Moving from 3D Business to 5D Business

by Carolyn Thompson - December 11, 2008


As we all transition to a better way to do business, we need to learn to do it differently. For in each dimensional layer, physics operates differently.

Third Dimension

In the old 3D model we planned, and pushed and promoted, knowing that we needed lead time to seed our business. Things manifest slower in 3D for frequencies by which cells and atoms vibrate at require a slower pace. There is room for pauses, and re-examining goals and changing courses in 3D. And with each creation there is an equal and opposite reaction as physics explains in it mechanical model. We look at each piece and place it within our plans with time to check if we think it will work. Then as the business manifests and we have time to look again and refine it. Earthians have been doing business like this for, how many years?

Fourth Dimension

Then as Earth moved in to 4D back in 1998, this new arena threw many off course. Now business needed more "soul", so to speak, and people had to "connect" more with clients. This brought on a whole new approach to advertising, and there were many off-colored, down-right silly and comical advertisements made just to get attention. For the astral, 4th dimension is all of the polarity with a twist of oppositional. So if you were selling a very expensive car, you found you did not sell many by pitching its exclusive buff-ness, you sold it more because others could not have it, because it would look nice with your dress, or that it was made by trees in the commercial. In later years reflection back, people will wonder how we sold anything at all during Earth's transition through 4th dimension. Yet it was with the spice of the side-ways, unusual, and outrageous.

Those not centered within their spiritual cores also found they were doing very unethical behaviors, buying stocks on margins, or buying home too large and too expensive for their salary, and the whole time period supported this strange mix of polarity extremes!

We saw how unethical politics were, and prodded them on to be even more unethical, more business as usual, i.e. corrupt! This is still going on with our government trying to resuscitate bad business. Bailouts are a band aid without healing ointment, and we will see that they do not work, although in 4D physics it "appears" to be a possible answer.

4th dimension is a mixed bag, and it contains all the good, bad and ugly we ever thought, did, or created. In it is where all our best creations and mis-creations reside. To the degree you evolve in consciousness is the degree of astral contributions you can make until you move totally out of 4D to 5D. Some have said there are many densities within each dimension, and for conversations sake, perhaps there are.

The lower densities of 4D are attributed to minor hells. This is where some say purgatory is, or a place where people repeat over and over again their detached-from-source identities in forms that hurt or are painful. It is where consciousness is for murder, incest, rape, stealing, lying, greed, hate, cheating, animosity, manipulation, control and so many emotional and mental constructs that keep humans in "hell" on earth. If a person dies suddenly while living life in these 4D abstracts, then their souls just stays in this lower level of 4D and it is a repeating scenario of their personal hell... which is what the disconnection created when you believe you are not one with Creator, and that you are not Divine.

Less than Divine

I have done a lot of shamanistic work in the 4th dimension with people and places, and it is a very unusual place. The underworld some call it. The reference of "under" should give someone the real idea that it is a less than Divine construct. It was created as we descended further from the understanding that we are Divine, already. It was constructed when religions told us we were bad and sinners, and constructed when we enjoyed hurting others. We created it and we are deconstructing it for the new 5D Earth experience. Those wanting more 4D earth experiences are going to transition off this planet to another designed for this very experience.

Due to the evolution of consciousness, I can sense that 4D will not be very crowded! More people have said within their sacred vessel, the heart and body, ENOUGH!!

Yet creating within the 4D has caused our economic and social systems to bust, break down, and expose real problems, scammers, and charlatans all over the Earth. 4D gave a freedom to create mis-formed unethical creations that we now have to purge out for they are hurting us all. It was like an exaggeration point that needed to be expressed so we can move on to what is truly pleasurable for all.

Blindsided Blame

Look at our wanting something for nothing, a 4D construct, and how Americans wanted more-cheaper. So we employed the Chinese peopel to make more-cheaper. We asked them to produce toys and all kinds of material objects that would have cost more to make in America. In our asking, we helped them to rise out of a certain low level of living conditions to more prosperous ones, and yet it lowered our own for not asking/accepting some minimal standards, and now that in itself is back-lashing China. We are all connected! We are one world!

These Chinese would have met our standards if we had asked, but in lower 4D consciousness, cheating is acceptable and thus we cheated, and by doing so we hurt children as well as pets, and all others in between. These are examples of creating in 4D. Americans now point the finger at China like they had evil intentions when it was really Americans creating in the lower 4D consciousness. This is a perfect example of 4th dimensional consciousness creations!

Study China's history, and you will understand that they held 5D consciousness for much longer of any Earthian civilization. They held Honor above all. Honor was the soul of a person. If you did not act in honor, then you were held responsible. And not only responsible for yourself but for all you were in social contact for. Ancient China understood that we were all in this together. Present day Chinese politics has changed some of that, but not enough to have imposed harm upon other cultures, as American blame. It was Americans oversight. Americans have the scientific studies enough to assist these oversights, but did not choose to exercise them. Americans accepted lower 4D ethics or lack of them.

