Stepping FULLY Into YOUrself

by Lauren Gorgo - May 7, 2009


Warning: this message contains unusually high levels of sarcasm deemed unsuitable for the "seriously spiritual". Not intended for mature audiences. Only seekers with a sense of humor permitted. Proceed with caution and at the risk of experiencing mild to severe side effects which may include: violent laughter, involuntary high-fives and the sudden ability to take things less seriously.

For those of you who made it past my disclaimer, I am confident that you are a vibrational match. I am also confident that I have effectively dissuaded all those who are not with words like humor.


And so, another month came and went.

Many of us watched March and April slip by through our bedroom windows...flattened out and prone-like... as our 5D genetic coding process took over our conscious will to do anything that required more energy than eating yodels or gorging on copious amounts of processed cheese.

Luckily, time now vanishes almost as quickly as our rain much so that a month feels like a week, a week feels like day, and a day feels like an hour...and add to that our rapidly receding memory, and its almost practical to convince ourselves that two months of the flu is really not all that bad.

Which, as the human spirit goes, really speaks volumes.

For example...Did you ever notice, while footslogging your way to higher consciousness, how you are seemingly able to endure MONTHS in the mire of ascension goo, without reprieve, then suddenly experience an unexpected breakthru... if only for a day.... and then think to yourself..."now that wasn't so bad"...?

I have. And I gave that girl a name...the Sadistic OptiMystic. The inner sadist in me must derive pleasure from pain because it is flat out illogical...among other keep trekking onward and base an entire future on 1 or 2 days of fleeting optimism...per month.

And that's actually the point. Where we are going is certainly NOT logical, but luckily for us, only the ill-ogical can lead us there.

Sure, we all get tagged as "delusional" on this spiritual ride to nowhere, but the truth is that our unwavering ability to stay connected to an unseen potential that is so much larger than ourselves (or that most would call a fantasy) is in fact, our... gift?

Yes. This is a gift. (or maybe just a contract we can't get out of alive)

And I will agree that it is tempting to want a normal life, doing normal things...(like staying awake for more than 3 hours at a time), with normal friends who actually e n j o y, of all things, being around people.

But happiness isn't our gift. Its too temporary.

We are the noble warriors of a new age, and as such, we are determined to quash any notion of polarity, which obviously includes resisting the urge of all things temporary...including happiness.

For many on the verge of a new dimensional reality matrix, happy just doesn't work anymore. It isn't enough and it is pervertedly designed to be this way so that we long for more permanence. When we deeply desire to rise above the duality of human experience, we attract new and higher potentials and subsequently ground those potentials into form through suffering...I mean...the total acceptance of what can be.

Because of this, it may seem that our lot in this life is to watch our families and friends enjoy those fleeting moments of happiness while we sit home "holding the space" for them to derive such pleasures, but this is only because we are ready now to break new ground and experience those everlasting streams of goodness that take us far beyond the polarity of good and bad and into the eternal flow of god's grace. And this is a TALL order.

Up until this point, we have been hoping, wishing and praying for the kind of world that we fit into and for most of the journey...and in blind faith...we depended on people (like me : ) to channel the information of our future so that we could confirm our sanity...or at least confirm that we weren't alone in crazy.

Now however, we are rapidly approaching a time when even the channelings we once depended on will seem obsolete and empty in comparison to the experience of our individual authenticity and full truth. In other words, we are FULLY stepping into ourselves, revealing the core of who we are while not making excuses for it, and coming fully on-line to connect with the world and the people that we have been longing for...for so long.

I am being shown that these next two months will be the physical transition into everything and all that we have intended for and that during this phase, lightworkers, indigos and starseeds of the first brigade are unplugging from all external support systems to become completely self-sustained in our own vehicles of light. And while we may not yet be able to connect with what that means in totality, we are being assured that the relentless challenges of the physical resurrection process will seem paltry in comparison.

To put this in perspective, the Pleiadian High Council asks us to imagine what kind of a reward warrants 7-9 years of intense collective focus toward a common goal?

By energetic law, meaning vibrationally, this is huge. They describe it relative to a vibrational savings bond with an exorbitant interest rate that the universe pays each time we feed it with a new intention. And the best part is that when this bond finally matures, we can cash it in and retire : )) And at the risk of waxing cheeky...that is the only type of economy that we will be able to bank on.

Celestially speaking, we have some major events worth mentioning this month:

Mercury went retrograde on the 6th and will turn direct on the 30th. If you can get out of bed, this is an excellent time to wrap up your past, revisit your purpose, and revise any plans regarding the set up of your new systems of abundance...that is to say those authentic pathways and connections of soul integrity that will sustain you in the new and true. (hint: those things that bring you the most joy)

Beneath the goo of re-calibration there is actually a supportive flow of grounded, focused constructive, practical, get-things-done Taurus energy that will carry you forward if you can find a way to tap into it. Come June, when things begin to flow freely again, you will be happy you did.

The full moon in Scorpio (also known as the Wesak/Buddha moon of enlightenment) is on May 8th and is already bringing us more intensified energy to complete our physical resurrection process, as mentioned in the last update. This has been causing an unusual amount of biological detoxification so if your feeling like you're in the last trimester of pregnancy, or just plain uncomfortable in your own skin, know this is a MAJOR download and kicking up a lot of toxic debris in the purification process.

Note: Because lightworkers have the tallest human antennas, we receive the highest frequencies first. These energies come barreling down the spine and into the earth and must rapidly clear out any remaining density or toxicity in the way of inhabiting our full light. This recent download is hell-bent on grounding our physical bodies to the earth, so there is a lot of soreness along the spine, neck, and especially the lower back, legs and knees coupled with organ and intestinal clearings and all the accompanying accoutrement... like bloating/weight gain, skin rashes and itching, unreasonable hunger, indigestion/heartburn, sore throat and joints, inappropriate perspiration, etc, etc. Also, and depending on if you are more developed in your male (right) or female (left) energy, you may be experiencing more discomfort on one side or the other in the biological process of merging these polarities. This system upgrade will eventually enable a consistent and even flow of both these energies within us, which is paramount for cocreation.

We also have an important triple conjunction of Chiron and Neptune with Jupiter that will culminate on the new moon in Gemini on May 24th. Barbara Hand Clow says that Chiron and Neptune serve to "bring the higher self into space and time", which is ultimately what the personal ascension process is all about... becoming fully grounded in our physical bodies while simultaneously aligned with our higher self.

After this triple conjunction, and when Mercury turns direct at the end of the month, our physical surroundings will shift again to align with the upcoming events of June that will finally present the workings of our inner-most desires in our outer world.

So as we continue to be prepped, purified and primed in every imaginable way, we are really readying to participate in the world according to our original divine blueprint. Where we are now is very unnatural to us and where we are heading will finally feel like home. And as we wobble in and out of these conflicting dimensional fields, losing our linear perspective of time and space, we will continue to experience both worlds as one until we are fully anchored and stable in the new and true.

In the meantime, try to let go of any resistance to the process by knowing you are well cared for and by surrendering to what is. Above all else... do anything humanly possible to feel good.

Oh yeah...and don't forget to backup your files!

In kindness,


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