2009 Predictions

Archangel Uriel via Jennifer Hoffman

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2008 was a year of completion, endings and closure. It was a time for us to review everything in our life that was not working for us, meaning that was not bringing us joy, peace and abundance, and choosing transformation instead of resentment, fear, despair and hopelessness. If this was a difficult year it was because many of these issues came up at the same time. This was not a punishment from the Universe, but a clarion call for us to prepare, clear, heal and release to move into new dimensions of being. We have said that this is what we wanted, we have asked for release from our karma and the blocks to our abundance, and that is what we received.

With 2009, we have arrived. This is a year of 11 vibration, which has not occurred since 1901 and 1910. Everyone is at a point in their evolution where they have to choose the path they wish to take. For some this will be an easy choice, one that they are prepared for and know what they wish to do. For others, more healing work is necessary and they will be experiencing the results of their life choices in ways that may seem more challenging or difficult than ever before. They will be going through what many of us have gone through for the past ten or more years, but in a condensed way because the old vibrations are being moved out to make way for the higher vibrations.

Anyone who is holding dense, third dimensional energy is going to feel pressure to release this energy and adopt a higher vibration. The new vibrations do not replace the old without our consent, moving into higher vibrations is a choice that everyone must make. The universe will provide many opportunities for those who have not yet made this choice to do so.

Energetic Portals

The mass infusion of energies we experienced in 2007 and 2008 will be replaced with more focused, concentrated energies. We will experience four new portals in 2009:

February is the portal of aligning with truth. This portal was created in December this month and it will continue to expand through February 2009. Anything that does not resonate with the truth will be revealed on all levels. This is a portal of integrity, of being aligned with spiritual truth. Anyone who has not done their healing and clearing work will have opportunities to do so. You may feel this shift as a strong sense of betrayal or loss, but that is because those aspects of your material truth are being released.

June is the portal of power, where you will understand the difference between material and spiritual power. The world experience lessons in power, how power is used and what it is used to create. You may feel more powerful in this time as you recognize your gifts and have opportunities to use them. Others will experience this as a loss of power as they learn to align with their true source of inner power and any external power sources will be removed. They will have an opportunity to experience this portal through fear or through love.

October is the portal of serenity, where you will experience a peace such as you have not known before. This peace is available to everyone who can connect to it. With each of these portals you will notice greater distinctions between the vibrations and light that people carry. The world may appear to be in chaos but you will be in peace. Stay within your center, your connection to Source and your light.

December is the portal of preparation for the vibrations of 2010 and for a new clearing cycle. This may include earth changes which do not need to manifest in destructive ways. Parts of the earth have agreed to receive those who need additional healing work, there will be a noticeable separation between those who have completed their work and those who have additional work to do.

Earth Changes

The earth mirrors the vibrations of its human family. Many areas of the earth will begin to change, new plants and animals will be discovered in areas where they have not appeared before. Any area that needs clearing will be cleared at this time, including more fires and floods. This is a purging process that is clearing old energies. These changes will also include the energies of people who live there. Those whose energies are not in alignment with those of an area will move of their own accord. They will be directed to areas where they will have access to energies that allow them to complete their healing work. Any Lightworker who has been in a place where they have been holding energy will be directed to a new area that is more aligned with their vibration.

New Partnerships

The new energies of 2009 also create new partnerships opportunities for we will be aligning with partners whose energies match ours. We can choose to enter partnerships for healing but we do not have to. There is a new partnership paradigm being created, one that is a blending of energies to create a true sharing and soul level commitment to unconditional love and joy. The old paradigm of karmic driven relationships is still available but we do not have to choose it. Lightworkers will find partners who mirror their vibration and can choose to allow others to heal their soul mates from previous lifetimes. The kindred spirit is the new paradigm for relationships and with kindred spirits there is no karma, no healing required.

A Year of Miracles

2009 is the year of the miracle vibration, an opportunity to be aligned with Divine Truth, to be aligned with your new soul purpose, which is beyond healing and growth. Each of us has an opportunity to be in a new vibration, to live in joy, peace and unconditional love. Everyone has this opportunity and it will be presented in different ways to them. This is a year of instant manifestation with the conscious use of our power. It is the end of a lifetime cycle for many lightworkers and the beginning of  a new one that is centered in power, not healing, in forward movement, not holding energy for others, and in peace.

Peace on earth

There can be peace on earth and this year will provide many examples for the family of humanity to choose peace. It may seem that there are more wars and chaos but they are opportunities for humanity to come together and to choose peace. Those who promote war will find no support for their efforts as soldiers lay down their arms in peaceful protest against fear, domination, aggression and fighting.

The End of Time

This year it will seem that time moves faster than ever because the third dimension, where linear time exists, is losing density and blending with higher vibrations, where linear time does not exist. We will understand that time is a continuum, each moment is a blend of the past, present and future and that the past exists as an energy that we can choose whether or not to connect to. Being in the flow of Universal energy is the new definition of time. When you are out of the flow it will feel like time drags; when you are in the flow you will have the feeling of being outside of time, because you are.

The Year of the Light Beacon

Much will be happening in 2009 and each month will bring new opportunities for healing to the world. There will be more interest in spiritual matters as people seek answers and solutions to their confusion and distress as their ties to the material world are dissolved. It will be the year of the Lightworker, except that will change because we are now Light beacons—our work of healing others, of carrying the light for them and the planet, is finished. Now we merely have to shine our light from a position of joy, abundance and love, and allow others to find it.

Happy 2009, many blessings to each of you for an abundant, joyful, miraculous year.

Many blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman and Archangel Uriel

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