Fifth Dimension

5D is about honor and ethics. It is about doing what is right for no profit but for that it is right and honorable. It is a joyful enterprise that benefits more than envisioned for it is solid, good and in service to others. It is a well thought out agenda, and plan, for humans now possess a fuller understanding of consequences. There is more Heart felt actions driving business and creations. The outcome of each business is prosperity when it aligns with honor and ethics.

Earth moved in to the early stages (or densities) of 5D in 2001; cresting the frequencies and moving towards having more of Earth to reflect that back to us. By 2003, humans began to assimilate this shift and started to acknowledge that something is different, freer, and more pleasant. By 2006 humans were beginning to create with this new frequency. Many claimed it is now here and yet it really was here for a time. Humans needed time to assimilate the frequencies and to move with them.

We are made from the matter of Earth, and the cells we create as a new born are those pulled in from the very location we are conceived. As our souls gathers for its physical birth, it builds the body from matter, atoms and energy from Earth. So we borrow from Earth and then when we transition/die we give it back to the Earth. The Earth moves to higher frequencies, so we must too move to higher frequencies... for we are also Earth.

Stagnant Souls

Yet so many wonderful souls are stuck in the 4D traps. They want to create, they are inspired by very new and "out-side-the-academia-box" ideas and platforms, but they cannot move on them. They are lacking the very ingredient that 5D is, and that is JOY. They want to move forward without finding the natural Joy within them. They cannot. They are stagnant. It is only when they embrace joy in part or in fullness, their world will reflect that back to them. Their ideas will begin to move and create.

When a Lightworker moves through their Dark Night of the Soul, it can be one of the hardest passages ever experienced by that soul. (Thus the name!) It can come through deep deprivation of all they know, through self identification with things, situations or social standards. One can loose all money, friends, family, health, social placement, etc. through their own soul's path and still not "get the message" of how unreal all that material reality is in the first place.

Self Love is one of the hardest challenges on Earth to accomplish and obtaining a balanced view of self is extremely challenging. It can go either way! Where is the center point, the zero point, Self Love?

Self Love is the outcome of a true transition through the Dark Night of the Soul. Do not stop at the poor me point. Do not halt at the angry it happened to me stage. Do not feel someone will come to rescue you, for this is about your Divinity. Your own Higher Self is orchestrating this so you will know you are not about things, social status, or about by-passing your integrity. This is about reclaiming what is always yours to behold. And until you do, you will not pass in to 5D.

Innate Divinity

5D consciousness is all about claiming FULLY your Divinity. It is about living in Joy even if you are poor and tired. It is about being joy filled and pouring that upon others. When you get to the place where no thing makes you joyful, you just are very joyful, then everything comes to you. What you desire come, and comes fast. There is no waiting, no pushing or planning. You think about it, get excited and it comes. As it has been said, it is a peace that passes all understanding. It is a quiet joy. It is a simple peace under all circumstances.

Creating 5D Business

You need to contemplate about your new business's basic goals and its ethics. For if you think cheating ways will work, than you will experience cheaters until you get tired of them. When you do not pay for services, others will not pay you. Old ways do not work that way in 5D Earth. You must live ethically and within the integrity of your heart.

The physics of 5D consciousness is about ethics and responsibility. When you create something it must be ethical, otherwise you will receive the lesser version. If you want others to be paying you, then you must pay others for their services to the fullest even if you are judgmental. Each choice you make in 5D is amplified 1000 fold over a 3D consciousness choice and amplified 500 fold over a 4D consciousness choice. Choosing to cheat while Earth is residing in 5D will snowball you with cheating from every direction.

So businesses in 5D must be impeccable, ethical and reflect to the tiny details, the best outcomes that you desire. If you wish people to heal, you must be joyful and love yourself fully. Anything less than that and you will get beat up by the responses. You will recede into desperation of you think greed (working only to get money) or that cheating will get you the proper results of your business creation. Joy is the free advertising. Joy is the beacon. Joy coming out from within you is all you need for success. Joy will keep you supplied with all that you need.

World Movements

At the close of 2008, we find our world purging many old systems, people, and programs that no longer work right within the new 5th dimensional vibrations. That is a good thing, although very confusing. For transiting through the most chaotic dimension, 4D, we suddenly have to drop any unethical behaviour, or serious deviations we may have implemented in 4D energies when we move to 5D manifestations.

5D does not hold any 4D physics. It cannot. It is a construct of Divinity, of Love and of Light in a way that you know without a doubt if you are in or out of alignment with it.


So create your new business with the integrity of your very heart and soul. Do it with the highest of ethics, and expect miracles. If your business is just about making a lot of money, then you may not get far these days, for 5D is not about money. Money is a 3D construct for trade agreements and that is all.

What is the function of your business? Does it add to humanity? Does it serve others? Is it Joyful? Do people feel good because of it? Do you feel good because you are doing it?

It is a huge shift from the swill we have been operating in. Personally I am still working with shifting my own internal programs to accommodate it. When I am in alignment, the river of manifestation moves so swiftly! Think, it is done; think it is done... Wild!

We are not really used to this huge of a difference! Let go of doubt and grab hold of Joy, imagination, excitement and the friends to make it happen! We are headed in to a very new way of doing everything, and I know once we understand that it is very different, we can let go and create beyond our highest expectations!!

- Carolyn Thompson -

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