St. Germain   15-August-2008

through Mike Quinsey

The whole Universe is lifting up and it cannot wait indefinitely for you to prepare yourselves for Ascension. This is why many messages now emphasize the need for as many souls as possible to awaken to their tasks. Some souls will not even contemplate the idea of Ascension, as their psyche does not allow for the changes that must take place within Self. Since you still have your freedom of choice, that is a decision that is accepted by your Higher Self. No one will ever get left behind in any true sense of the meaning, as many, many paths lead back to source.

The changes are affecting all of you, and those with any degree of sensitivity are noticing what is taking place within. The feelings of being disoriented and out of balance are all signs of personal changes, that will only be a passing phase. Soon you will feel rested and energized as your physical body adjusts to the higher vibrations. The old patterns of life are making place for a new approach that is centered upon Self. This is a quite natural development, and the result of your body cells changing to the higher vibrations. With it shall come harmony and a feeling of well being regardless of what is happening around you. It is a gentle process cleansing your body, and clearing out all that is unable to lift up to the levels of vibration that you are entering.

For those who cannot move with the changes, there will come a time when it will no longer be in their interests to remain on the new emerging Earth. Like everything else that is handled in a loving and caring way, they will continue to experience as before but elsewhere on a newly prepared Earth. The continuity of life is always ongoing and progress will take place regardless of choices that are made. God has a great caring and love for every soul, and the Hierarchy carry out God's Plan for this Universe.

It is a difficult concept to understand whilst still in duality, but God is aware of every soul at any given time and knows of their every thought and action. That is in no way an intrusion into your life, as God is pure Love and is in no way in judgement of you. It is a sad reflection of earlier times in your history that the dark forces deliberately mislead you in your understanding of God, and the resultant religious orders are not true reflections of God's place in your lives. You have lived with God's that have been attributed with Man's image, and have fought to establish one over the other. That will change very soon, as it will be seen that orthodox religion cannot exist alongside the Truth. The Masters will return and address Mankind on these subjects, and you will know beyond doubt where to place your faith.

What is required now is an open and receptive mind, so that you can release the old, and not fear the changes. All that is planned is for your upliftment and preparation, so that you can take your place in the Golden Age of beauty and absolute perfection. It will be a unique experience that will bring nothing but joy to your heart, and the full expansion of your consciousness until you become a super-conscious Being of Light. Your creative powers will be so great that you shall have everything you desire, but remember it is your Godself that takes its place in these higher levels. The lower vibrations you now experience will have been replaced, as they can no longer serve you.

Inwardly you know what lies ahead, and the Messengers from the heavenly realms have brought that knowledge to the waking mind. It is why the majority of you can easily and comfortably accept the idea of Ascension. You will still be you, as you understand yourself, but greatly enhanced and fully aware of creation and your immutable link with All That Is. You are One with everything; you are One with God and shall share and partake of the higher consciousness. Your opportunity to claim freedom from duality has arrived, and it cannot be sufficiently stressed as to what a wonderful future lies ahead. It is greater than any dream you have ever had of the higher dimensions, and there is beauty and magic with a kaleidoscope of colors that you have yet to see. Peace and harmony abound everywhere and only the Truth exists.

What are a few more years against the emerging Golden Age, and all it represents. It is a quantum leap of consciousness that will be all encompassing, and your previous lives will fade away as if a dream. It is your experiences and the wisdom gained from them that is important. You worry about your loved ones, but you shall meet them and those of whom you presently have no knowledge, who are your true family and have gone before you. Think upon it my Dear Ones, in reality all souls are your loved ones and you are linked together for Infinity, and some will have had a more personal link with you. You will rejoin your soul mate and also move into a group consciousness that is perfect for your level of vibration. God in his love for you has given you the power to also be as a God, with the ultimate choice of freewill creation yet you shall by that time allow for God's Will.

For some souls the challenge to make ready for Ascension is too much for them to contemplate, and they feel unprepared and unable to move out of the lower dimensions. It is not that they have been denied their chance, as all souls entering duality knew what the closing of that cycle would bring. Also, their many lives would have been guided to prepare them for Ascension, but they have strayed from the path. That is not meant to be a judgment against them, as they have been allowed the same degree of choice as anyone else, but have chosen a longer path to completion. They will gain in the long run, as the experience will present them with wisdom that will carry them far. They are no less than any other soul, and indeed you presently have little if any knowledge of your own path that has led you thus far.

I am St. Germain and can assure you that you are each loved for your real Self, that is a great Being of Infinite Love. You have been shrouded by the darkness that has accompanied your sojourn in the lower vibrations, but now break out like a beautiful Lily emerging from the mud and slime of bygone times. You are becoming your true Self once again, and we who have nurtured you and held your hand in times of sorrow applaud your achievement, as you are truly becoming One with God and all life.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.