St. Germain   04-January-2008

through Mike Quinsey

Dear Ones you are beautiful souls who committed yourselves to live lives beyond count, so that you could experience separation from the Source. You did so in such good faith knowing that you would never be forgotten, and that many Beings of Light would accompany you on your journey. Now your faith is being rewarded, and you are seeing many changes approaching that will finally remove the darkness from your eyes.

It is such a wonderful time to see you bringing the Light back into your lives, and seeking the Truth about your sojourn upon Earth. Many caught up in the darkness have caused you to lose your way, but in spite of that you have always been able to recognise the greater pathway to freedom. You are now achieving the realisation of your dreams, and peace and happiness lie just around the corner. Most people sense the changes but it can be confusing for those who have become entrenched in the old ways. Religion has played its part, and for better or worse kept peoples awareness of God alive. Now comes the time when the truth of God's place in your life is to be revealed.

As you have so often been told, God is the energy and power within your Universe without which it would not exist. God is you, and you are God inseparable and bound by Love and Light. There is no one else apart from the Creator who in turn holds All That Is within his/her energy. There is but one energy that is filtered down to you through your Solar Sun, and appropriate according to the level that you can accept. Too much energy of a high vibration would be overpowering and uncomfortable for you, and that is why the Law of Attraction is in place. It ensures that you move in levels that resonate with you, and with the coming of Ascension it will explain why not everyone can move into its higher vibrations.

Guiding you ever onwards has been the task of a multitude of Light Beings, and many have sat in Councils for millennia of time deciding how to ensure your continual upliftment. The White Brotherhood has sent its mentors to Earth and they have kept your Light alive. It was so that in your minds, you knew there was a greater force than the dark that tried to keep you in ignorance of the truth. Always the Light has shone through, and always you have had your Gods even if their purpose was distorted. There is but the One God for All, and in the very near future you will come to accept a new way of understanding God that will bring you all together. God is Love that is never ending and not in the slightest way tainted by Human interpretation that brings fear into it. You must ask yourselves, how can God be anything to you other than the totality of Love. Any other Gods are false, and have no place within the true expression of that great and wonderful Being.

Be aware that God allows all that you choose to experience and neither endorses it or denies it, as it is your freedom of choice as to how you do so. It is the whole object of you being in duality, and you have stood on both sides for the completion of your experiences. One without the other would not further your evolution and upliftment. Now try to see what is happening in your world in a different way. Realise that those who now play the part of the dark are themselves nevertheless on the upward path. It may take longer than those who have already turned to the Light, but at some stage they will see through the darkness they have created. They are not disowned or cast aside, as every soul is precious and loved by God.

On Earth it is understandable that you grieve for those who pass on, particularly where you consider that their death is premature. However, remember that nothing is by chance, and the soul involved is not affected in the same way that you are. Immediately they arrive in the higher dimensions they find themselves surrounded by love through energies and souls who tend their needs. There is little trauma and even that is soon overcome after a short period of recovery. The circumstances of your passing are explained, and once they understand that it has been part of their pre-life contract they become at ease. Life does not stop, and is one continual experience that links all other lives together. The result is that there is always some gain from the experiences of any one life, and it can be used in subsequent ones.

Your present period of life is one of the most important that you are experiencing, as many who are working towards Ascension will not leave the Earth through death of the physical body. Instead, they will rise up in it, albeit that it will have been refined and cleansed of the old energies. It will have been renewed and able to house a soul of super-consciousness with a fully developed DNA. You will have become as the Gods that we have always told you that you are. Your powers of creation will have increased so that you will be able to manifest whatever you need. With it comes responsibility, but you will have no difficulty in handling it, as you will have become One with your Higher Self and God.

Do not be frightened by the prospect of upliftment as it is quite normal and natural to you, and is but a stepping up into that which you were before the Fall. It has always been your destiny to return to your higher status, and you were never meant to languish in the lower dimensions forever. See that all around you is illusory and conjured up out of your own minds. Now you are manifesting a new vision and it will become your reality very soon, and as you draw the higher energies down so it will begin to emerge. Nothing can stop this process of change, and it will soon become obvious that the old is being swept away to be replaced by the new.

I am St. Germain and ask you to allow for change, knowing that it will bring into your lives that which is pure and of the Light. That which has no place in it will disappear and there is no reason to mourn its loss. The coming Golden Age is exactly that, where the energies are of the highest vibrations and creation occurs with absolute perfection. Words cannot truly express what is coming into your reality, but it will be of Light beyond your present imagination, with harmony and beauty that you have yet to experience. All will live as they desire in perpetual Love and Light. Carry this vision with you, and let it Light your way now and show you the path back to God.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.