April Showers and Forgiveness

Ruth Ryden April/2008

April Showers bring --- what?

Glad to be back. We are all still recovering from this weird flu and feeling much better, thank you. We will get this newsletter to those of you who have accepted the invitation to join the Yahoo Group that now sends the newsletters. I cannot send them out myself anymore because of the hundreds to be sent that the ordinary e-mail programs will not accept. Be sure to keep the information at the end of this message! If you change your e-mail address, send the same subscription information to Yahoo with the new address. Please feel free to use my new personal new e-mail address now: rydenruth@yahoo.com Always glad to hear from any of you.

OK Masters, what is in store for us this month?

MASTERS: The change in seasons is a strong expectation for humanity as the very hard winter starts to withdraw for the most part. People all over the world have been experiencing a loss of energy for some weeks, making decisions and activities difficult. We want to let you know that this indeed was, and is for awhile, the effect of very unusual frequencies that have surrounded your world that have been passing through the solar system. By the time this message is received, most of this should have passed away from your atmosphere and the solar system itself. Be prepared for a new rush of energy and high spirits!

As we monitor the events on your world we are seeing a progression of inner wisdom starting to appear more and more in the minds and hearts of the incarnated soul beings you are. Many channels are picking up on this and shouting that everything is going to change overnight or at some particular day when everyone is praying for it together. That is a nice thought and of course will do no harm if you wish to participate, but remember that there is always a depressing time afterward when the world does not change itself into the Eden of peace that you are working toward all at once. When the lives and thoughts of millions of people turn to mud because of their actions there comes a time when the darkness finally explodes into nothingness and the Light emerges into the mind again. This is happening to many people, to many leaders, and opening the way for humanity to make more of an effort to lead useful and happy lives. Join together in prayer and thankfulness to change the dark vibrations around you personally and worldwide. Yes, it does make a difference.

As we see it at this writing, the North American Continent and the American and Canadian Northwest are still in the wake of powerful frequencies that are flowing down over the North Pole. The snow and rain storms that have plagued this land will stay in place for about another two weeks, then finally fall apart into strong winds, then spring breezes. Don't give up, but get ready for flooding from melting snow in some places, and watching nature's bounty start to jump up out of the ground for you. Northern Europe will be pretty much the same, but Spring will come a little later in the far North. Animal populations in the steppes and high mountains will be seen to explode in their birth rates as the high frequencies the last few months have precipitated stronger growth rates and gene strength. This may also show up in higher birth rates, especially in mountainous areas, in humanity. Such children will be, for the most part, of extremely high mental abilities and are a part of the new race of humanity that is being formed for the future. You know that already.

ASIA will be part of this also, but the controlled birth rate in China is working against what should be normal now. Watch for announcements of genius Chinese children who are already making news for their outstanding abilities. When there are fewer children in a family, the intelligence level is more concentrated in one or two offspring. When such children are raised with respect and understanding, they will become the future leaders in the world. A word about the Tibetan protests taking place: Chinese leaders that have determined to entirely wipe out these dedicated Buddhists will soon find themselves cut off from all political connections and put China into a very negative financial position. The outcry against their actions could very well put the Olympic Games into a financial basement as athletic enthusiasts fail to travel to China for the games out of protest. At this point, the issue is not settled. Weather conditions during the games also do not look very good, as storms in the mountains are still gaining strength and could impact any outdoor activities.

MEXICO-CENTRAL AMERICA will be the place to be this month, as warmer air and pleasant breezes swing across this part of the world. A few heavy rainstorms will hit toward the middle of the month, but nothing really unusual. Enjoy it now, for the hurricane season looks to be a really bad one later on.

AFRICAN CONTINENT is undergoing some structural changes as air currents have been changing the march of the topsoil in many places. Some outlying villages are being covered with new sand dunes, while other areas are being wiped clean of the dunes and exposing long-lost ruins and old river beds. There are tremendous reserves of water under this continent that will soon be discovered. As the leaders of the African nations come to their senses, they will be able to work together to bring back a land of plenty for all.

EARTH CHANGES will continue, as you know they will, with many new volcanic fissures coming to light and quakes around the world as the planet stretches into its new configurations. We feel many quakes on the North American western coastlines and even increasing on the eastern coastlines, but at this time, at least, we do not see a city-toppling quake here. In the Pacific islands, the quakes will continue as the underlying ridges that form most of the island groups are being shoved out of place by the moving plates. Tornadoes this month will be of great concern across America and up into Canada as the upper atmosphere is still very disturbed. We cannot stress more strongly that if you live in these areas of possible tornadic activity to prepare a safe place underground or in a deep basement that the winds will move over. April is just the beginning of a long season of these storms an they will be very dangerous. Water will be a problem wherever there are natural flooding or storms -- be sure to have large glass bottles of water stored for this season.

