Earth-Keeper Chronicles - Issue # 35

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn
August 2009

Tahoe - Vortex of the Violet Flame

Lake Tahoe is twenty-two miles long and twelve miles wide. It's average depth is an amazing 1,645 feet. It is the 2nd deepest lake in North America, the third largest lake in North America, and the eighth largest lake in the world. It formed two million years ago when volcanic eruptions sealed two gorges in what were to be named the Sierra Nevada mountains. Then glacial run-off filled the deep canyon, and Lake Tahoe was born. Sixty-three streams and rivers continue to keep it filled. It is almost crystal clear, with a depth visibility of 50 feet, and supremely beautiful. The indigenous consider it sacred, and home to the Blue-Thunderbird, as well as a 'Loch Ness' type creature that has been sighted through out local recorded history in its vast waters. - Nevada Tourism Press

"The Crystalline application of the Violet Flame, is a crucible of purification. It serves as the final processing of those obstacles that prevent the seeker from moving into the non-polarity of the Crystalline MerKiVah." - AA Metatron


Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I greet you all within this precise vector of timeless space. I embrace you in unconditional love.

Dear Ones, Humanity is at a crux, a crucial point. Those of you that have carried the Ascension Light to this point have indeed done your job, but now more is required of you.

You see, there are masses of humanity that are undecided, uncertain where to go, and so great numbers are taking a step back, rather than forward. And we tell you, that cannot be allowed to occur. Your energy is required.

And so we speak to those of you carrying the light. Because many of you are now at a seeming impasse. And some of you do not even recognize your immobility. Masters, sitting on the fence is no longer a possibility for those that have heard the clarion call of the Planetary Ascension.

So why the pause, why the indecision?

It is because there is a final stage of clearing required on the planet, and within your selves.

The Crystalline Crucible

You see the 999 ushers in the Crystalline Age, and with that the transformation to the Crystalline MerKiVah. Yet that transformation requires the last dross of imbalance, of obstacle to be removed from your field.

The issue is that what was easy to remove has been removed, and what remains is harder to grasp, as if swept under the rug from sight. But the Earth itself is mobilizing to assist you in that release. Certain vortexial points within the earth are now engineered, since the advent of the Cosmic Trigger, to enable the release into the crystalline energy. That through what is termed the Crystalline Violet Flame, indeed a crucible of sacred purification.

The Crystalline application of the Violet Flame, is a crucible of purification. It serves as the final processing of those obstacles that prevent the seeker from moving into the non-polarity of the Crystalline MerKiVah. It is available with intent and process, but is amplified, generated and disseminated from specific vortexial points on the planet.

The Earth and indeed Humanity are in a moment of Forward-Thrust, of Critical Momentum, and it is no longer suitable, no longer sufficient to rest on your laurels. More is required. You see the sacred seal has opened, and transformation is calling. A new program presents itself, and it is the Crystalline Awakening into zero field, and with it the transformation to the new Crystalline MerKaBah and MerKivah. A system that is non polar, non-gendered.

Forward Movement

The magnetics and electros of the Earth are completing themselves and finding a fulcrum of balance. Did not the Magnetic Master , Kryon of Michaels Family complete the adjustment of magnetics to make way for the crystalline grid? Indeed it is so. The electro magnetics of polarity field now gives way to the Crystalline Emergence within zero field. It is an aperture whose time has come, it is a point of Re-Creation. And that Re-Creation is the return to the Crystalline Essence from which you have come.

The Elemental Fulcrum

And so within the present flux, there is an fixed moment, a fulcrum point of Universal Truth that is opening like a lotus flower. It unfolds within the new paradigm of the Ascending Earth, and it does so within what is termed the 'Elements of Earth'. That of Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Ether.

Indeed there are points on the Earth that are tantamount to the unfolding, and these offer themselves in purposeful transformational alignment.

And so we speak of sacred waters. Masters there is a unique symbiotic relationship between the human physical resonance and that of the 'Earth-Element' of water. The frequencial imprint of the human body is in special resonance with the five sacred elements of Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Ether. Yet it is the resonance of water that correlates to the essential creation or imprint projections of the human form. If you consider that the human body is approximately 70 percent water, there is a easy logic in understand the basis of this premise.

