Operation Terra Commentary

by Lyara - October 26, 2008


As I write this, I am at 98% linkup status and intend to share more about what 100% linkup status brings with it when I attain that state. In the three months since the last update, it has been breathtaking to see so much of what has been predicted in the Messages coming to pass in front of my eyes. I temporarily got caught up in the drama surrounding the financial turmoil and the US presidential campaign, but have now found my way back to my center and detachment from the drama. I now experience all of that as occurring in another compartment of reality that has little to do with me. I am also experiencing more of my 4D self and the peace that accompanies that. It truly is a homecoming -- a coming home to myself and the leaving behind of everything that is no longer true for me.

I received a private message from the Hosts on October 21, 2008 and am sharing that as a separate page. What was said to me personally is also applicable to others, which is why I am sharing it with you. The timelines are separating and everything that is not "ours" is falling away from us, and that is mindboggling to register. It really IS happening, after such a long wait where it seemed like nothing would ever happen, and I know many others are also experiencing this, too.

As the Messages have described (e.g. "A Last Look Around," "Shattering Glass"), we are revisiting every period of human history. We are seeing the corruption and self-interest that preceded the Fall of Rome, the conditions that existed during the earliest stages of the rise of Nazi Germany, the conditions that preceded the Great Depression, and the war in Iraq recalls the war in Vietnam. In the rhetoric that has accompanied the US political campaigns, we have been reminded of other times in our US history, such as the McCarthy era, the rebellion of the '60s, the civil rights era, and we are also seeing examples of the racial, ethnic, political, religious and philosophical divisions that keep us from one seeing another as connected with each other. The movement toward a totalitarian global government has become increasingly obvious. The intensity of polarization is increasing. Fear and anger are rising as people become aware that it is no longer "business as usual," just as the Hosts said would occur. We are seeing the beginnings of the kinds of losses described in the Message, "The Time of Sorrows." These losses will multiply, deepen and intensify, and will challenge people again and again as to whether they will choose the path of cooperation or the path of conflict and competition -- the upward spiral or the downward spiral ("The Crossroads"). As all of these things intensify, it is extremely important to remain calm, grounded, and centered and to increase one's trust in the plan for one's life.

I have recently been following the information being retrieved by the Web bot project at halfpasthuman.com. All indications are that the financial situation will continue to worsen, albeit with some temporary lulls, and it is reasonable to expect that things cannot be repaired. My housemate and I have felt to stock up on basic items that may become unavailable over the next six months or so, or if available, at much higher prices due to price inflation. We expect to be on the ground at least that long and are taking prudent steps to "invest" what funds we have in the things we use in everyday life, including food supplements, toilet paper, toothbrushes, and basic clothing needs. (This is the prudence referred to in the private message.)

Real inflation is already running at almost 14%, with some items even higher than that. Inflation is also hidden in decreasing quality and quantity of goods. The same box of cereal that used to be 16 oz. now contains 10 oz. The box of garbage bags that used to have 96 bags now has 80 bags. The flannel sheets that used to be 6.4 oz are now 5 oz. in weight, and chemical treatments are being applied to others to disguise a switch to cheaper types of cotton. We already see shortages in the inventories of stores where we regularly shop; shipping imports are down, largely because of the financial difficulties in many countries of the world, which means that many imports may become unavailable. I do want to emphasize that each person will get to their destination, as chosen for them by their Oversoul, and I feel strongly that each person who is part of Operation Terra will be protected from serious physical harm. I also feel it's important to look at one's own situation and do what feels prudent to do for one's own circumstances. Our teams are working with us, yet we have our part to play in this, too. It's a team effort and we are part of our own team.

We are a very small group of people, with a very special task--to create an energetic pathway to a totally new world, one that has never existed before, so that the rest of humanity may incarnate there from the platform for future incarnations. We are the leading edge of an enormous wave of transformation. Many other teachings exist that speak to audiences that are further back in that wave, and who will follow after us when their time arrives.

Our timeline--the one that is leading to Terra--is paired with the timeline that will lead to Terra's negative-polarity twin, a planet that will house only negative-polarity beings at fourth density. The data from halfpasthuman.com indicates that in the spring of 2009, thousands of people will suddenly disappear into an interdimensional doorway of some kind. Their data shows that the negative-polarity leadership and their bodyguards make up part of this group, and the Hosts have indicated that many of us associated with the first two waves of Operation Terra will also be in that group. There are many people here on the planet who are not heading directly to Terra, but will be returning to their home in the stars, and I am assuming that at least some of them will also be included in that particular event in 2009.

Other timelines also exist ("Many Worlds, Many Destinations"). They lead to other, mutually exclusive third density worlds, which will be perceived by their occupants as a continuation of the present planet. At least one of these future planets will express as a utopian high-tech, high touch civilization, along the lines envisioned by John Naisbett and portrayed by artists in the Venus Project. Another of these future planets will be largely agrarian, similar to the way things were before the Industrial Revolution, and many of those who are being drawn to create self-sustaining communities that live entirely "off the grid" will probably continue on in that world. In yet another of these future worlds, the people who remain after massive depopulation will live totally underground for hundreds of years because the surface of the planet will not support or allow life, due to radioactivity and pollution. There are already numerous underground cities built for that purpose.