Remember to follow your inner guidance in all situations, whether they involve danger or just the myriad decisions that need to be made in your lives. Read all you wish, but let your inner voice and knowledge make the final decisions for you. We are always with you, in all ways, at all times, for we love you."


A Question to the Masters from Ruth:

Listening to and watching the news around the world, it is becoming too obvious that religion itself is tearing the world apart! Is there any evidence that humanity is starting to come to their senses? Even here in the U.S., not race, but religious bias is playing on people's feelings of guilt for not living the religion they were taught in childhood. While the millions of people who now communicate with computers, cell phones, etc., are having a hard time holding on to their inner sense of morality, trying to live up to the media's concept of beauty and wealth for all, trying to survive the myriads of ideas, ideals, and belief systems being thrown at them constantly, how do we settle down and just become the individual beings we really are, following our own guidance and learning as we travel through life? We feel so helpless as we watch the intense misery going on and young people flailing around, trying to "be somebody", but not knowing how to do it. Yes, we know there are more people who are trying to help, teaching and guiding all over this beautiful planet, but at times it seems so futile. Some channels are insisting that there are tremendous changes occurring even now that will change the direction of humanity in a very little time, but reality presses in as soon as we finish reading them. What can you tell us now of the future of our pathetic species?

ANSWER FROM THE MASTERS: "Your planet is in dire need of those enlightened people who understand who and what they are, as we have said many times. Religion was, and is, a way of solidifying the inner feelings of a higher power and purpose that rules human beings, no matter who or where they are. Over the centuries, humankind took advantage of this and created their own pulpits of power, removing from the populace their own innate guidance and personal powers. Worshipping prophets, saints, and supposed incarnated holy beings has brain-washed human minds to the point where they cannot understand the real connection they have with the infinite. Yes, this has caused an upheaval in humanity that is pulling apart the threads of sanity and the bonds of love and friendship. When will it change? It will change, but it will take many years of hardship and suffering before it finally dawns that this is not the way to live. The real changes will take place when children are finally carefully created by loving mates, reared with care and love, and taught the rules of living that were laid down centuries ago by the Creator. Another generation? Perhaps. We who watch over this universe and its worlds and people of many different species constantly send guidance, help when it is asked for, and energy for each soul entity to follow their own planned path in their lifetime. These are difficult lifetimes because of the tremendous forces that press down upon even the most dedicated intentions. Human beings who are determined to resist the negative aspects of daily life are among those who will make a difference in their future and in the future of their families and descendants. There are indeed "Angels in Disguise" among you, as there have always been, who help and guide situations that are necessary to turn the tide of emotions and actual tragedies. You are not alone, and it is worthwhile to realize and recognize those guiding souls who spend thousands of their years with humanity, helping them to reach the fulfillment of their species. Always thank anyone who helps you, even in little things. Little things are sometimes deceiving in their importance.

It is possible to live a good life in this world, even if circumstances seem to blow apart relationships, financial independence, even just surviving the drive-by shootings! The real life is within. Success is realized in the way each experience is coped with and by how much you can help yourself and others. The old, native grandmother sitting under a make-shift awning for shade, taking care of a small child, is a success. The wounded soldier determined to get well and helping a comrade get around in the hospital, is a success. The secretary, who has learned how to get along with many different people and circumstances every day, is a success. Life in this world is really very simple and boils down to each individual's concept of what it is to be for him/herself. Bring the overwhelming reality of a world seemingly gone mad down to your own unique personality, seeing clearly where you are, what you can or cannot do, and follow your own guidance -- not that of some egotistic preacher or counselor. Keep your minds clear of drugs and over-indulgence of any kind. You are your world. Make of it what you will.




"The world of matter is a difficult environment set down by the Creator for the Children to have a place to experience all of the possibilities and nuances of the duality of nature and of the universe. Life as a human being is the most difficult and challenging experience a soul being can choose for itself. The sense of being hurt physically or mentally, being abandoned or betrayed, being neglected or rejected, hits deep and hard, preying on the mind sometimes to the point of overlaying all other emotions and clear thinking. To dull the inner pain, sometimes drugs come into the picture, further pushing away the reality of the present lifetime.

"Forgiveness" is not a very long word, but it is a difficult concept when the mind and heart is tied up and frozen with pain, grief, indignation, thoughts of revenge or retaliation, or even just shutting oneself away from everything and everyone in a self-imposed shell of inner misery.

