Pleiadian Message for November

by James Gilliland - November18, 2008

There have been many channels, messengers etc. delivering messages from the Pleiades. All messages have to come through the mind on Earth and will be distorted by fears, hidden agendas, and the inability to express the message in its entirety due to the messenger not having mastered loving detachment. As in all messages from the spirit realms or higher dimensions it is up to the individual to use discernment and honor their own inner sensitivity to decide what is right for them.

There are a few misunderstandings as to our nature and our intentions. We are not reptilian shape shifters, we do not need anything from Earth. We have transcended war, disease, and material need. We have been referred to in the Bible as the sweet energies of the Pleiades, also God's other angels and the greater family of man by some of your religious leaders. We were responsible for the last to major civilizations you call Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria one of which went astray. You civilization is the remnants of these once great civilizations which had to start over as primitives due to major cataclysms. These cataclysms were brought about by self serving souls and their misuse of power and technology which fell into the false belief of separation. You are again repeating this cycle. There are also cataclysms which are part of a natural cycle appearing on your horizon.

We have evolved to the level of pure service and serve the Creator in all Creation. Humanity on Earth is in dire need of assistance in its birthing process into a new time, a new dimension, a new way of life and living. This must be done under universal law and not trespass on the divine right to self determination and free will. There is a most ancient saying God helps those who help themselves. When you have chosen to evolve spiritually and live in harmony with each other individually and collectively we can assist in this process. The Earth and most of its inhabitants have chosen the upward spiral on a soul level which will culminate in joining the rest of the universe in peace. There are still those who are resisting this natural evolution thus there will be social, economic and physical Earth changes in order for them to experience as an eternal soul the futility of their own resistance. We are not here to we are only here to assist those who choose the upward spiral of evolution. Love is the ultimate power, love heals and the higher frequencies of love will accelerate the action/reaction principle and uncover all that is hidden. These waves of higher consciousness and energies often align with natural cycles and we use these cycles to amp up our own energies in the vibrational lifting or the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth.

In order for Earth and this solar system to make it through a new place in the universe which holds a greater light, a higher consciousness and energy the Earth and all its inhabitants must rise to the occasion. There will be many adjustments during this process which is already underway and the severity of these changes can be lessened through divine intervention. Continuing on a path of selfishness, separation, war and the poisoning and destruction of the environment is not a way of earning this divine intervention. Individually and collectively this civilization and its leadership must rise to the occasion and choose to live in harmony with each other and the environment. Necessary steps to assist in the divine intervention process.

Your scientists know of the Earth's entry into this highly charged area of space as well as the dark rift or Galactic Plane yet they do not know of the effects for there is no written history other than what is in stone and buried deep within the Earth. There are cosmic cycles where great change comes to the Earth, a great opportunity yet with this opportunity comes great challenges. The God within you can rise to these challenges or the ego can shrink in fear and become a victim. The subservient victim as a role model was never the message of any saint, sage or master. It is the role model of those who want to keep you in subservience. In the days to come the true messages of the masters, saints and sages will come forward. When they speak of your divinity, the temple residing within and spark of the Creator within each individual waiting to be ignited into the full flame. When they speak of becoming one with the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverses they are correct. That spark is about to be ignited despite the tyrants and those who wish to keep you subservient and in darkness. The process will be exponential in nature and many have already been activated.

We are fast approaching a quantum leap in evolution. You will see this as the old guard and their kingdoms begin to crumble. They are not aligned with service to others and fall into the highest state of self service, separation and self aggrandizement. They lack the proper alignment to make it in the days to come. This November was the pivotal point, the grand shift which turned the tide and also turned power over to those who are service oriented as above so below. The consortium of masters, saints, sages, spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, ultradimensionals etc. have decided to take an active part in this process whereas in the past it was a hands off non interference policy. They will be working in unseen ways in the beginning culminating in a grand reunion when the consciousness and energy is right. Nothing can stand in the way of this grand cycle and the grand entities which are assisting in this process. There is only one option for those who desire to continue their experience on Earth and that is to align with the awakening and healing process, shift into service knowing the ultimate power in the universe is Love and love serves. Those who cannot move up into the 4th seal which is love will find themselves in dire straits in the days to come for the collective will see the emperor has no clothes. Do not participate in any actions which are not in the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth. Live in harmony with each other and the environment and listen to the God within as to what to do and where to be. This will see you through tomorrow. In service to the Creator within all Creation. Blaji

Transmitted to James Gilliland
Permission to send this far and wide granted.