Final Energy Update/Invitation to Galactic Celebration!

Lauren Gorgo - June 16, 2009


Dimensional Departure

Before I move on to my last and final energy update, I would first like to quell any lingering fears around my hypothesized dimensional departure. For all my new readers out there, and in response to those of you who wrote to me confused, shocked and worried that I will be "vanishing into the ethers" as one funny gal so eloquently scripted...I apologize for the jolt and I will explain in a bit more detail what is transpiring.

In simplest terms, there is not much left for me to report in this timeline...that is to say, for those who are making the final ascent into the new and true, we have literally exhausted every possible potential in these lower dimensional fields, fought our way through the darkest of nights, transmuted all fears, merged all polarities, and grounded enough of our authentic selves to transition through the next major portal on the June solstice.

It is not as if I am going anywhere physically...except maybe on a tropical vacation ; ))...I am simply releasing my first level contract as a mediator between realms for the first brigade who is now arriving safely on the shores of their destination vibration. Mission accomplished.

So now what?

Good question. One that I am not completely sure of, and tho secretly I keep waiting for that other shoe to drop, I am being assured that what's on the other side of the veil will shortly become visible to us, and we will know... on a very visceral level... where this ride has taken us and why for. In other words, I am being told that soon everything will seem very different...even those things that are very much the same...and in a GOOD way. Kind of hard to imagine those rainbows and butterflies from where we are currently residing vibrationally, but that's because, as always, these jumps in consciousness really qualify as leaps... in quantum terms.

Apparently, we are arriving at the "dimensional divide" that our friends from home have been talking about, and for those ready to climb on that new magnetic monorail, you will be given your boarding pass on June 21st and will be transported directly to the consciousness of your higher self. (Again, this is simply a shift in consciousness/perception, a new view of life, not a physical departure)

What about everyone else?

The whole planet is bumping up in frequency as it has been doing relentlessly since 1987 (precipitated by the grand trine of the Harmonic Convergence) and as we gradually enter into the photon belt. Each time we "ascend" to a higher level of planetary consciousness, our personal and global magnetism increases and we begin to attract our personal and collective realities more rapidly. As a result and due to the lack of lag time between thoughts and manifestation, many more will now begin to see first hand the connection between their thoughts/state of being and their personal creations. (aka, awakening)

What's this mean?

It goes something like this: our outer (perceptual) reality is always a direct reflection of our inner dwelling...that is to say, whatever dimension of existence we reside on vibrationally will create/attract the holographic reality system to match. This enables us to explore each level of creation within that dimension and graduate, or "bump up" to the next when we have completed or integrated all that we need to in order to go higher....and higher....and higher.

What is most interesting and ironic through ascension however, is that the higher we go in consciousness, the more grounded we become... and those who have been diligently preparing for lift-off are actually anchoring deeper into earth... and this is what we have been doing unremittingly since the first week of May.

So just as way-showers will be experiencing the next vibrational leg of their journey, all others will be doing exactly the same... attracting their appropriate and next level vibrational/holographic reality system to support their current and personal level of consciousness within the harmonic fields of potential.

This means that in many ways, life will be getting much easier for some (those who have been diligently and consciously working on clearing limitations) and much more challenging for others (those just beginning to awaken to their divine power).

And herein lies the dimensional divide... not good/bad, better/worse... just physics. In fact, I like to think of this ascension odyssey as an evolutionary parade...we can join in anywhere but there will always be someone ahead of us to lead, and behind us to follow.

Where are we now?

On June 13th-15th we survived another enormous preparatory shift in energy that will culminate on the solstice. We are integrating this in our physicality now, so you may have been feeling this through sudden vertigo/unsteadiness/sinus discomfort and headaches/lower and middle back pain and soreness, stiff/sore neck, FATIGUE, rapid detox symptoms, and emotionally through irritability, anger, frustration, apathy, an inability to ground or focus and just feeling like you are at the end of your rope...and waiting to jump off.

Yes, we are been pushed to the absolute edge...yet again.

In addition to all that fun, there is still little to no manifestation movement, so we have had to be VERY resourceful since early May. In these energetic droughts our needs are always met, but anything above a need can be a real struggle to attract. This will pass when everything settles in and clicks fully into place, but for now, while we are still in the void, we are being blocked from manifesting so that we don't attract lower vibrational energies and create havoc by forcing things to BE before our time.

I am hearing that we are entering a time of such rapid manifestation that we have to be safeguarded more than ever now and that all those higher vibrational desires that we have nurtured became crystallized during this recent energetic contraction and are waiting for our vibrational arrival in the etheric halls of time. In other words...hang on, son!

