Message from the Masters

Masters via Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
June 2, 2008, Nov 30, 2008 and Feb 2, 2009


More on the Inter-Dimensional Triangulations and Coming Change in 2009

Message from the Masters - Excerpt

Dr. Meg - June 2, 2008

We are Attuned by the Infinite through Dimensional Changes
Triangulations, Sacred Geometrics and Resulting Shifts Within Us

Anshallah! Antui! Asi, Asi, Asi!

Greetings to each of you from the light, within the light and with the light. The light is truth.

A great event comes to you this week. We reiterate with an explanation and will then elaborate:

It is that you have entered into reconstruction of your reality. The very fabric of which you are created is being rewoven. That which has been the harmonic arrangement which creates harmonic resonance of you and all other things is being rewritten as a symphony of changes.

The relationships of your particulates begins to occur in the week preceding June sixth in such a way that the arrangement of particulates will become of a vacuum effect which is caused by coming triangulations of astrological bodies. The triangulations begin on the outer edge of the constellation Lira and reach across the dimensions for triangulation with Indiron B and Lechtalli, two distant stars in a universe just parallel to your third dimension.

Triangulations will continue for nearly 18 months. Each new triangulation will have rotated in sums of degrees which are all divisible by fifteen. This is because the natural pattern of dimensional angulation is on fifteen degree angulations or angulations divisible by fifteen degrees. Knowing this, and realizing that inter-dimensional pathways are always on angulations divisible by fifteen degrees, brings the realization that reconstruction of the very harmonics of which you are made is in occurrence.

Your particulates, except when excited, are generally aligned by increments of thirds. As the series of 7 alignments, and the transition of one angulation to another occurs, your particulates, the very particles of which you are created, will respond. They will realign into other mathematical patterns. Because of this, you may experience unconscious agitation, the feeling that something huge is about to happen. You may feel that you are having difficulty being grounded and even at times disassociated with your everyday world. This series of events is literally a dimensional shift, for as influences reach you and your reality both you and your reality will be pulled upward in a vacuum effect, such as an extreme tide pull only reaching across all realities.

As the pulling begins, there may be moments of lacking focus or clarity. We tell you that you need not understand what is happening just know that it is. You may find the sensation that your feet are not on the ground, that you feel as if you are free floating and not connected to your body or your earth. Use this to expand your awareness of realities beyond the mundane. Breathe deeply and intentionally, allowing yourselves to be cleansed of the old, welcoming the new. Your breath is more than that which sustains life. It is a natural cleansing, regenerative, nurturing, and healing.

It is now that the triangulations begin. That which is the spiraling effect of interdimensional alignments. Those which have not occurred for many hundreds of thousands of years. Your internal being is about to be rocked. The very creation of you is beginning its rebooting, rewiring, rearrangement of ordering in such a way that you will become more sensitive to the changes and to your internal and external environments.

The procession of triangulations will occur in a spiral format. The first triangulation will occur on June 6th. Then, the second on July 12th. The next, on September 9th. Another on November 19th. January 11th is the next and February 15th the next. March 17th, April 4th and June 11th are the last ordering of triangulation. Mark these dates and utilize them to maintain a sense of reality as your world on the interior and the exterior begin to shift and change.

It is no mistake that there are eight events to this set of triangulations. The triangulations are symbolic of the true trinity. You, the infinite and the combination of you and the infinite. The eight events are significant in they relate to the infinite as an unending effect on all creation. The eight being not only the sign of infinity but a full spectrum of harmonics, a harmonic octave. Since you are created of harmonics as energy as light in form, you can't help but to respond on some level to every expression or change of energy. You as a harmonic being are going to be finding yourselves feeling much different inside. These new feelings may seem to be intense to you. We say to you that you are not malfunctioning, simply differently charged. This is not a bad thing. It is a normal response of you to the triangulations and all that they bring.

The next eighteen months will be intensive with energy changes as the triangulations come into alignment with you and each other. As each is angulated by 45 degrees from the last triangulation, an entirely full three hundred and sixty degree set of angulations will occur. With each angulation is a difference of energetic frequencies which are of new and foreign sensations for you. And yet, you will feel your inner beings respond completely to your core. If you are one whose gifts begin to blossom during this time, do not become a victim of your gifts, fearing them, feelings as if you must now save the world. Instead, celebrate your new found awareness in such a way as to know that you are an unfolding, an integral part of that which is One and fully infinite. Know that you are without a doubt stripped of your mortality as it has always been a perception and not a reality.

