Stabilizing in the New Timeline

Lauren Gorgo - Aug 12, 2009

So I just got the heads up that this is my first official post from the new timeline!

What's that mean exactly?

No idea.

But I do know this...change is here.

Now that the cosmic dust has settled from that noxious eclipse sandwich, and from what I can assess, the dimensional divide that the ascended realms talked about for so long has finally drawn the proverbial line in the sand.

This means that for all you warrior wayshowers out there who courageously held the frequency of light to create a vortex for higher dimensional energy to flow into Earth's planetary grid ...and are squeaky clean from a decade of purification and purging all but your should finally be able to hold enuf light (love) in your lives and bodies to withstand these higher frequencies. In other words, as of the August 6th lunar eclipse (give or take a few days), you have been permanently cut off from the lower realms of fear, lack and discord...aka, separation.

How is this manifesting?

You may be experiencing any or all of the following:

You may suddenly feel lighter in your thoughts, released from those silent mental wars and self-inflicted bondage. You may have lost interest in what's happening "out there" (including celestially... or even in what I have to say) because you feel increasingly more grounded, peaceful and centered...self-contained and to hold and maintain your equilibrium, regardless of what's happening in the external world.

You may suddenly and more consistently be feeling emotionally balanced, regardless of your physical state or the state of others. You may have begun to notice the slight return of passion, an increase in creativity, a desire to move forward again, an interest in play, a deeper connection to earth/music/art/creative expression, you may be seeing more vivid (dimensions of) color, experiencing sudden and random bursts of bliss/gratitude/love, feeling financial forward movement, receiving signals about your next steps, noticing profound and fulfilling connections with like-minds, experiencing a shift in relationships and/or new ones emerging, etc.

Most importantly...and maybe for the first may have no remaining doubt that ascension is real and that you traversed many levels of consciousness to get here. You may be able to look at the whole awakening journey in retrospect and with non-attachment.... as if it were someone else who suffered for so long. If so, a congratulations is definitely in order because you are moving on to become the living teachers and examples of a new era, a new consciousness...the new physicists of divine alchemy!

Stabilizing is the new and true

Now, all this stuff may not necessarily be happening at once...or maybe it is...but the clearest indication of this latest and most profound shift seems to be the noticeable stabilization in our bio-energy field. It is discernable, but also very subtle at this point (tho growing), so if you can access it, you can consciously expand its influence with your attention. And as well, we will most likely be ebbing and flowing for a bit until we completely ground here.

Currently, this stabilizing energy can feel like your mind is in a separate dimension than your you are able to think calmly, cohesively, clearly and with great certainty.. yet your body and life may still be a mess.

The oddest experience seems to be the ability to have this great expansion in mental space and clarity while simultaneously releasing toxic e-motion. Kind of like your raging/sobbing/lamenting...but at the same exact time you feel completely ok with it all. (I secretly imagine this is what it feels like to be a rainbow : )) From here we are seemingly able to make a clear distinction between thinking and feeling...which..I also imagine will be a very helpful tool for the future.

The opposite may be true too, where you bump up against an old thought form that would have normally distressed you, yet you feel no emotional charge...even if you go searching for it...which clearly, I do not recommend.

If any of this is true for you, know that spiritual and mental stability is first to arrive and will lead you to balance all system functions where physical wellness resides. As always, the physical layers are last to adjust (the most dense), but in this case, the prolonged states of mental stability that we will experience in this new timeline will create the consistent flow of full vitality required to bring these played-out biology suits into full harmonic alignment.

And not a minute too soon.

On the physical level...things can still be pretty sloppy. If you are still experiencing purification symptoms (fatigue, deep sleeps/insomnia, wild and vivid dreams,sinus discomfort/headaches, bloating, BACK PAIN (especially around the lower 2 chakras), incessant ITCHING, yeast/rashes (from lower intestinal clearing), neck and shoulder stiffness, joint pain/weakness, etc.) along with the aforementioned brightness and clarity... know that the body still needs time, nurturing and care to catch up.

The Loss of Spiritual Identity

An interesting, yet common, phenomena at this stage of the game is a lost interest in all things stereotypically spiritual. Things like: organized religion/sects/philosophies, spiritual practices, healings and rituals, metaphysics, meditation, channelings, etc. may no longer have any appeal to you, and if so, this is completely normal. In fact, if your interest is shifting from philosophical-based spirituality to quantum-based spirituality (sacred science), this is a good indication of grounding in 5th dimensional (merged polarity) consciousness...where science meets spirit in a measurable (quantifiable) way.

