Newsletter #81- Masters Of Light

Ruth Ryden - June 2, 2009

Good Morning! It has been a weird May, that's for sure! Here in Arizona, a mini-monsoon has been gifting us with good moisture and the forest is in good shape coming up on the normally-dry June. Anxious to see what the Masters have to say about that. Husband Jim has put in a large garden and is keeping the lawn and property looking really nice -- pretty good for his 81 years! Our large family are well, just trying to keep some kind of income coming in. This small town has problems just like the larger towns; no one hiring and jobs in construction pretty scarce. My iris gardens are beginning to bloom; love iris! Hope you are all doing well in these hard times. Our knowledge of how to use our spiritual beings to obtain our needs is pretty essential now. Sometimes it's hard to remember how powerful our thoughts are. Best to all of you, my dear readers!

* * * * * * *

OK Masters, how does our country and the world look regarding weather and earth changes this month?

MASTERS: "It is a foregone conclusion that the coming month will not be the old-fashioned summer month of years ago. May brought an entirely new set of weather surprises and problems to the entire world. The moisture occurring over the Southwest came from a series of Fronts, as you call them, occurring in patterns that touched each other and precluded a kind of vortex in the atmosphere that drew upon moisture from the southern seas. June will see a dramatic change from this situation as the vortex disintegrates and the fairly normal dry season will come into play. The Midwest will be experiencing a number of different frontal attitudes as these Weather Fronts dip up and down constantly, providing air currents that will bring about a series of tornado-like storms and heavy rains at times. We are seeing flooding in the states further south. The eastern states and coastlines are already setting themselves up for the hurricane season, and rightly so. Temperatures will soar in the East, to unprecedented highs, with high winds at times helping to keep the humidity down a bit. The tornadoes that we are observing from this point, should be a lot fewer than expected and not as powerful. It is still a time to keep weather forecasts available at all times if you live in"Tornado Alley".

Now, the hurricane season will give forecasters fits, as air currents, sea currents and atmospheric anomalies that are already occurring will cause the production of hurricanes to start, then stop for a time, then start again with a vengeance. This, of course, will support the atmospheric situations in the African Continent which will provide world wide attention this month. The terrible droughts that have rendered crops impossible in most of those states there will be changing to very frequent or, constant, rainfall. This will provide a problem in some cases, as the hard packed sands will not absorb the water too easily and the run off in many places will cause flooding. So, hurricane conditions flowing from that continent over the Atlantic to the U.S. and Canada will depend upon these unsettled conditions on the western coast of Africa. Watch this carefully.

Europe will find June to be closer to the old norm than most other places on the globe. High temperatures will surprise many, however, as the atmospheric density above the Earth has been tearing apart in some places, letting through a lot of energy from the Sun flares that are increasing at this time. When it does rain, it will be in the form of heavy thunderstorms that will cause havoc on the airlines and air travel. Be very careful to watch the forecasts before flying anywhere in Europe. Wind shears that are causing many of these crashes will be increasing and are very dangerous. The northern countries will also see higher temperatures this month, causing glaciers and ice walls to melt and collapse sooner than expected. The High Steppes of Russia are undergoing terrific changes in the permafrost regions. Oil production will be very hampered because of this. We see a great deal of flooding in Russia and some real hardships as transportation is hampered when valleys and flat plains are inundated.

Australia is undergoing many life-changing shifts in temperatures and atmospheric pressure. The Outback continues to be extremely dry and even more so this month. Traditional water holes that the Aborigines have depended upon for generations are drying up and even desert grasses are becoming scarce. The biggest shift on this continent will be the shifting of the aboriginal people to the coasts where there is even a chance of earning a living or of existing at all. This is an ancient race of extremely spiritual abilities that should be honored and taken care of. Coastal cities will find sea levels rising and temperatures that will be colder than usual for this season.

The plates in the Pacific continue to shift and grind. See in your mind's eye a world shaped like a hen's egg that is just forming into an oval in the hen. It is round in the beginning, but changes as it matures. The world is maturing much in the same way. In the coming century, the world will be become shaped much like an oval; very slightly, of course, or the orbit would be lost, but even so this will make the seasons to change drastically. You have already seen the evidence of this. Not to worry. As with the laws of universal creation, everything changes at the same time to conform with the situations. Earthquakes will continue to wreck havoc on the South Sea island natives, and we see another small island sinking into that rising sea. Hawaii will experience much stronger quakes this month and through the summer, as a response to these shifts which reverberate around the world. The West Coastline of North America will continue to experience moderate quakes as the response to the movement of these plates.

Go with the flow, as has been said many times. If you have lost your homes because of flooding, fire, mudflows, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc., etc., keep your inner selves intact by accepting what is and start over.. At this time in human development, the time of grief and loss is a personality builder that cannot be brought about any other way. All of you have the inner knowledge and ability to be open to new circumstances and challenges, and you should know by now that you have all the help you need within as you connect with All That Is. Happy June!"