Beyond your physical experiences are infinite others that are unlimited in perspective and participation. The essence of you is free amongst Creation. Only your human perspectives slow your powers of observation due to your perceived need to think and to understand. You must know that beyond understanding is fullness of knowing. Every particle of your being knows what you do not choose to believe. That you are in infinite child of creation, imperfect only by your beliefs and perceptions.

* * * * * * *

Message from the Masters - Excerpt

Dr. Meg - November 30, 2008

Antui, Anshallah! Asi, Asi, Asi!

Greetings from the light, within the light and with the light!

It is that each of you have been moving through great change with the advent of the inter-dimensional triangulations that proceed, each with specific effects upon not only your very beingness but your perceptions and life experiences.

As we have spoken previously, the triangulations which are in occurrence are recreating your actual form and harmonic relations amongst all Creation. The mathematic spacing of your very particulates with each triangulation is being adjusted in response to the galactic changes and progressions that continue in the alignment of your solar system with its galactic center in the year 2012.

It is that the light particles within you are responding to their source profoundly. Those light particles within you are reaching toward their source in such a way that the purity of that source is calling to each of you to respond with the truths of who and what you are. This is causing great change in many of your lives. Many of you are finding yourselves relocating to geographic locations for which you seem to have no purpose or reason. That is because as the light intensifies you are being redistributed in such a way as to maintain the balance within the very creation in which you exist.

You are finding that your relationships with others may not be what they seem or have changed dramatically as your awareness increases. Often many of you may be feeling alone or aside from others. Look deeper. It is the intense relationships that you have with others that is calling to you to find within you that which is far beyond any awareness that you have ever had. Many of you have believed that your experience is the only experience. That you are on your own to create whatever works in conjunction with the journey of your souls and yet what you have not seen is that you are part of a great tapestry that is infinitely intertwined and that each breath that you take, each act that you make each word that you say and thought that you have weaves further the intricate of the great tapestry that is what we would refer to as the All Souls.

It is the All Souls, you as a collective that creates the illusion and the changes of that illusion in which you have lived. It is that the force of your combined energies sends messages into all of Creation as to how those changes will be, what the experiences of those changes will be in your world and how those changes will affect you as individuals and integral parts of the collective in which you exist.

As each of you acts on behalf of yourselves not realizing the infinite effects that you have on the All Souls, you are creating of unintentional ignorance. Look beyond this illusion and begin to know that you are everything that you seek and that the time is now for you to embrace the power of being in such a way that your every expansion of energy becomes intentional and of greater force.

We speak of force not as that of a warrior, even though that is what you may believe. The force of which we speak is the purity of your essence, your very beingness in such a way that it is undiluted by the illusions which have surrounded you in the past. True force is the gentle power which becomes you when you are in vast truth. This force seeks its way through the intricacies of all creation, seeking light such as itself and expanding the reality of the existence of that light in such a way that the light expands exponentially. In such a way, new and true reality is created. None of this can occur without your participation.

It is time to return to the very basics of being. They are simple. To know that you matter, that you have infinite power at your disposal, that there are no mistakes and that the truth always prevails above all illusion otherwise. That you are perfection no matter what and that the perfection that is you changes forever that which is not truth.

When you were small you were taught that to look into the eyes of others was perhaps impolite, or as you became immersed in the illusion you avoided the eyes of others in such a way that you begin to no longer truly see those around you. Look now. See everyone for who they are in truth. Who they are is you. Some facet, some aspect of truth that either you have embraced or not.

Gaining a sense of importance from small or even grand acts of kindness is not truth. Being kind is truth. Kindness begets unconditionality in such a way that unconditionality propagates itself and reality becomes more honest.