Crystal Waters of the Violet Flame

There are certain points of waters upon the Earth that present a unique crystalline lens and amplification of what is termed the Violet Flame. The three largest of these form a triangle and are as follows: Lake Baikal in Siberia, Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and Lake Tahoe in the United States. The former two are currently recognized, the latter one is only now being so.

Yet in truth all three have always been sacred. How could such powerful bodies of water not have pristine energies. Pause for a moment to consider the commonality of all three. Each are vast and deep bodies of pristine waters. Each are surrounded by an enclosure of volcanic mountains and valleys rich in electromagnetic and crystalline fields, forming an ovid lens. As such all of the matrixial ingredients for the vortexial swirl is present and embellished with a supra-potent field of natural plasmic energy. Now we tell you that bodies of clear, pure fresh water contained in deep entrenched formations are capable of unusual, crystalline fluid properties. This is a different form of crystallization than occurs in the silica colloidal waters of Banff and Torres del Paine, as it is non colloidal, Newtonian fluid. Your academics and physicists do not yet fully recognize that specific waters of clear Newtonian properties are capable of crystalline physico-chemical properties when compressed at specific depths, becoming 'densified' liquid crystals.

In essence deep lakes of clear waters such as Lake Tahoe, Lake Baikal and Lake Titicaca, develop layers of liquid crystalline energy that exude tremendous energy, and amplify the conscious projection of the living waters.

The lauded studies of Japanese researcher Dr Emoto, has shown that conscious water can exude pseudo crystalline forms when influenced by positive energy emissions. We tell you that unique waters such as those in Tahoe, Baikal, Ouachita and Titicaca, also are enhanced by the geometrical vibrations of the crystalline and noble metals within the living land, particular at deep levels. Your academics believe water to be incompressible, but we tell you it does exist in compressed states in specific conditions, and in these situs, it is creates an enormous energy field.

The Mega Vortex of Tahoe

One of the most potent vortexial portal complexes in the Americas, has been unrecognized by many metaphysicians in the past four decades. It is Lake Tahoe in northwest Nevada, on the border of California. Yet some of your renown leaders and teachers, such as Ronna Herman and Jim Self were drawn to live in its vicinity as anchors. Many others are now drawn. Yet in truth the waters of Tahoe have been recognized for their stunning beauty and tranquility for millennia. But Masters, these waters offer far more than this. Those that spend time near the waters soon find a deeper and deeper tranquility. And yet they encounter deep moments of self review, release and re-prioritization. This attribute is no random occurrence, and its function is becoming greatly amplified in the crystallization of the Violet Flame.

A Land of Golden Energy

Your geologist are aware that there are vast deposits of gold and silver in the greater area of the Tahoe Vortex. Both of these noble metals offer tremendous frequencial attributes to the Tahoe waters and Vortex that are extremely beneficial. ( *Writers Insert Notation - Over three quarters of the gold mined in the United States comes from Nevada, it is also the second largest producer of silver.) Vast quantities of these metals are in the carbonate formations within the Tahoe Vortex and absolutely embellish the energy of this place. There are also crystals that naturally occur in strands of pegmatites in the igneous granite that surround the area and throughout the Sierra Nevadas. Opals, citrine, amethyst, ametrines, garnet, jasper, turquoise, chaldonacy, and other quartz varieties abound in the area. Some known, others not, yet their potent energies add immensely to the energy of place.

Many of you tend to think of Nevada for its gaming, and thus assume it is not a high vibration. Yet we tell you that the north west portions of Nevada are a vastly different energy from the gambling mecca you call Las Vegas. It is why so many are drawn to the area around and between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. We tell you that between the nodes of Yosemite and Tahoe is a pristine energy that carries great energy of higher dimension.

Within that energy the lower vibrations of human greed are filtered and washed clean from the higher fields that abound there. That is why the indigenous, and indeed the Atlanteans before them recognized and came to the energies of the Tahoe Vortex. The area of Lake Tahoe has been recognized as sacred for aeons. Enclosed in its vast vortexial complex are an array of unique energies that add to its immaculate energy. Within its field are satellites that add to its frequencial potency. The areas known as Pyramid Lake and Grimes Point ( Spirit Cave) are in fact part of the energy of the mega vortexial-portal system of Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe is also an anchor to a second energy matrix which includes Mount Shasta, Yosemite and Grand Teton National Parks. All are harbingers of the Violet Ray of Saint Germain. Each represent the Violet Flame is an elemental context, Shasta is fire, Tahoe is water, Yosemite is Earth and The Tetons are air.

