The Energies of July and August of 2008

AA Metatron: July 6, 2008

Beloveds of my own heart, I am Metatron,

I stand in the presence of Thoth and Sanat Kumara. Regarding the times we are moving into, as of the 7th of July (7/7/08) which is a great portal of energy, we move into a new Energy Field. These are energies coming from the sun and magnified by the force field of the moon, then re-illuminated to the Earth. Energies of great healing forces, these are the creative force of the Feminine. These energies will continue and accelerate until we reach 8/8/08.

8 is the sign of Eternal Life, the sign of infinity, the symbol of abundance, the symbol for unity. Remember 8/8/8 as a very important Portal Day.

From 8/8, there will be another cycle of acceleration which will last for 4 days. That will bring us to the 12 of August, the third anniversary of, working on awakening one percent of the population of the Earth by Christ Maitreya. This may seem a small number but if one percent of the population of Earth were fully awakened to their own divinity, and acted as such, the Earth would be an entirely different place. We now reach that anniversary. The good news is that we have already achieved that. And we are in the 3rd year of completing that cycle which will continue until 12/12, another very important Portal Day.

Another 4 days of acceleration brings us to August 16th, which is the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence and a Portal Day. In 1987, a plea went out from the human beings of Earth, to the Higher Realms. In this plea, consciously and sub-consciously, humanity asked the realms of the Masters for help. That day is known as the Harmonic convergence. Of course, there was convergence of some planetary bodies that assisted in this process. On the 16th of August we are celebrating the anniversary of that day. Each year since then, the energies of Light have been greater illuminated.

This year the Light illumination would be that of the Seven Lords of Light. They will fully take the responsibility of guardianship and establish their positions on Earth on that day. That is a day for celebration. I request that this channel, Nasrin, will bring to you, from me, a gift of ceremony that I ask all of you to perform. That will become a Special Edition Mid-August Newsletter.

(Note from Nasrin: There will be a live channeling session for everyone, free of charge, to receive this ceremony from Metatron on Friday 8/8/08 at 8:00PM EST (GMT-5). The channeling will be held via a telephone conference call. All of you are welcome to join us. For those unable to call in, the transcripts of the ceremony will be available as a special edition of the newsletter on my website and will be sent to you via email. You can then perform the ceremony at your convenience, on or around, August 16th of 2008. The audio file of this channeling will also be available for download.

From the 16th to the 20th, we move through another 4 day cycle of acceleration to bring us to the 20th of August. All energies come to their zenith at this point. From there, we will start another cycle of 7 days which brings us to the 27th, where we plateau, and another cycle of 2 days where we stabilize. The 27th, 28th and 29th are all portal days. Be aware of them. Then we will go into, what I call maintenance. This means the Earth and Humankind will be able to maintain their vibrational frequency at that Quotient of Light. Every one of the days ahead of us, from the 7th of July on, you will start a higher cycle of Light, vibrating a frequency at a higher Quotient of Light.

(Note: This means that our hard work at raising our Light through the meditational exercise, invocations, ceremony and prayer during this time can get us to a higher Quotient of Light when we reach maintenance. Whatever that highest point is, we will receive assistance from Metatron, to maintain it from then on.)

If you feel out of sorts during this time, please know that this is your service to humankind. If your body feels tired and you want to crawl into bed and sleep, this is the process of burning the dross.

When the greater Light shines upon your bodies of matter, that matter shows resistance. Matter by the nature of its existence carries darkness. Therefore, your bodies of matter have to lighten up. You will lighten up. This is what you will feel at the first 24 hour phase. Once this 24 hr cycle is complete, most likely, you would have reached the quotient of Light necessary to then maintaining the Light. (Note: There is a 24 hr period at the beginning of each cycle.)

The 24 hour cycle is when your resistance to the Light comes up to the surface and is transmuted by the Light. Once this cycle is complete, you will also be ready for the angelic forces of Light, the Masters of Light and your guardian angels to over light you. Over light means the light will shine through you. Imagine a greater being with a body illuminated with bright Light made of Light sitting over you, and allowing your body to be immersed in theirs. Your abilities, your powers, your wisdom and your Light which then begins to expand. The process will be gradual.

The reason that you will feel it in the next 24hrs with much ferocity, velocity, force and intensity is because this is the 24th hour period where increment by increment, iota by iota, your Light will be increased. You will feel the incremental increase according to your ability to absorb and digest that Light.

I hold all of you in my own heart and give you to Sanat Kumara. On behalf of the Divine Mother, Master Thoth, Lord Melchizadek, Ancient of Days and myself, I hold you all in my heart with great joy and celebration.

I Am your very own Metatron.