Predictions 2008: Biorelativity and Predictions

By Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

A Turning Point in the World

This is an introduction to let you know that the magnitude of events that we are looking at is going to be quite great, so that 2008 is going to be a year of many grand magnitude events. In many ways, from our perspective, 2008 is the turning point in the world. What do I mean by the turning point? I mean that there are so many different polarizations that have been percolating, and these are of course quite damaging. These percolations of events are going to become so dramatic in 2008 that everyone will be affected. Some people, who may feel insulated, may feel that there is a place that they can stay and not experience some of these polarizations. In 2008, everyone is going to be affected, and this is going to be on several different levels. I will attempt to use our predictive abilities to list them.

First of all, let us look at the political events. Many people have asked us about the political events and whether biorelativity can be used in the political arena. The effects of biorelativity in the political arena are a lot more complicated than even on the physical arena. The basic idea of biorelativity on the political arena is to try to work with the crown chakra of the people in power, and to try either through their guides and teachers of the political leader, or through angelic hosts, to download a certain energy into the leader's crown chakra. You understand that every political leader has defenses and may not be open to the crown chakra. We have found it especially instructive to work with the wives of the leaders. In many cases, the wives' of the leaders crown chakras are more open and especially more open to universal light, universal energy. Working with the wives of leaders is an effective way to work in terms with the leader, especially in the sending of universal energy. People are going to be forced to look closely at each political leader, especially at the fact that the biosphere could collapse and thus things politically will not be able to function as usual.

A Political Earthquake in America

Let us look at the American scene. There is going to be a political earthquake in America approximately in June or July of 2008. The political earthquake is going to be a major upheaval in politics. People generally have considered that everything could be postponed until the elections in November of 2008, and the general attitude is that one political party might say, well, we are biding our time until the election so that we can get elected. Another party might say, we will continue these policies as long as we can so that there will be protection for America. By June of 2008, there is going to be a political earthquake where things cannot continue as normal. When you ask me the nature of the political earthquake, I have to be a little bit judicious and just explain to you a simple prediction. They will not be able to continue the war as before. They will not be able to continue the economy as before. There is going to be a big outcry and a demand that supersedes the abilities of the politicians in America to continue as they have been. There will be a force that will make them try to change directions. This change of directions will also come from an environmental disaster as well as the political situation.

There is actually going to be a continued diminishing role of America's power because of some of these events. America will continue to become more isolated. The polarizations that are occurring in some ways are going to supersede and transcend America. People might think that this is positive news. In another way, it is not positive news because you could make the argument that America has moved in the wrong direction in certain events. The problem is, with the diminishing of the power of America, then comes the possibility of greater chaos in the world because no one is able to step forward. There is going to be, for example, a demand in America that even the election should be moved forward to an earlier time. It sounds unbelievable: how could it be that an American election would not fall on the same time it always has? So great are the events that we call the "earthquake events" that there is going to be the possibility that the American election is actually going to be moved forward at this time.

Dramatic Winds and a Dust Bowl

In terms of the other events: the polarizations in the weather patterns, including in America, are going to be more intense. There is going to be an increase of wind around the world. This is something that many people have experienced before, but they did not really consider strong winds when they talk about the collapse of the biosphere. These wind events are going to be particularly strong. [Channel's note: This prediction was made ten days before the California fires.] What is going to happen is that in the plains of America and in the North and in the South in particular, there is going to be a return of events that were known as the dust bowl. This dust bowl energy is actually originating in China because there has been an increase in desert energies from that area of the planet. The increase in desert energies has not really been discussed at great length because everyone has been focused on the polar icecaps melting. The increase in the desert energies is creating wind currents and is creating dust. When you talk about the Dust Bowl that occurred in the United States in the thirties, then you think of dust that was blinding. This type of energy is going to come to certain places in the world, from the Asian coasts to central Asia and to Russia. Europe is not going to experience much of the dust, but Europe is going to have some of the wind problems. You are going to see some significant wind energies in London and some of the islands. Also, it will be in the central and southwestern United States. The wind energies will also be around Australia.

An Acceleration of the Greenhouse Effect

I also see the general acceleration of the greenhouse effect. It will become more dramatic in 2008. You already hear people saying that they did not think it was going to happen this fast. People thought that the polar icecaps were not going to melt within a five-year period, but rather in a thirty- to forty-year period. In reality, there is a time compression occurring. It is difficult to explain from a technical standpoint why this is happening. Generally, 2008 is a year in which there is a time compression. Compression means that events that looked like they would take thirty to forty years are going to be compressed into a shorter time. There is going to be significant flooding along some coasts. There is going to be what is generally called the ice melting. People have asked about the hurricanes. You might see some more problems with the hurricanes. People have asked about the volcanic eruptions and the earthquakes. Quite frankly, the volcanic eruptions and the earthquakes are not going to be the major events of this 2008. The major events are going to be more from wind and dramatic rains.