We are ready for your questions.

Question to Metatron: Ronna Herman has recently channeled Archangel Michael regarding vast amethyst crystals that exist beneath Lake Tahoe. Can you speak on this ?

AAMetatron: What this beloved Messenger has brought forth is the anchoring of the vibrational creation frequency termed the Violet Ray. Archangel Michael has shared with you that the Crystalline-Pattern of what is termed the Violet Flame carries the vibrational patterns of the Divine God-Cell. It was anchored and split within duality in a male and female aspect, the former in Mt Shasta, the Latter below Tahoe, both in octahedronal matrix.

The Octahedronal format held the non-duality of the crystalline matrix and emitted the dual aspects of same into polarity aspects of male-female. We have shared with you before, the octahedron is the sacred geometrical format that servers as a transducer of energies, and gateway to higher dimensions. Thus the as above so below.

Question to Metatron: And the amethyst crystal that AAMichael speaks of below Lake Tahoe, is it etheric or in physical?

AAMetatron: Both. In the truest sense all crystals that occur in physical also occur in etheric form, as well as in matter/antimatter format. This is an axiom of crystalline physics that is yet to be rediscovered, but that discovery is not too far away in linear time.

The Amethyst Crystal that is dimensionally below Lake Tahoe is not Atlantean in origin, as are the massive Master crystals of Arkansas and Brazil. It predates both Atlantis and LeMuria, although the savants of both were aware of both the violet amethysts in Shasta and Tahoe.These crystals were constructs of what you term the Elohim Masters of the higher Arch-Angelic Realm in tandem with elite Arcturian Crystal Masters, accordingly existing in the etheric realm and becoming physical after placement. The Master Arcturians became what you may term the guardians and keepers of the crystals, forming an ovid of antimatter around them, and working the duality transductions. One of these is indeed the one you term Saint Germain. The ovid is what is termed the Crystal Creation Cave.

Question to Metatron: Can you speak on the activation of the Tahoe Vortex.

AAMetatron: Better to say transformation. Indeed it has been incredibly active for aeons. The Tahoe Vortex-Portal is transforming with the ushering in of the Crystalline Age. The Amethyst Crystals are moving from octahedronal mechanism to that of the stellated Icosahedron in both Tahoe and Shasta. The transformation is an aspect of the Cosmic Trigger and 999 transformations of and within the Earth to the Unified Crystalline Field.

Lake Tahoe is then one of many centers on the Earth that will assist the transformation in a specific role of feeding the energy and frequencial imprint of the Violet Ray into the earth, but in non-dual, crystalline aspect. It will be amplified by the amethyst-energy silvertine (feminine) waters of Lake Tahoe, and disseminate these energies into a vast region of the North American continent. This is only now beginning, but indeed the very elevation of this area, will keep it above the encroaching seawater of the changing earth in the centuries and millennia to come. This will not be the case for the more southern, lower elevation areas of Nevada.

And so what we tell you is available in Tahoe after the 999, is a release of the final obstacles that need to be released in order to achieve the new Crystalline MerKiVah. There are other such areas, including Banff, Titicaca and Baikal. The unique pattern of Tahoe lies in the differentiating frequencies of the vast gold and silver within the deep waters, which indeed facilated the placement of the omnipotent Amethyst Crystal Ovid below them.

Question to Metatron: You shared previously that Grimes Point is part of the Tahoe Vortex-Portal System. Can you re-address the Time Gate aspect of Grimes Point.

AAMetatron: Yes. As we have shared, this is a very unique point and a satellite contributor to the energy of the Tahoe system. It is however an entirely different function from the Crystalline Violet Ray function of Lake Tahoe, but the specific Time-Gate that occurs at Grimes Point, could not occur without the synergy of the contributing energy matrix projected by the compressed crystalline waters in the depths of Lake Tahoe. ( Note - AAMetatron channel on Time Warps in The Tahoe Vortex -Grimes Point- is reprinted below in its entirety - to read scroll down)

Closing: Dear Ones, The living earth is your ally in the graduation into the Ascended Earth, and emergence into the non-polarity of the Crystalline Age.

