EARTH: The Volunteer Planet

Received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - August 2008

We the Pleiadians will speak to you of the upgradement of your own energy vehicles. Each and every day you become lighter more stellar and less human. Each and every day the molecular structure of every cell of your body, of every organ, every droplet of blood, shifts in awareness, shifts into transformation and transmutation. You internally are not who you were last week or who you will be next week.

The framework around every cell of your body thins. As these membranes thin, you are able to receive more light, more understanding, and more rays of remembrance from the encoded DNA in your physical being. As these membranes of the cells begin to thin, you will find your physical body reacts very violently on occasion. Your body is not being worked on in its entirety. There are some days that your legs are experiencing vibrational shift, some days the bones are experiencing upgradement, other days the muscles are experiencing an attunement so to speak and then the organs and so forth, even down to your eyelashes, your hairs and to every cell upon your skin.

Now as these organs and particles of your humanness begin to receive more light and more energy you will find that your tolerance for human situations lessens. We speak of your jobs, your friends, traffic. Your tolerance level is growing as thin as the membranes on your cells. When a new road is built, it is dug up, and exposed. Before the new road is finished many seasons may pass over that road. As you are under construction, many parts of your psyche are exposed to irritation and, astral penetrations. You will find yourself being more empathetic, where you pick up the feelings of people as far away as Tokyo. You will find that you can understand what the animals say. You will find yourself speaking to lizards and toads and birds more so than usual and you will find their company better.

The body is a separate entity from you. It is not who you are. It is your partner on this Earth walk. It is alive, it has feeling and it is very, very human. And it is a part of yourself that you sometimes do not like, that you argue with, that you fight with, that you yell at. And as a small child, it cowers away from you many times. It gets you back with heartburn, stomach aches, and various sensations as an angry, small child would get back at a parent.

It is time to learn to be in touch with your human hood. It is true that you are ascending, that you are becoming light vehicles on Earth, but the body comes with you. It is a package deal. If you lose the body, you lose the chance to ascend on this particular planet. So befriend the body, be nice to it. You sometimes treat it as a relative that you hate. It tells you what you need. Learn to become friends with your humanness.

Many of you are angry and have been throughout the years for being in human form. It is the only way that you finish the job here in ascension. It is a onetime deal. It is a first time deal to ascend in a human form on a planet that is physical, that is ascending as well. It has never ever been completed before. And you, all of you Masters of light that sit here, have volunteered with a capital "V" to come forth on this mission - very happy and very excited - and you got here and you forgot. You forgot who you were, where you were going, as a child that is turned in a circle to pin the tail on the donkey. You have pinned the tail on many things in your life and it has not been your mission.

We ask you to get yourself balanced, stop twisting and turning through your life and go full speed ahead. It is right in front of you. It is necessary that you start remembering and stop fighting. Your humanness says we must go to work at this job. The light body says I want this job. You both need to come into a compromise, somehow, someway. Go into discussion, have a powwow with your humanness and make arrangements. You point fingers at all those that fight you and confuse you but you yourself fight and confuse yourself more than anyone else in your lives. You are a contradiction in living form.

We ask you to continue to experience these frequencies that come forth. And when you have filled, we ask you to release them into the heart of Earth. She is your mother and your sister and your friend and your benefactor. without her, you would be nothing. Give to her lovingly. See her seas and her oceans and her rivers cleansed that are her veins. Give to her your hearts and your worries and your sadnesses as you would to a mother. She will hold you, comfort you and she will help you to learn to love away your fears and she will always be here for you. We thank you. We honor you. You are the ones we have reached out to and will continue to reach out to. You are to be commended and applauded and loved. We are you as you are we and we are all one, are we not? We go but we linger within the memory of your cells.