* * * * * * *

(Readers, the Masters have sent the following teaching at my request for solutions in our time.)

MASTERS: "This is a time of great anxiety for all inhabitants of Planet Earth, with great indecisions and worry about the future of humankind. Over the past decades, the need to understand the nature of human beings and the reason for their existence upon Earth has resulted in the need for religion and spiritual pursuits of all kinds in order to find a reasonable explanation for all things. It is the very nature of a human being to seek protection and guidance from a source higher than themselves, thus the reliance upon the humanization of nature and even other humans as someone or something to worship. However, this reliance upon statues, idols, religious practices, etc. has clouded the actual resurgence of the absolute reliability of the inner soul of each individual. It is good that people band together to acknowledge the spiritual part of life, but too many religious groups spend most of their time with church committees, events, and social gatherings, instead of seeking the inner presence and Love that resides in their deepest beings.. It is time to realize that humanity will never advance beyond its present barriers of misunderstanding until there is the realization that each human is a physical being integrated with an eternal soul who has chosen to live through a lifetime on this planet, this dimension, at this time, for good reason. The lessons being learned now through violence, starvation, and indiscriminant sexual attitudes are extremely hard ones, and many souls are returning to the spiritual realm with a sense of utter relief to be done with it! It need not be this way.

It is worth the time and effort to find your own sense of being -- who you are and why you are here -- in order to compliment your inner soul energy and work on your present purpose. That means simply that you are part of all creation; the energies that created and continue to create the universe and the worlds around you are of the same energy that you yourselves are made of. That also means that there is also constant creation going on in your bodies and minds that continue to work eternally in the universe. Many people feel they have hit a brick wall and there is nothing more in life for them. The brick wall is the negative attitude built up from many failures and difficult situations which results in a defiant fist against the world and everyone in it. It is hard to punch through that wall, but the answer is not to punch, but to melt it down by admitting that everything that has happened to you, or by you, is part of a long spiritual educational system that is only a small speck of time in your eternal soul life. Accept what is and what was, but now determine what you want to be and in what frame of mind you can see the world as an open book ready to be opened!

The word "spirituality" has many meanings for people as they seek to find some peace and love in their lives. The commercialism of so-called spiritual teachings has become a good source of income for numbers of entrepreneurs, many of whom are trying very hard to bring some light of knowledge to as many as they can. On the other hand, there are cult leaders who are seeking only their own ego-feeding at the expense of lonely and down-hearted seekers. The millions of books on spiritual topics have gems of knowledge to be found, it is true. Retrieve the gems, then put the books on the shelf and make time to start asking questions of your own inner self.

What are we talking about? Every human being is made of three parts: The soul, which is usually referred to a the"Higher Self", the subconscious mind, which is the repository of all knowledge and experiences of the soul, constantly soaking up every word, every event in your life; and the physical mind fueled by the brain. There is the physical lobe of memory in the brain that keeps the person working at a mental norm, storing the events and knowledge during the lifetime. There is also the connection to the infinite knowledge and energy of the universe that is accessed through the Higher Self. When the person makes time to be quiet and go into a state of meditation, this is how that connection is made. The knowledge and wisdom found in the infinite halls of the spiritual realm are far beyond the physical experiences and can be a fountain of peace and renewal that the soul, on the spiritual level, feels all the time. Every human being can experience this connection if the realization that it exists is accepted.

How then, to overcome the deadening effects of the pain and discouragement that weighs so heavily on so many? It is a hard thing to put aside thoughts and fears that dominate the thinking and feeling, but it can be done. Even for a few moments, lift the thoughts up into the sky, seeing the clouds and birds, whatever is clean and pure that seems out of your reach. Do this often, until that feeling of peace begins to become even a small part of your everyday feelings. Use that peace to store away the bad memories, the hurt, the abandonment, the evil of the world, into a closet in your mind and lock the door. These memories will always be with you, but how you treat them is what is important. A little at a time, let your mind go blank -- seeing a white light, or a blank movie screen in your mind. Just let it be for awhile, with no thoughts, just being. Then bring back your thoughts and let them be clearer so you can define what you need or want to do. In this way, you are giving your Higher Self the time to help you see things more clearly, for all of your experiences in many prior lives give you the knowledge you can use now.

The world will change for the better as human beings acknowledge the reality of the creation of life that goes on all the time, understanding they themselves create what they experience, for better or worse. It is time to honor each other, physically and mentally, no matter what the situation. Every human being is a creation from the Ultimate Creator of all things, and every creation is perfect in"His" sight. No human is better than another; no color of skin determines worth; all species of humanity, of the animal or mineral world, of the skies and the seas, are created to be a balance on your world. The imbalance that humankind has created continues to turn the land, the sea, even the atmosphere, into a mess of misunderstanding and global distress. What does it take to turn this around and bring back the fabled Eden to humanity? Each one of you seeking to find your own inner knowledge and communion with All That Is. That's all."

Ruth Ryden
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Payson, Arizona 85541-8578
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