Rite of Passage - The Solstice of June 2009

Kate Spreckley - June 17, 2009

The Solstice of June 2009 will create a doorway through which we may enter into a full state of conscious living.  The activation of this doorway shall awaken a new awareness of self and will support us in revealing our true nature thus healing the illusion of separation that we have created.

As we approach this doorway we are asked to move beyond the limitations of our past and to actively engage with the abilities and attributes that we have achieved in the course of our journey thus far.

As the doorway is revealed, Divine love and radiant light will pour into our hearts creating a gateway within each one of us, reconnecting us to our Spiritual foundations and merging our inner being with the familiar infinite power of love and wisdom.  Our sacred power, the power of our hearts, will be activated, aligned and utilized as the primary source of encouragement for the journey forward.  All that is required of us is dedication and commitment to the tasks that lie ahead.  As we open to the coming changes, our true nature shall be refined and we are asked to embrace the essence of love within ourselves and to avoid the temptation to seek it elsewhere.  This shall be a true test of how we will utilize the gift of our sacred power.

The heart of humanity must open to aid us in accessing this doorway into the higher realms of self awareness.  We are entering the point of perfect balance and the extremes of polarity and as such this signifies a time of deep transformation.  If we choose to cross the threshold we will welcome in our wholeness, radiate our beauty and emanate the truth of who we are.

This time offers us the blessings of deep peace as we birth new ways being that in the past have been difficult for the human soul to comprehend.  As we open to the possibility of right relationship with our world, our nature shall be cleansed and we will be reconnected to our Spiritual resources.

Numerous ideas and intentions are ready to be fulfilled which will make it possible for us to strengthen the bridge uniting our inner and outer selves.  As we allow for our energies to be reconnected, our understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others will increase and improve, allowing us to share our higher energy and activating the potential for bliss within the heart of humanity.

As this new energy moves through our lives, those creations which no longer work for us shall be uprooted allowing for new experiences and creations to take root.  We will find ourselves placed in very new and unexpected places filled opportunities for growth, learning and renewal.  This is a crucial time for us to gain new levels of understanding and growth and we are encouraged to express that which is held within our hearts.  Our ways of expression need to be revised and reexamined and new, more balanced ways of interaction need to be found.

As this doorway approaches it is essential that we learn that our sacred power, the voice of our heart, must be used for the highest good of all and if we open our hearts and speak our words in prayer to our Divine Creator, the Great Spirit, we are able to create a powerful reverberation throughout the Universe which will cause change and attract that which we are praying for.

The ways in which we exercise our sacred power is a direct reflection of our inner state of being.  Our abilities and gifts are tools given to us by our Creator, the Great Spirit, for creation, to be used to create joy and harmony or to create pain and discord.  Through the choices and decisions we make each day, we have the ability to create a loving, abundant and balanced world; or to create a scarcity filled, imbalanced and unpleasant world.  As we approach the entrance into conscious living we are being aided in aligning our sacred power with the voice of our heart and thus creating only that which is harmonious and joyful.

We are being prepared for an initiation into new ways of thinking and living that will be revealed to us as we cross the threshold of this gateway.  Many of the ancient cultures of our world held initiation ceremonies to provide their people with definite rites of passage, creating an opportunity for them to eradicate obsolete aspects of themselves and their lives, enabling them to begin anew.  It was through these rites of passage that the people were given the opportunity to explore the spiritual meaning of the different phases of their lives.

The rite of passage we face ahead is an opportunity for deep growth which will have an enlightening and transformative effect upon our energy fields.   Our sacred power is aligning with our Divine Creator, the Great Spirit, allowing us to ground cosmic power and spirituality of the highest order into our world.  We will be tested and we will be asked to sacrifice those things that are keeping us from moving forward.  It is a time of awakening where we can no longer claim ignorance when answering for our creations.  We are to take responsibility for all that we have experienced thereby acknowledging our own power to create the lives we are destined for.

As we move forward towards our future we build upon our past with the wisdom that we have gained through the different stages of our journey.  As we apply our wisdom we create a better world and allow for the awakening of unity, compassion and grace.  Once the decision is made to cross the threshold our long journey reaches its destination and our knowledge and truth evolve within our consciousness birthing new wisdom and restructuring our foundations with our intuitive nature.  We are ready now for new responsibilities which will allow for us to be set free to explore the infinite circle of life, reconnecting our lives to humanity and to the Earth's evolution through the cosmos.

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