The crystalline aspect of the crucible energies of the Violet Flame will amplify and boil to the surface the remaining untoward vibrational frequencies within your energy field in order to clear the path for the crystalline MerKiVah.

This is exponentially easier to accomplish within certain conscious power nodes, such as Titicaca, Baikal , Banff and Tahoe. But it can be accomplished at any time, at any place, with proper intent.

Dear Ones, it is requisite.

Masters, as you through love and will project the Crystalline Radiance of your own Divinity, you change the world, by changing yourself. Ascension occurs one heart at a time. Respect and nurture one another, and remember to love your self, for you are the Light of GOD.

I am Metatron and I share with you these TRUTHS. And so it is.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Time-Gates In the Tahoe Vortex:
The Enigma of Grimes Point -
AA Metatron through J Tyberonn

Grimes Point Petroglyphs - Time Warp Waves? "Spirit Cave Man's remains, found at Grimes Point, are now the focus of worldwide excitement and a national controversy. The man does not resemble American Indians, anthropologists say, and he may represent an unknown racial population already established in North America before ancestors of the early Native American Indians arrived. The enigmatic remains are dated to be over 10,400 years old, by far the oldest verified remains found in North America." - Associated Press


Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I greet you all within this precise vector of timeless space. I embrace you in unconditional love. Love that is geometric, love that is scientific, a love of immeasurable sacredness. Love is the source of ALL. It is not an emotion, it is an omnipotent resonance. The source of power that enables your present consciousness has never been physical, and where I reign, there are many divine beings of light not even aware that such a physical system as yours exists. Does that surprise you?

Divine Intelligence and sentient consciousness existed long before your earth was formed. Consciousness is the engine of all creation, all matter and antimatter, and it forms many other realities besides your Earth. It is, again, your own viewpoint that is presently so limited that it seems to you that physical reality is the rule and mode of existence. Your academics look for life on other planets within your solar system, and because they are different from your Earth, assume that no life exists upon them. We tell you not only are they teeming with life, but the planets and stars and the space particulate between are themselves all conscious beings. Even the void is alive. Physical life is the exception, not the rule.

The physical system in duality is a purposeful illusion. You are dreaming the dream of humanity. You are powerful spiritual beings wearing filters. You are Divine sparks of Creator source attending the University of Earth. And so you must accept this axiom, and from your viewpoint try to understand the greater realities that exist beyond your physical perceptions, and they are many. And LOVE is the building block, the core 'DNA' of everything.

And so we speak of Time Warp.

Question to Metatron: Last year I spent time at a very unique power node called Grimes Point located near Lake Tahoe, outside Reno, Nevada on the border with California. The area is covered in very interesting petroglyphs and is recognized by some Native Americans as a doorway to Star Nation. A cave exists in the area that has very interesting energies. I spent some time along among the rocks and soon went into a meditative state that felt very similar to ayahuasca. I felt as though I had passed into a time void, outside linear time, and the physically visible surroundings had a wave like haze and I sensed an electrical pulse in the land. Can you speak about this area? Is it an area of time warp?

Metatron: Grimes Point is indeed an area of time distortion. That distortion occurs on several levels. The first is due to a gravitational flux that rhythmically occurs in the specific area. The very gravity distortion also affects the space-time continuum in the area, and creates a dimensional aperture field very similar to what occurs in the poles.

Question to Metatron: There are Native American stories from the Paiute Tribe and a report from a physician in the 1940's of underground cities in this general area. Can you speak of this?

Metatron: We have spoken before of the civilizations and colonies that exist within the inner earth, and have spoken about the vast underground network of tunnels and caverns that network your planet. These were originally constructed by the Sirians and Pleiadians, and utilized extensively by the advanced Atlanteans. Those you think of as the LeMurians inhabit many of these chasms below the areas of Mt Shasta, Grand Tetons, Arkansas and extensively in the area of Grimes Point, the Mohave Desert and Death Valley regions of the United States.

These areas exist, it is not folklore, rather a fact of dimensional overlay in the unified field. While there have indeed been random incidents of discovery of these caves containing tunnel networks and evidence of past civilizations and bases, these have been disavowed, sealed and the discovers discredited. The caves at Grimes point are indeed an entry to the Atlantean tunnel system, but what primarily occurs in current times below Grimes Point is a massive portal.