As the remaining triangulations occur you will find that each will bring new challenges and depths of challenge to you as you are rewired within the reality of infinite creation. The most recent triangulation on November 19th, 2008 and the weeks preceding it called to you to step forward out of your illusions and into greater reality. This call when answered has required great change for many of you and yet as we always tell you, the result of chaos is magnificence. Chaos to change is the virtual reality of humanity. Because of the density of human particulates often chaos is required for those changes. The triangulations are doing that for you. Creating internal chaos in such a way as your instructions do not necessarily seem clear and yet all of the answers lie there in your hands. It is only for you to see and act upon them.

The next triangulations will occur on January 11th , February 15th, March 17th, April 4th and June 11th . Each will serve greater purpose for change and in and your life experience. They will be as follows:

The triangulations of January 11th, February 15th and March 17th can be considered as in inferred separate set of triangulations. Each with a specific purpose relative to the other. This set of triangulations is specific to the power of the coming changes and how they relate to you as human beings.

The triangulation on January 11th will create a new alignment of your particulates based upon fractals of 7 with the most common being 2/7ths. This harmonic attunement will be causal to release of emotion and your abilities to embrace and exist within higher harmonic frequency sets. As this occurs you will also find that your intuitive powers begin to open into greater heights of ability and perceptiveness. You will also find that your depth of emotion is almost unbearable at times. Allow yourselves to embrace the depth of your feelings in such a way that you are those feelings and they are you. In doing do you will find that with these feelings you will begin to feel liquid in your existence, untied to your earthly construct and easily aware of greater reality and all that is available to you in your new found freedom.

The triangulation of February 15th will leave you feeling compacted as if the effects of the expansiveness of the January triangulation have come smashing down onto your very being. This will be a temporary effect. This triangulation will affect your mental states first, in the preceding weeks by muddling your apparent ability to think clearly. That is because that with this triangulation new sets of electromagnetic are being applied to your brains as the mathematic alignment of your particulates moves into spacing based upon 2/11th and 4/11ths depending upon your previous states. This will cause a sense of heaviness in the physical, certain feelings of malaise especially on the 11th through the 13th of February. Remember that this sensation is of a very temporary nature.

As the triangulation comes into place you will find that it is as if your mental capabilities experience a lift off and your mental creative processes will soar. You will find that you are much less limited in your ability to both reason and call to your greater sense of knowing in such a way that your decisions will be based upon both expanded perceptiveness and your newfound ability to tie those perceptions to the infinite. That being said, you will, if you do not resist these changes, be able to work from an entirely holographic perspective -- consciously. This giving you the ability to create and co-create from what appears to be nothing and is truly everything.

The triangulation on March 17th will challenge your physicalities and the new harmonics are based upon a 2/5ths spacing of your particulates. This is a most ancient arrangement of particulates that those in the before times experienced. In the weeks preceding this triangulation, you will find that you feel heavy, dense, as if you are retaining great amounts of fluids. You are not. This is the light particles in your body expanding in such a way that your physicality has difficulty adjusting, but it will. As the triangulation forms and solidifies, you will find a release of the pressure within your bodies to the point that many of you will feel as it you will float away. You will not. What you will experience is that many of the difficulties that you have perhaps battled within your bodies will become released. In your way of words, the triangulation of March 17th can be considered to be a mass healing of you as beings of human nature.

The triangulation on April 4th, 2009 will be relative to the fifth element of your beings. Your spirits. Your infinite and eternal essences. Many of you have felt trapped in your humanness for most of your lives. It is this triangulation that will bring each of you an alignment of your multi-dimensional aspects in such a way as for the first time in your humanness you will be operating as one cohesive and functional unit of being in conjunction with all that Is. It is with this triangulation that the All Souls will harmonize together. You will find during this time that not only do you feel more at ease, in Grace and of balance within your very beings, you will begin to experience signs of unification within your world. You will also begin to feel in unison with these changes and those around you in ways that you had not yet imagined.

The final triangulation will lead to later star gate openings as the universal construct will have gone through the necessary changes for this to be so. The triangulation on June 11th creates a portal of consciousness in which the universal collective becomes of a conscious nature among beings such as yourselves. What we mean by this is that as one of you experiences intuitiveness, thoughts, perceptions, others around you and even those that you do not know begin to experience the very same things. This is the beginning of the unification, the Oneness that each of you knows exists. As this occurs there will be some reaction from dark energies in late June or early July of 2009 but this will be a brief uprising and easily laid to rest as untruth in the overall force that is active at this time.

