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Lauren Gorgo - July 13, 2009

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Blessings from on high...I come forth with the legions of light to speak of some radical alterations to earth's holographic reality structures.

First we would like to congratulate each of you on your entrance to a new dimensional plane, a new planet earth. You are standing poignantly at the precipice of an entirely new era, a new way of living and existing within the linear time/space reality construct that you call home.

You are longing to express your newly awakening gifts of creation, yes, and highly anticipating the exploration of a new realm, and we assure you that you are going to be well inspired by the abilities that you possess. But before that, we would like to share some information regarding the events that are taking place to allow for and make this new level of human creation possible.

One of the most beneficial astrological alignments to aid in the resurrection of the fully conscious human took place on July seventh, a point in time and space that will alter humanity for an eternity. This event was marked by a monumental lunar eclipse and precipitated a great awakening in human consciousness through the resurgence of the enlightened masculine energies and for the purposes of true cocreation with God.

This means is that those of you who have been preparing to embody the new human prototype are now settling into your new forms andand roles, and learning to adapt to the new biological circuits that are controlling and directing these higher dimensional frequencies on earth.

This ascended prototype holds within it the activated, purified and balanced masculine and feminine energy charge that is necessary for responsible creation and will ensure the ease and rapidity by which you manifest.

Those of you who have sufficiently purified your 3d dimensional, carbon-based form will be of the leading edge in terms of planetary evolution. It will be for those of you who can create and maintain a stable forcefield, both within and without, who will rise to the top and lead humanity, science and earth to its rightful place among the stars.

The ascended human will carry a negative energy charge that is predominantly feminine (intuitive) in characteristic and will honor the principals of universal law above all else. The resurrected masculine energies will hold a supportive position by way of sacred creation and will make the process of manifestation complete through the grounded and physical connection to the earth planes.

Those of you who have held the dormant Atlantean codes of masculine imbalance and destruction are here now to awaken the feminine energy of passive, mindful creation and to clear the cellular memories of patriarchal dominance. Those of you who carried the dormant Lemurian codes of feminine imbalance are here to resurrect the divine template of mastery and to clear the cellular memories of matriarchal dominance.

Together, these two balanced energies will create the new earth in harmonic accordance with and through the resurrected temples of each purified and ascended way-shower. This is indeed a time of great confusion for the masses, but will result in even greater systems to replace and restore the human condition to that of love.

What a time it will be as those members of your soul family rise up to meet you, support you, and become one with the unit of governing power that will replace all outworn systems of greed and control!

Beloved members of the warrior brigade, we honor you in the highest esteem and welcome you home to your place of true resonance. You are the team players who were responsible for the destruction of the many outworn systems based in patriarchy and now you hold the keys to thine kingdom. Your time has indeed arrived.

Biological Transformation

We are encouraging each of you to realize the power that now lies within you and to prepare your bodies for the greatest transformation you will have known, that of full embodiment. As the grace of a balanced God/Goddess washes over each of you, you will be wholly bathed in pools of soothing light, restored to covenant with the protection of father god to guide you and the love of mother god to nurture you.

You have risen above discord and dross and now you find yourself simply waiting for and allowing the universal codes of biological resurrection to align with your physical form. Please honor the process as though it were one that were required to take you to the utmost levels of joy, for this is precisely what is happening. And keep in mind that this healing process is really not a process at all, but a shift in perspective.

Know that though your biology is still transforming to adapt to the new frequencies, this does not mean that you are still bound by the governance of earthly law. You are free to create your reality.

We honor the prodigious amount of suffering that you have endured and for your strife, we assure you that you are of the few who had the ability to match such a request...however, you will soon be brought to a balanced state, exalted from the repetitive and cyclical cycles of cause and effect, and free to inhabit and express your unique individuality in limitless ways.

Physical embodiment

We would like to remind each of you that though you are clearly on the path to physical resurrection this is also the path of full earthly embodiment, the physical embodiment of the soul.

This process was not an easy one, the transition into full human potential takes extraordinary focus and commitment, one that exceeds most human capabilities. This is why you are referred to as superhuman among the stars, because you are, in fact, embodying and representing superhuman power...the power, in limited numbers, to transmute 3d dimensional matter into 5th dimensional form and to restore your human life and biology to a state of living grace.

Quite a deed, beloveds...quite a deed.

The Recollection of Purpose

The moment of conception was the moment each of you chose to veer from your true godliness. It was in this moment that you not only chose to forget your sovereignty and power, but you also chose to ignore the most vital aspects of creation that were necessary for the development of man.

The interesting by product of such a divine decision is that most of you who are of the first brigade forgot that you too were those who came to prepare the earth and her inhabitants for the journey to the stars. Now you are beginning to remember this in quite vivid detail and it is those of you who are fully fitting in these new roles who will have much to share with the world at large.

Blessed be for all of you who carried the light this far, we cannot sing your praises loudly enough!

Now and into the next significant astrological alignment, that of the impending solar eclipse due to arrive on the twenty second of your July, you are being prepared for the next level activation of your solar feminine energy codes, those codes which will balance the outpouring of divine masculine energy activated on the previous eclipse.

This activation portal will allocate the equal distribution of both male and female energies to work in harmony and in support of the greater potentials for physical creation. The magnificence of this extraordinary event seals your creative ability to take conscious control of your destiny, to monitor and align with the christed energies that are beginning to flow unobstructed through your bodies and into the earth's core for the unscripted creation of a new earth.

From here, you choose everything.

New Earth Guides, Portal Activators and Interstellar Instruments

Beloved way-showers, keep in mind that you are those who also came to honor the earth in ritual and ceremony so that others could see and identify with the sacred powers of the planet and begin to perform these acts for the highest good of all. Those who represent the new wave of earth guides and portal activators will hear the call to abolish planetary abuse through sacred symbology and the realignment of the electromagnetic grids.

Those who are active interstellar instruments and who hold dear the role of interplanetary and interdimensional communication in your endeavors will also be called to service and to represent those members of your soul origin here to guide you further in your human evolution.

The next wave of mass awakenings has commenced and this will summons the need for many more participants of the planetary ascension to begin their roles of active duty and to replace the service of those way-showers who walked before them. Each of you will be called upon to offer your special gifts to the whole of creation, however, keep in mind that your participation is voluntary and must be precipitated with willful consent.

Each and every one of you are evolving to your new level of planetary service and as such you will have a very important role to play in the continuing rehabilitation and sacred alignment of your beloved planet.

Together with the lighted councils from home and in service to the One, I am Metatron.

Don your robes with honor, you earned them well!

In peace and celebration of a brand new beginning...

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at ThinkWithYourHeart.net

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