The streams of energy that have been creating these intense waves of physical clearing that continually wash over and wipe us out, are what we will be spontaneously changing from and will be responsible for uplifting us to the creative heights that we will soar in the incoming days, weeks, months and years.

In laymen's comin' up on that time to make a sizable withdrawal from our vibrational bank accounts, but the mathematical reality is that we will only be able to take out what we put interest of course.

Astrologically speaking

On the June solstice many will complete this grounding process (graduate) and venture upward on a new spiral of creation, but beyond the solstice we will also witness three powerful eclipses that will reinforce these changes now taking place: 1) July 7th full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn, 2) July 21-20 new moon solar eclipse in Cancer and 3) August 5-6 full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius.

These astrological openings will serve to catapult many into the new dimensions of karmic transcendence, unconditional love, and expansion, while simultaneously initiating great transformations for humanity that will result in greater focus on global unity.

What next?

You choose.

A word from our sponsor:

In addition to my final update from this timeline, the Spiritual Hierarchy would like me to extend a warm, yet etheric, invitation to all who feel inspired to join in the graduation/solstice festivities this Sunday the 21st. They are anticipating a great turn-out and say that all who join in consciousness will be telepathically connected to each other through the new crystalline interface, or 5th dimensional grid of inter-connectvity.

Apparently this is like an ongoing solstice-pallooza event that you can mentally "join-in" any time and they are even seeding the idea to host our own gatherings/celebration/rituals, etc to really amp up the new earth vibe...their humorous tagline for this gathering is: the more joy that joins, the more joy!

"We will be holding a commencement ceremony for all of those who participated in the global ascension event as the first brigade of warriors, path-cutters and way-showers. All are encouraged to attend and for those of you who do, you will be joining us in a graduation/solstice celebration ceremony on June 21st in the sanctuary gardens of new earth.

There will be songs of praise and a lifting of the veil to reveal the beauteous splendor of all creation. This event will be held in honor of all of YOU, and those who join us will be part of a revolutionary ceremony where many extraordinary beings of light from many galaxies will join in celebration with you.

We are sharing this information in an attempt to remind you that indeed it is time to separate the wheat from the chaff for the shift of ages has arrived in earnest and it will be for those of you who consciously take part in the new earth leadership whose rewards will be the greatest.

Stand tall and proud, a day of reckoning draws nigh." - The Spiritual Hierarchy

The future of

Reporting from the other side.

Ok, so I have been shown... as I am sure many of you have... tiny glimpses of the other side and though it is looking pretty stellar, I have also seen some things in my future that are equally as exciting as they are nerve-racking. Mainly because it is hard to imagine or connect to the possibilities of the new timeline while still standing in the old, but lets just say that from what little I can see, it looks like I will have many options to do things I never dreamed of. And, incidentally, the same will be true for all of you as these new opportunities suddenly come barreling into our lives, urging us to choose.

As always I will share more as I choose which future potentials I will participate in, but the overriding and desired theme seems to pin me as a cosmic journalist of sorts... reporting from the other side.

I am still making sense of all this but as I understand it, will continue to offer archived information for those teetering on the dimensional divide and will remain a central hub for the transition into the higher realms of creation, and there will be many off-shoots that will serve to specialize content and support many dimensional levels of growth on the journey into oneness. will also likely serve as a central portal to new earth teachings where I will apparently be transcribing experience-based energies/information about the new human capabilities (including purposeful creation), how to manage/support/sustain and nurture our new energy systems, and how to work (play!) with our higher level psychic addition to many other things not yet clear to me.

In other words, though my focus will soon be on new earth living, there will be something to offer everybody based on the trail of my journey. (And know too that there will also be others taking my present place as a mediator between realms to offer support to the next wave.)

How will this play out?

Pretty much the same as it did before ( I will try to make this a seamless transition), only the information will be slightly different. I will still be writing often...maybe even more than before... only it looks as if I will be "reporting" on higher level living and in real-time. Meaning, I will be communicating the energies as they are happening through me, as opposed to accessing and intuiting future timelines prior to their physical integration.

In conclusion

So even though life may still feel really icky in the physical right now, know that things are speeding up exponentially in the ethers (so much so that I can hardly sleep). I am physically integrating massive insights daily, even hourly, and having more interaction than ever with departed souls who seem to be here to join in the "party". As well, my "ascension guides" have seemingly vanished and as I mentioned before, as of June 1st I have a new set of "friends" hanging around, seemingly without a j-o-b, and who call themselves my "transition guides"...

This is a first for me (that I know of) and apparently we all have 'em... they are the last set of tour guides on the journey home and they are here to escort us to our destination vibration...aka, heaven.

See you in the sanctuary gardens!


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