The star gate systems that will occur later we will speak of as it is time. We wish for you to be present with each set of changes that comes your way and to allow yourselves to balance within these changes. Do not take them personally for they are of a much greater nature reflecting all of creation upon itself. As this reflection occurs we would ask each of you to be aware of what you see, what you feel and what is the truth of the experience. The potential for greater reality in your world is immense and entirely up to your reaction and then action within the coming changes. Be in peace within you and know that all is as it would be, that which is perfection and the infinite intention of the very source from which each of you is derived.

We are grateful to be of service in this now. Be in peace. Know that everything that you seek also seeks you.

Anhai indela antiah anshalai.

You know. You have always known. Know now.

* * * * * * *

Message from the Masters - Excerpt

Dr. Meg - February 2, 2009

Antui Anshallah Asi, Asi, Asi!

Greetings from the Light, Within the Light and With Light!

It is that the recent triangulation which reached across dimensions has created great changes within you and within your experience as human beings. Those which were your values have begun to change. Those with whom you had trust, faith and comfort have shown signs of betrayal, of inability to be present in the best of times and in the worst of times.

These changes are because the recent triangulation has forced forward the possibilities of you. Humanity as a rule looks to each other or others for value, assistance, opinions, and many other aspects of everyday living. It is that in this now each of you must reach inward to your depths and pull forward the resources that are you. You must know that which you are an impeccable demonstration of light personified. No other can fill or fulfill you with love or your dreams and wishes, your needs. The Triangulation of January 11th has stripped you energetically to that which is the child within. Have you recently noticed that the child within you is very present; experiencing his or her fears and issues? It is so! It is that you must not only familiarize yourself with this child, you must embrace this child as the most precious part of you.

All of your adult issues are rooted in childhood experience. This is represented to you in the symbol we have included in this transmission. Most of your perceptions of life come from that which you experienced as a child. The child within you learned his or her defenses early in life in such a way that many of them are buried far in your subconscious. It is not necessary to identify specifically that which comes forward in seemingly negative ways. Instead, it is to familiarize yourselves with the feelings that you experience that come without apparent explanation and yet with a subtle power that causes you to reflexively act.

Once you have moved through identification of these feelings, it is then to speak to the child of its perfection, of your acceptance of all of the feelings and thoughts brought forward to you from him or her and to assimilate the child into the adult. The child within you is nothing more than a harmonic aspect of your experience as a soul. There is no reason to feel as if the child did not have what it needed. On the contrary, it is to recognize that you as an adult being have the power and the ability to change anything in your life.

The next triangulations will be on February 15th, March 17th, April 4th and June 11th. Each will serve specific purpose toward your movement to return to you divine being both consciously and energetically. Those energies which you have been withholding of past emotion and perceptions cannot remain with you in the new harmonization of now. It is that as we have spoken before, that which occurs with each triangulation is an escalation of change accompanied with the clarification of your particulates and a re-attunement of you harmonically in adjustment to the inter-reality changes.

The triangulation which comes in March will be one of interaction and establishing new and different relationships with others and your world but most of all with yourself. Second to yourself relationship, how you share relationships is paramount to the kind of experiences you have in any given moment. We will speak with you in a later now about these relations.

In April on the 4th as the triangulation culminates you will find that you are becoming lightened to the very core of your beings. Your vibrations will be raised beyond your imaginings. In such a way, this triangulation brings to you and your world the moment that a greater shift will commence. The current shift will continue as you are re-attuned, and the new shift will begin from a state of harmonic resonance in such a way that your every thought, word, action, will be immediately effective and instant manifestation can easily occur if the messages which are sent are done so with clarity and passion. You will begin to see changes in your world that are of positive nature and with many faces.

The final triangulation which will occur in June is of a completely universal nature. It will disperse harmonic sets of energy which will move through you, teach you, open your inner vision beyond your imaginings, assist you in healing perceived emotional pain and bring forward your creative processes in such a way as you have never experienced them.

In your world, there will begin to become reflections of great change. Your economy will begin to stabilize in May or June, depending upon current influences. You must understand that while money is necessary in your world (at least by your perceptions) it does not give you value and cannot remove value from you when you do not have it. You must also understand that there is always the same amount of money in your world. That does not change. How the money is organized and how people view this has everything to do with the economic experience. Do not become if the perception of poverty in any aspect of your world. Instead, be part of the changes that come. As each of you believes, you send a message universally that the change is now. Each of your beliefs gathers within the ethers and expands to tangible reality. Do you know this? It is so!