First and foremost, one must learn to forgive oneself. The deep and miserable emotion of guilt imprisons millions of people in their own cell of depression that keeps them from living the life they had planned for this lifetime. No one passes through a lifetime without committing errors of many kinds, and it is almost impossible not to hurt someone else from your actions or words from birth to the end of that lifetime. Spiritual Souls come here to learn from their actions, realize their faults, and then go on from there. Even if you ask forgiveness from someone who you may have hurt in some way and they refuse to listen or forgive, realize that such refusal becomes their struggle with their own inner conscience. The act of accepting your own wrongful act or words and realizing the effect on others is the first step to easing the load of guilt and remorse on your part. The act of asking for forgiveness is the cleansing agent to the mind and the soul being you are. Then, tell yourself -- out loud --" I forgive myself and will never do this again!" Then go on with your life, using the experience as a tool of understanding for this lifetime.

Now, there are steps to be taken to find the relief of forgiveness. First of all, there must be the understanding that this concept of clearing away all the feelings of pain, anger and hate is not a way of dismissing or ignoring what has happened, nor is it in any way interfering with another person's responsibility to themselves as to their own actions. Forgiving is a very personal action and reaction of the soul being that you are, re-setting the love and caring of that soul being into the human mind and heart to the point of being able to see the difficult situations in a clearer way. The phrase "rising above it" expresses the ability to stand above and aside of the experience to see all of the circumstances that surrounded it. How does that relate to the cruelty and violence that humankind wreaks on those who have lived useful and peaceful lives? How does one forgive those who assemble road-side bombs or foolishly blow themselves up in order to kill others? How does a woman forgive a man who abandons her and their child and leaves her no way of supporting herself? How is it possible to forgive those who hurt you with contempt and scorn, tearing away your own self-esteem with a few words or actions? It is possible.

Forgiveness starts with the realization that the emotions damaging the mind and body need to be erased some way in order to bring life into a better focus. This is the hardest part. Then, each situation has to be remembered as clearly as possible. Remember the actions, the words, the people involved, the emotions or pain produced, on all sides. The next hardest thing is to seek out the reason or background of the action of those who harmed your body or hurt you emotionally. How much did you actually have to do with it? All negative actions come from thoughts, dedication to inappropriate belief systems, reactions to upbringing or bad company, from hardships of their own that produce anger or resentment.. The victim of such emotional fallout can only try to keep his/her body and mind as secure as possible, as time tends to either clarify the incident or builds on the rage to produce an emotional state that harbors on revenge. At this point, the victim becomes the criminal.

Harmful incidents will never be forgotten; the memory will remain, but the intent to forgive is the first step to erasing the pain from the mind and heart.

Forgiving is a two-fold action, as this very important spiritual ability works both ways. As one mentally steps back from the hate and resentment, there is a feeling of relief and a crack in the wall of the feelings starts to open to glimmers of peace within. As this progresses, the hurtful memories are put away into the subconscious mind where they are wiped clean of the pain involved. A woman experiences terrible pain at the birth of her baby, but after it is born the innate love for the child wipes away the memory of the pain. Forgiving is the same thing.

Forgiving has to be shared. It cannot be locked up in one's own mind to be enjoyed -- it must be given to the one who hurt you, in one way or another. Whether or not it is understood or accepted makes no difference; this is the responsibility of the other person to feel that energy of love, to do with it as he or she is able to do. If the incident arose from anger or misunderstanding, the forgiving will bring relief to both parties. War injuries are another thing entirely. A wounded soldier cannot take on the forgiveness of an entire nation at war nor the greed for power behind the reasons for that war, and this relates to both sides of such battles. Forgiveness for such a wounded person has to be to humanity for its lack of understanding of the true nature of the beauty of life. This involves acceptance of what is, to be sure, which is not easy, but must be part of the healing process, whatever it must be.

Forgiveness is a very powerful spiritual tool of healing. No matter how deep the hurt, how much the pain, how deep the resentments, if they are allowed to fester and grow, the inner portals of peace and love that are always there are squeezed shut, and life becomes a personal Hell, much worse than the original reason for it. What has happened, happened. That is the past. What is happening now is a choice of what will and can be. What will happen in the future is the outcome of the choices and forgiveness made now. Each new day is an open doorway -- the choice is to pass through that doorway and live life as you were meant to do, or to close the door and live in the darkness of hate and resentment. Your Creator gave you the ability to make the choices and is always there to help with guidance and strength when the going is hard. Place the bad memories in a quiet and peaceful place in the back of your mind, to be healed by your spiritual self and kept as part of your experience and learning in this lifetime. Forgiveness is the ultimate path to a fruitful lifetime. Amen."


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