This disconnect is akin to feeling like..been there, done that...bought the t-shirt. What's next?

It's not that everyone will feel this way all at once, or that these things won't exist any more, its just that those of us who held this energy have integrated it completely and are now moving on to higher levels of personal and planetary expression. As well, the next wave will be replacing our old J O B 's with their new found passion and interest all those things that once set us on fire. In other words...just as we existed in varying levels of consciousness prior to the June solstice shift, so too will we exist in varying levels of consciousness in the new and true.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

It's important to keep in mind that spirituality is just one stop on the way to full mastery and that there is a big difference between spirituality and what we call ascension. I am hearing that these two paths are now parting, and that this truth will soon become very evident.

Though the spiritual dimension is only one layer of our multidimensional is very common for humans to get stuck here and to be-lie-ve that spiritual mastery is the be all, end all...when in fact, the purpose of ascension is to master both the spiritual AND material planes. Spirituality can definitely lead us to ascension, but it is only through the process of merging the physical and non-physical dimensions (spirit and matter) that we attain full consciousness.

And just as an attachment to spirituality can serve as a distraction to the real work (releasing fear/letting go of limitation), know that the same holds true for ascension. It is just as easy to get (attached to) caught up in the logic of ascension without doing the visceral and experience-based work to get us there.

Ascension is really just some fancy word (unfortunately with religious connotations) to describe the demented and parodistic climb in consciousness required to achieve and integrate our full human potential ... and this means on EVERY level...physical, emotional, mental AND spiritual. This state of being resides in the center-point between outworn eastern feminine philosophies of enlightenment which promote ego annihilation, and western dominated masculine materialism, which denounces the true Source of creation...both of which are only half of the whole.

The fully activated galactic-human operates from the blended energies and perception of both spiritual and material, east and west, male and female, matter and antimatter.

Preparing for the Next Steps

As of the August lunar eclipse (and with the help of the Lions gate/Leo Sun) there has been quite a bit of forward moving, fiery energy available to us which is initiating the return of creative passion. Because we are still clearing our 1st and 2nd chakras, it is also taking considerable concentration to channel this powerful energy in a constructive way. If it is not properly focused, this fast moving current can easily be mistaken for, or create feelings of, stress.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed and wanting to do a lot of things, but with not enough (physical) energy to do it all...know that this will settle as we complete our grounding process.

On a higher level you may feel ready to burst through the gate, yet in physicality the foundations needed to support our new ways of living and being are still being set up as the energy slowly trickles into the denser realms.

What to do in the meantime?

You may already be feeling this urge, but while we are still quarantined in this space of protection, the unseens are encouraging us to wrap things up from our past, complete any unfinished business, organize our lives and set ourselves up with strong tangible structures so we are well prepared to effortlessly handle a rush in forward movement. Time to pull together all wayward elements and tie up loose ends...finish up what was so that what is can easily enter our lives, animate our long-held intentions and take us next level.

The rushing feeling accompanying our need to get things done is really just a manifestation of the end of a cycle and the imminent arrival of a new one, but it is serving good purpose. If we can wrap things up successfully, we will effectively cauterize any lower vibrating reality systems from our past,and that we created unconsciously, so that all future manifestations will be permanently sealed in light.

The Return of Planetary Guardianship

Humanity was originally created to hold the commission of serving as Earth's guardian race. The knowledge of divine and sacred science that is now available to those who effectively transcended polarity consciousness... through the arduous cycle of clearing and anchoring the electro-magnet-ic grid that is making this possible... will begin the physical restoration (resurrection) of our planet's original divine blueprint.

As we begin to create our higher dimensional kingdoms that will carry the pure vibration of home, we will quickly (and in some cases, miraculously) come together in soul purpose with our human brothers and sisters of vibrational accordance. Together with our hands, hearts and like-minds, our balanced and altruistic intentions will begin the implementation phase of planetary ascension... the building blocks of 5th dimensional consciousness in 3d dimensional form.

And now that we are regaining full consciousness in the new and true, we will be like children experiencing life for the first time. Starting new journeys, exploring new realms, learning new things, creating with magic, and as always...evolving to even greater states of awareness.

The real journey has only just begun...and there is so much more to come!

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

Until next time...