If you look at South America and Central America and Mexico, you will find that they also are having what would be considered polarized weather as opposed to wind. There is some discussion that being south of the equator is better than being north of the equator. The problem is that there in the south, the climate is just as fragile as the north, even though you would think that the moderate shifts seen there would not be that hard to take. In effect, it is going to create some major imbalances for them. South America is actually going to gain greater political strength and independence. Argentina is going to become a greater world player, and they are going to have greater balance because Argentina is one of the countries that is able to absorb some of these shifts and the winds without experiencing dramatic polarity. The speculation is that this country may be going to a greater world role.

A New Harmonic Convergence

In the face of all this, I will go into some specific discussions of some of the battles. I want to shift also into the energies we call the harmonics or the 8-8-8 harmony, or the 8-8-8 energies-the Harmonic Convergence. As many of you know, we feel that the 8-8-8 is a turning point spiritually because amidst all of these dramatic and polarizing events that are occurring throughout the planet, there will be an increasing influence of spiritual and harmonic light. This convergence can be discussed in terms of the effects of predictions and the effects of the biorelativity and the effects of prayer and the effects of working together. The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 was an opening, but it did not have the continual and dramatic effect that many had hoped for. Although it contributed to a spiritual movement that is significant and that in some ways established the groundwork for the spiritual movement that we are now experiencing, the 1987 convergence was not pervasive enough.

But the harmonic convergence of 8-8-8 is a pervasive convergence of energies. The good news is that the events that are more polarizing, such as the upheavals or the wind energies, are contributing to more openness in the world. The feminine energies, which are connected with the energies of 2012, are referred to as the Central Sun energies. These energies are creating a new wave, a new paradigm. All of this is coming to the forefront. The year 2008, from our standpoint, is "the make or break year." By that we mean that if the planet is to hold together, if the biosphere is to stay in existence, then there must be this evolutionary leap. This evolution is a leap in consciousness that is necessary to the hold the world together. The year 2008 must now demonstrate the effectiveness of the harmonic energies of the starseeds for this evolutionary step.

I call on everyone who is listening or reading these words to focus on the harmonic energies of the 8-8-8 for this planet. Focus just on those words and the meaning of harmonic convergence. Understand that harmonic energy is a process that culminates on the 8-8-8. There are many events beforehand that will lead to the 8-8-8 convergence. Let us take a moment now to meditate on the harmonic convergence energies. [Silence for several minutes.]

A Unifying Leader Emerges

I want to say that another world leader is going to become very influential in 2008. This is a world leader who is going to come more into the forefront by April of 2008. The person is not from the United States. It is someone who is going to be seen as a greater unifier, because the truth is that the United States is not able to unify the world or bring the world forward in a harmonic way. This leader will emerge to show how to unify. This person will bring a great deal of strength. People have always said that if there is a new leader who is going to emerge, then they always look like they are going to lead the world into further destruction. That is not true, by the way, with this person.

Terrorism and Other Destructive Forces

The problem of terrorism will continue in 2008. There always needs to be a balance between those who are moving toward convergence and those who are trying to establish some harmony on this planet and those who want to destroy the world. You all know that there is a great force that has been unleashed on this planet that is a force of destruction. There are many people who are focused on "Armageddon," tashmach (a Hebrew word for the age of destruction), and the destruction of the planet and the overthrow of certain established ways of doing things on this planet. These people seem to believe that destruction will lead to a new balance. Unfortunately, that is not a proper methodology at this point. The reason is that the destruction and overthrow of things will create more chaos now. When there is more chaos, there is more out of control energy, and there is more destruction of the environment and more imbalances. This type of thinking, of destroying things, is a primitive thought form, which should not be encouraged. When using destructive energy, even a minor event could have a major impact. For example, a minor earthquake, even though it might not be overwhelming, could have a devastating effect on the world economy if it was at the right place. Overthrowing of certain powers would lead to more chaos rather than stabilization.

