history still exist but have been hidden away and protected for this coming time. Nothing can in fact be totally destroyed, and all exists in its original energy pattern. It can be totally restored, and every event that has ever taken place can be replayed.

It is the truth that will bring people together, although we know that some will hold onto their cherished beliefs for some time longer. Admitting that were wrong even if misled is a difficult step for some to make, but they will eventually see that there is no value in maintaining their position when the truth is there to see. Honesty as a facet of the truth is also going to return, as there will no place for deceit in your dealings with each other. You can start right now by questioning your every thought and action, to ensure it is for the highest good of all. It is not clever or smart to take advantage of those whose trust you have gained. This will particularly apply in business transactions, as in the near future all will be openly conducted and above board.

You deservedly have a lot to look forward to and the new ways will be a breath of fresh air throughout your societies. Reform will be necessary, and in your financial markets the first signs of such changes are happening. The old ways are clearly no longer working and a collapse will occur before long. The breaking down of the old institutions is not unexpected by us, as all that has no place in the higher vibrations must change.

I am Ag-agria from Sirius as many are that contact Earth, and we see 2008 as a year of many surprises for you, although there will still be certain hardships. Do not get too worried when matters seem drawn out, all will come to you in good time. There are so many Beings behind you who support your work, and we too do much to alleviate many of your problems. We work quietly and largely unseen, but will be soon able to appear to you through many different mediums. We bring you our love, and knowledge that will advance your understanding of who you really are, and we bow before you in recognition.

Thank you Ag-agria

Mike Quinsey.