Through the next year you will continue to witness and experience weather anomalies such as differences in air flow which changes climatic factors. You will experience warming of ocean currents in such a way that there will be a heightening of tropical storm possibilities with flooding and earth slides in Central and South Americas. There is also the possibility of heavy floods in south Florida during late summer.

As the electromagnetic field of the Earth changes, you will witness more exhibitions of lightening, especially dry lightening, and an escalation of the volcanic vents. What many do not consider is that these vents are interconnected below the surface of the Earth. They are release points for pressure which builds inside of the earth. The reason that some volcanoes become dormant is directly relative to changes in magnetic north. As magnetic north moves and changes it is an indication that the entirety of the magnetic field of your earth has changed as well and the volcanic release points become of different locations or active again. There are signs in occurrence relative to current seismic activity that within the next ten years there will be great volcanic expression on multiple points of your globe.

You will also find that many areas which have been typically dry will experience more humidity and precipitation and those areas which have typically been wet will exhibit drying tendencies.

There will be political alliances formed during this year which will begin an obvious trend toward globalization of people and their needs. Barriers of race and creed will begin to take a back seat to the needs of your people. Greater awareness will be brought forward toward those which have not and how to assist so that the needs of the whole are met.

Europe will continue to experience aberrant weather in the form of winds and storms as well as colder temperatures as will the area of Nova Scotia and the surrounding coastline.

There will be further flooding on the western coast of Africa as well.

Certain minerals will be discovered which are excellent for the enhancement to the production of crops. In its natural state, these minerals are somewhat blue in nature and capable of growing produce four to six times the current expectation. These minerals will also make possible crops grown more densely in smaller tracts of land while at the same time requiring less hydration and attracting fewer insects. These minerals are harmless to human beings and the ecosystem and can be utilized in small quantities to replace many other growing supplements.

The medical field will discover within the next three years, a gene mutation that is responsible for the mutation of cells which occurs in the early stages of cancer. This mutation can be corrected by a simple amino acid formula which can be easily manufactures and dispersed at a low cost. This gene relative to the autoimmune system.

There will be new kinds of businesses established which will be a grass roots beginning of a different type of commerce. These businesses will operate from the expertise of members in an exchange program which offers opportunities for nearly any service.

There will be properties discovered in a yet to be revealed species of ant which originates in Indonesia and surrounding islands. The excretions of this insect can be utilized for anesthetic purposes for local surgery as well as for full anesthetic processes. Care must be used to keep dosages at the minimal effective rate as toxicity will occur after a crux point of intensity of concentration.

In Mexico, it appears that drug wars will escalate to greater violence and larger areas of coverage. In Iraq there will come changes that will change the tide politically and of power in a direction that is completely different than that which is now. There will be further escalation of Palestinian issues beyond any measurable reason.

In Russia, there will be a discovery of a new diamond field which originates from a volcanic eruption 24,000 years ago. These diamonds will have a unique light gray quality with few flaws except for minor remnants of carbon in some specimens. They will be discovered as some specimens work their way to the surface.

There will be new uses for monatomic metals discovered as quantum technology realizes that everything is relative both third dimensionally and beyond and the application of monatomic metals into certain technologies will expand the results and minimize the process of completion as well as the supplies needed for manufacturing certain products.

There will be further conflict begun in Kashmir as insurgents who represent a larger entity create havoc with explosions. This event has the potential to escalate multinational discordance and strife in other territories.

It is that the invisible lines which countries and others so viciously guard do not exist in all reality but are the benefit of specifics as part of the illusion that there is no greater whole. These perceptions must and will change over time as conflicts create more need and tribes realize that having won brings little in the long run and takes everything in the short run. A holistic approach to humanity must be established in such a way that all beings receive equality as all are born equal from the fields to the penthouses. In truth there is no hierarchy, only perception of it.

With all Blessings, we remind you that you are whole and perfect as you are and that everything that you seek also seeks you. Be in peace.

End of transmission.

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