Upheavals Due to an Unmasking

I do see in 2008 that some of the upheavals, which I have called political upheavals, are going to occur. They are going to be related to the unmasking of what is known as the world government, which is the "cabal," or the hidden organization, that is running much of the world. You have seen the falling of some institutions or the unmasking of some institutions in 2007 and 2006. One example has been the churches where the discovery of a great deal of corruption has occurred and a great deal of bad sexual actions that are unbecoming of spiritual leaders. The existence of corruption in the governments is going to come more into the forefront in 2008. People are going to realize that some of the leaders, who have been running the government and leading people toward certain political goals, really have been corrupt and that the corruption goes beyond even one country. The cabal is an interrelated system. This is going to become unmasked in 2008! That unmasking is what is going to be contributing to what we call the political earthquake. People will begin to understand that what they thought was the truth is not the truth.

This is related to some of the astrological events, in terms of the different planetary alignments that have to do with the Neptune/Saturn connection. People will lose faith in the institutions. Unfortunately, there are no other institutions to replace them. It becomes necessary that people of more harmonic and unified energies are able to step in and keep the institutions going.

The importance of the harmonic convergence energies becomes more powerful. You begin to see that the current institutions and the current governments need to become responsive because they are the only existing structures that can help. Chaos does not lead to harmony. I think that one of the biggest lessons that is going to come forth in 2008 to this planet and to the people who are predicting Armageddon is that that type of thinking and that type of upheaval should not be focused on or desired because that energy will not lead to a new peace. Also, the planet cannot tolerate another major war. The planet cannot tolerate a nuclear war, for example. We do not see a war with Iran in 2008. The world powers are able to control the situation so that this does not occur.

Russia's Influence on World Events

Many people have talked about the influence of Russia on world events. There is no question that the Russian energies and the Russian politicians have returned to some of their old ways. The Russian power is now a force to counterbalance against the American interventions in Iraq and Iran. What is going to happen is that the forces of power in Russia, as negative as they might be in some people's minds, will stop the U.S.'s attempt to control Iran. This is both good and bad because the good is that then there is not another major war, which the world could not tolerate. There is no question in our perception and in our predictions that an Iranian intervention by the U.S. would lead to World War III.

In some sense you could say there was good luck that the Iraq war did not lead to World War III. There is not going to be that type of luck in terms of the Iranian situation. Anyone who wants to suggest that a military intervention is a way to stop terrorism or to stop the negativity that is generated from Iran, must be prepared to accept that you are headed into World War III if you invade Iran. That is something that the guides and teachers do not want to see happen even though people will say Iran is a negative country and has terrorism or whatever negative concepts are promulgated from there from the Western standpoint. The effects of such a military intervention are far greater in a negative way against the world. Therefore, we see the harmonic energies that are going to culminate in 8-8-8 as contributing to a balancing away from a world war.

The problem that the people like the starseeds, who are working with the harmonic energies, are going to face is the problem of the negativity or the upheavals of events that could be considered terrorism. The biorelativity exercises that we are going to suggest would focus in 2008. We suggest visualizing an energy to harmonize and to minimize wars, to minimize isolated terrorist events and to visualize bringing people into an awareness that any violent event that would be considered a war would have a devastating effect on the biosphere. I want you to consider the fact that this biosphere has tolerated so many current and existing wars. Potential future wars could tip the scale to further harm the biosphere.

Africa, the Immune System and Radiation Leakages

I want to speak a little bit about Africa because Africa continues to experience great pain health-wise. Africa in many ways is suffering from what we call the biomedical devastations of the immune system. Africa is suffering from the inability to maintain a proper immune system support. This problem is going to be continued in Asia. In other words, 2008 is going to see the fact that the human immune system will be one of the key discussions. The fact is that the immune system is not able to withstand the onslaught. The immune system is suffering on several levels. I know that there is the idea of AIDS and the idea of the attack of bacteria and viruses. You have to also consider that the immune systems on the planet are being compromised by the ozone problems and by radiation. We continually want to emphasize the importance of controlling the radiation levels in Chernobyl because we think there are still continual holes and leakages over that system that are going unreported. There are other major radiation leakages on the planet. These radiation leakages are going to be brought to the world's attention. By the northern Russian oceans, there are underground leakages of radiation that are contributing to some of the problems that the whales and dolphins have. The radiation is causing aberrant energies in the oceans. People have thought, well, radiation leaks only affect one part of the oceans. But you know the oceans are interactive with all levels. The people are going to have to say we are going to have to control the radiation leakages also occurring in all parts of the ocean.