Just from these three examples, it can be seen that they are really three different worlds altogether, and from the data that was compiled by Helen Wambaugh, Chet Snow, and Leo Sprinkle, they and three others each arise from approximately 5% of this present planetary population. Those who are heading directly to Terra comprise less than 1/10 of 1% of the present planetary population. The timelines leading to all of these future worlds are now beginning to differentiate from each other and in the coming transformational period, many will disappear for one another's view and be unaware of each other as continuing to exist on other timelines. The data also suggests that a very large number of people will pass out of their bodies altogether and remain in pure spirit form for hundreds of years, while waiting for an incarnational opportunity to occur on one of these future worlds. Terra is one of the worlds that will provide incarnational opportunities for those who pass out of their bodies during these times.

The times we have been made for and have waited for are here. I want to re-emphasize the Operation Terra perspective, which is perhaps one of the hardest things to accept: There is nothing to stop and nothing to fix. All of this was written to occur before the Earth was formed, and outside of time it has already occurred and is complete. The financial system will eventually implode and all currencies will eventually fail. This cannot be avoided and it cannot be fixed, regardless of who is elected. As I have had to learn in order to discuss these times intelligently on the radio shows, there are more than $1 quadrillion of worthless derivatives, such as credit default swaps, in the various accounts of the global financial system. That amount of debt is more than 16 times the total value of the global GDP (gross domestic product) and obviously can't be paid.

This situation of leveraging debt against real assets -- in ratios as high as 30 or 60 to 1 -- is inherent in our present economic system, which is based on fractional reserve banking and the creation of massive amounts of debt. It cannot be solved by printing or borrowing more money. That only postpones the "day of reckoning" and increases the pain when it all comes down. This can't be fixed and it's not supposed to be. This is what it looks like when a world comes to an end, by divine design. The late Terence McKenna used a computer model called TimeWave Zero. It shows that we are approaching the "end of novelty," which is another way of saying that all of the possibilities for exploration within THIS Creation are becoming exhausted. The Hosts have said this, too.

Again, the end of all of this was written when all of this first came into being. There is no changing that, and the best use of our time or energy is in the creation of inner peace and doing what we can to support the clearing of our cellular memory. Every thoughtform that has been absorbed by the planet is now being flushed to the surface through the planet's own rise in frequency. All of the emotions that are pouring forth now are simply the outpicturing of those thoughtforms. They are being cleansed from the planet and they are being cleansed from within us, too. Our tasks as individuals is to process whatever feelings and emotions arise within us, to face down our fears, and remain calm, grounded, and centered. The recommended essential oil blends are a great way to ease this process and support it.

It is important to keep one ear turned inward--to respect one's intuitive knowing--and to follow that inner guidance consistently and continually. If something feels "off," trust that feeling and don't go in that direction. If something feels "right," trust that, and remain open to change your direction if new information becomes available that requires a change in plans. Other than stocking up on the kinds of things that one might need in a protracted major emergency or Earth change event, there is little that one can do to prepare for what is coming other than to strengthen one's connection with Source. As the Hosts have said, unless one knows what to prepare for, it is difficult to prepare properly.

The Hosts have given us a road map. Now it is time to apply the principles they have given us, surrender resistance to what we see happening around us, and seek the calm of deep ocean. The unraveling of society has begun and will continue to increase in both intensity and speed. Unusual weather will increase, Earth changes will increase, and nothing will ever be the same again. However, there is also a new dawn coming, and these birth pangs precede the birth that will bring the ultimate joy, no matter what path one travels in getting there. Try to remember that as things worsen and intensify.

I will issue another update as soon as there is significant information to report. For now, it is clear we are involved in a process that will transform the entire planet's social and financial structures and much more. Nothing of this magnitude has ever occurred before, in part because there were never this many people before and they were never so tightly interconnected across the globe, so the impact will be much greater. This is not just a localized occurrence. However painful and difficult these coming months may be, consider the alternative: a long and protracted dying-off of all forms of life, particularly humans. 90% of the commercial fisheries have already been depleted (ironically at a time that we are being told to eat more fish and take fish oil capsules for their omega-3 content!). Half of the known mammalian species are either extinct or nearly so, and the ecological destruction continues unabated. Humankind as a species has not been a good steward, and human reproduction issues are still not being dealt with except in China. This is simply not sustainable any longer. Without these disruptions in the social and financial fabric, the die-off and destruction would be even more horrific and life would be even more difficult for those who remained.

The Messages have indicated that all of this was coming and serves a higher purpose. Everything that was hidden is being revealed, and everyone and everything is going to their "right place." The Messages also emphasize that there is no enemy anywhere--that everyone and everything is the Creator-in-expression, so if you find yourself getting emotionally caught up in the finger-pointing, anger, fear, and blame that are so prevalent these days, detach from the drama, pull back to an emotionally neutral space and simply observe it all play out. None of this is within our control anyway.

All of the things that we have been waiting for are now in motion. All we can be responsible for is our own response to what shows up. The Hosts have told us we have two choices during these kinds of times: we can choose the upward spiral or the downward spiral. We must do the inner work to transform ourselves right where we are, and that is the path to inner peace. We have help at all times, but we must still carry out our part of the equation. We are never alone, and if we think we are, that is a good time to strengthen our sense of connection with Source. We can also find others of like mind and help one another that way. Much more to follow, I am sure!

Love and blessings,

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