Jophiel Message - October 21, 2008

Translated from French

I am Jophiel, Archangel of Light golden and knowledge. Greetings to you, human souls. As you know, my meetings this year on Earth have been defined as years of confrontation and decisions, years of revelation, when all things and hidden workings are revealed. I have defined this year in a number of steps called "works". You are in the latter part of the red work . It began Aug. 15 and will end on December 21 and is marked by the emergence of decisions by the American people.

The work will start in white at the winter solstice December 21 and will have an influence and impact on the European people. I had announced during my last visit here, that you will go very soon to what was foretold in earlier times and extensively described in your various traditions and your different prophets. These are true stories of struggles made in the Upanishads [early Hindu scriptures that constitute the core teachings of Vedanta] through the epic Indian battles.

This time was described perfectly by one of your prophets called Daniel, and later in the New Testament, especially the Apocalypse of John the Book of Revelations. This period was started during the first days of October, not by the will of men, not by the will of the dark but by the will of divine work through the celestial workers. This period therefore spreads over 1260 days 3 1/2 years during which all of the work must be accomplished.

In a very short time you will see in the sky bright light phenomena. This phenomena is caused by energies from a bright sun. This is a warning. Do not confuse these light signs from the sun with events desired by men who know and who hope to generate these phenomena in order to make you fearful. Stay focused. Stay aligned.

What has been experienced, as I have said since August 15 is the total collapse and irreversible and irreparable decline of your financial systems and the economic and social development in planet, and is a prerequisite to the return of the Light to you, if that is your choice, or of living in the dark if this is your choice. You are now in a time where the opportunity for receiving Light and Love has never before been present since the incarnation of what you called the Christ.

From August 15 until December 21 are solemn moments, moments of truth, moments of revelation where you can assert and prove your deity if you wish, if you desire. The luminous phenomena that will appear in the sky is the announcement of the archangelic forces working in full in your sky and in your inner being to work for the revelation of the Light. Nobody can ignore what it is, what it means, what it leads to; and what you'll have to confirm, allow, maintain and demonstrate.

Do not live in the noise and chaos of the world. These noises are only the gestures of archaic dark forces opposed to the establishment of the Light and do not deserve an ounce of your attention. Only your willingness to look at your inner being, only your desire to let your inner light settle, will you be able to divert your consciousness from these gestures.

I announced at the beginning of this year and from August 15 and onward, the ability as humanity for each soul to incarnate, to have a live meeting with what I called the guardian angel who is your counterpart in the light of other dimensions with which you have established connections and relationships. Nothing should distract from your knowledge of your deity, your certain heritage of Light, your certainty of a parentage of Love.

As I said before and I say tonight, you are beings of light, you are divine beings who have at one time given up your deity to test the principle of incarnation. This principle of the Incarnation experiment separated you from an understanding of your eternity and your own light. With the luminous phenomena in the sky just remember your oath to never forget the light that you are.

The light comes at you so you must combine with the Light. Your freedom is total. You have been created free, you have freely accepted that because you are divine beings, beings of authority and creators. The 3D creature has become extinct in you, it is time to experience and remember what you were. The experiment may end, if you wish, it is your choice.

The reign of love, the reign of harmony can arrive and remain, if you wish. At one point, it will be necessary, and to illustrate it with your words of the Gospels, do as the apostles when Christ [Esu] told them individually: "Come, abandon everything and follow me. Let the dead bury the dead. " Will you give up the 3D experience or will you abandon the Light and stay in darkness?

There will be no judgments, your choice will be fully respected . What you go through now is enterred into world history. Esu said "No one can enter the kingdom of heaven unless he is born again". In the period of purpose and renewal you must accept to die in the current experiment and travel to the light. This is not a fight, it is not resistance but an an acknowledgment to break with the 3D illusion and return to eternal light.

This is the moment of decision. These are solemn words because the time is solemn. These words are accurate because they are divine words. The actions that humans reflect are the degree of opposition to what comes. Do not fight but grow. You are asked to allow the Source of Divinity to flow into your heart in the middle of your chest, if that is your choice, and I repeat any respectable choice is before the LORD.

You will not allow the Light of ascension to enter anything except to yourself, your inner dimension and your understanding of your Godhead. You are together, you are united and helped. Archangelic energies, Christ like energies, the energies of the Holy Spirit (the energies of the female polarity of God, if you prefer) will flood your mind so that never again can you say that you did not know.

The luminous light energies will, for most of you be individually received in the form of dreams and visions, in the form of words, in the form of impressions and is self-evident, in a few days before the bright energies phenomena . It is not for me to explain the purpose of these luminous phenomena. You must accept them and feel the light of love in your inner being during this period.

Say yes to welcome what I would call the "fire of the heart", a breath of eternity, a reminder of the oath you made before incarnation, for the revelation of the Splendor of Light is now under way. It is not for me, once again, to tell you what to do. Your heart will tell you, if you listen.

Just remember that these luminous phenomena come from the bright sky and from the sun in its acceptance of the Incarnation of the Logos and Christ principle. They come to you to announce to you and to be informed of your ascension. Stay in Peace, be blessed in your humanity. Receive my Peace and Love, receive the Angelic light.

Comments: This is a translation using available tools and hopefully is correct. It appears that Archangel Jophiel is saying that ascension will start around Dec 21 of this year and will last for 3 1/2 years. Your angel will meet with you in dreams and visions, and a choice must be made on your future.

This will be a time of decision to ascend and leave behind those who wish to remain in a 3D world and focus on the future in a world of light and love in 5D, or to stay in 3D to continue your education until you have learned the love and compassion needed to go to the next level of spirituality.