I know that people have wanted to use nuclear power as an alternative to some of the other types of power that cause greenhouse gases. We continue to warn against nuclear energy because of the holes in the Earth's auras that it creates. If you look at each nuclear power plant that is in operation from the standpoint of the cosmic aura around the planet, then you would see that there were thin holes of auric energy around the auric fields where the nuclear power plants are. People do not have the conception of the effects of a hole from the auric standpoint.

I would also like to point out that Africa is going to continue in great political upheaval and military problems, and in some ways it is at a very low vibration. There are certain countries that are higher, obviously, than others in that continent. There are still great resources that need to be protected there, and we do see an emergence of the aboriginal energies in that country that will bring some stability.

A Moderating Energy in the Middle East, Weather Problems and Polarizations

There will be moderation in the Middle East, which means that the new world leader is going to take a greater role in peace talks. Everyone realizes that a third world war would have a devastating effect. There is a moderating energy in the Middle East that is working behind the scenes to try and help people to come to their senses. People are realizing that everyone will be negatively affected by a world war.

There is going to be a drought again in Greece, a drought in Lebanon, a drought in Israel. There is potential of another drought in Spain and in southern France. There are going to be continued rains and some very strong storms in central Europe and in Russia. Russia is going to have a very harsh winter this year and parts of Northern Europe are going to have a very harsh winter. The droughts in Australia are going to be more polarizing. There are going to be periods in Australia where there are going to be rains, winds, storms, and then there are going to be periods of dryness and continuation of the droughts. What I see for the rest of 2007 and 2008 is that there is going to be variance, which means more polarities. So that weather problems won't be as devastating in one sense, but in another sense, you could say at least there is some relief because there are intense rains. I do see as I have been talking about the harmonic energies that the polarizations can be harmonized, and there is going to be some interesting technology developed in 2008 to work with the weather. This is going to come partially out of the biorelativity. There is new energy that is coming to 2008 from the Central Sun. This new energy is going to bring greater technological surprises. There is going to be an energy that is going to work to clean up the oceans, for example, and clean up the waterways. This energy has been discussed before, but it has not come to the forefront. There is going to be a technology that will help with that.

Working on the Earth's Aura and Harmonic Convergence

There is another important energy that we want to bring, and I want everyone to please focus on the cosmic egg around the Earth. I am going to ask that everyone focus on the many holes that are in the Earth's aura and that these holes through your biorelativity work become sealed. Just imagine that they are being sealed; in particular there is an antidote that must soon be discovered to balance the radiation levels on this planet. Focus on the aura around the Earth coming into a perfect shape of the egg.

I want you to understand that our original description of the headlights, in terms of the events of the future, can have a powerful impact. I want you to understand that the energies that you now plant for harmonic energies will set the stage for the further coming together of the harmonization and the harmonic convergence of 2008. In reality, now is the time to work toward this harmonic convergence. Now is the time to understand that the spiritual starseeds, their work and their missions can have maximum effectiveness and maximum input into the events. When you are doing the biorelativity exercises for the planet, I ask that you include in all exercises the energy of the harmonic convergence, so that each event that you may work toward will be in alignment with harmony.

As I discussed in the beginning of this lecture, you don't really know what the avoidance of one event will have on other events. But, if you do focus that all is in alignment with the harmonic energy for the planet, then this in some sense inoculates negative karma from avoiding one event. This sets the stage for the further energy of harmonics and harmonic energy. In conclusion, I tell you that the forces of harmonic energy convergence are going to be intensified, and now is the time to set the foundations for this. I realize there are many other events that we did not cover, and we will seek to focus on them through the channel in further discussions. At this point I bless each of you, and I encourage you to continue your line of work in biorelativity. Note that your predictive values, your predictive energies, are going to be increasing so that each of you are going to be more powerful in seeing events. By increasing your power in seeing future events, this will increase your effectiveness in the biorelativity areas.

I am Juliano. Good day.

Copyright 2000 David K. Miller

David K. Miller has been a channel for over 15 years. He began his spiritual study with the Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism. He began trance channeling his Kaballistic guide and teacher, Nabur, on a camping trip at Sublime Point on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

David has published over 50 articles in both American and Australian magazines, as well as the books, Connecting with the Arcturians, Teachings from the Sacred Triangle - Volume I, Teachings From the Sacred Triangle - Volume II and his latest Teachings From the Sacred Triangle - Volume III. He currently does phone readings and conducts workshops focusing on the concepts and techniques of ascension, healings and psycho-spiritual issues. When not channeling and writing metaphysical articles, he works full time as a medical social worker and part time as a psychotherapist.