Specifically because of its unique frequencies, is indeed an entry point to the inner earth bases used primarily by the Pleiadians. While this sounds fantastic and unbelievable to many, it is quite true. Your primary origin is in fact from the Pleiades and Sirius, yet despite overwhelming evidence, it is largely dismissed as delusion by mankind. You are indeed of Galactic origin, and you coexist in multidimensionality, as these very races you deny exist.

You speak of Paiute legends, in fact most of the tribal indigenous recognized what they termed 'Star Nation'. Many of their languages include names for the Pleiades. The Lakota, Hava Supai and Navajo all reference the Pleiades and Sirius. The Hava Supai refer in legends to spindly blue gray 'ant people' as having taken them into underground refuge cities during the first and second Atlantean deluge. These were indeed the LeMurians and Sirians. It is understood by your geologist that this area was under water 12,000 years ago.

The human remains of what you term 'Spirit Cave Man' found in Grimes Point is an enigma to your anthropologists. Your current technology ages the remains to 8,400 BC. Yet the greatest mystery is that the remains are not of the indigenous race, but rather of a small human with Caucasian characteristics.

Question to Metatron: So is Grimes Point an entry point to the inner Earth?

Metatron: Indeed ! One of many. It is directly connected to the Agartha City of Mt Shasta and to the vast underground chasms below California, Nevada, Arizona, Arkansas and Wyoming.

Question to Metatron: Is the cave reportedly discovered by Dr. F. Bruce Russell an actual event? Did it occur? He spoke of finding mummies of 9-foot men with red hair and geometric symbols.

Metatron: The cave was found and does exist. There are many discoveries of what you term giants all over the planet. The ones found in Nevada and California are of the Atlantean tall race of golden skin and often with blond or reddish hair. The golden race of Atlantis were typically 9 to 12 feet in height. The Ayrians of Atlantis were Caucasian in appearance and between 5 and 6 feet in stature, as were the red race of Og that became known as the Native Americans, the Mayan, Iroquois and many others are of Atlantis in root.

While we have no desire to get into what you term conspiracies and secretive policies, portions of your government have been in liaison with certain of the extra terrestrials and the inner Earth LeMurians for most of the past century. Some of this is actually benevolent work, some is around secretive technology advancement. It is not our mission here to delve into this, other than to tell you that in the near future your extra terrestrial connections will be much more apparent. But again, these connections were commonly recognized, and without fear by the Indigenous. Many of your campestral tribal societies interacted openly with 'Star Beings" and indeed with the inner Earth LeMurians. Yet interaction was for teaching and assistance. While your government is in contact with these now, there is no desire of the inner Earth LeMurian civilization to intermingle with mankind in the current. These are tranquil beings, highly spiritually advanced, with no religion other than recognition of the Divine. They are on a separate course and very near the completion of their cycle. When you develop the inner ability to raise your frequency, you will discover the ability to interact with all Divine Intelligence. You will discovery your true origin, your true purpose and multidimensional nature. You will discover that you are the extra terrestrials, you are the Star Beings, the Dolphins, Atlanteans and LeMurians.

Grimes Point

Question to Metatron: Thank you. Back to Grimes Point, the petroglyphs there are quite interesting. Many of these show wave oscillation and zigzag patterns. Were these symbols of a specific meaning?

Metatron: There are varying time periods and ages of the petroglyphs. Some are simply ceremonial. The ones that are of the wave oscillations and zigzags are symbols of the time and space distortions that the post Atlantean indigenous of the area felt and experienced in the area. For indeed it is a most poignant area of gravitational anomaly and thus time-space dimensional concentricity. You discovered first hand while meditating there, the area exuded a translucent wave field, similar to the mirage you see when observing heat rising from tarmac roads in the height of summer. You see the veil that separates realities is very thin at Grimes Point. Actual scenes, ongoing events from other worlds and other time frames can be visibly seen at certain times, and psychically perceived quite easily here. The electromagnetic bolts that are indicated by the zigzags and the wave oscillation petroglyphs are clear signals of what occurs in the area. The concentric circles and spiral patterns indicate the vortex portal of the area, the entry into what the indigenous termed as Spirit world. All are quite tangible at Grimes Point, and visibly and physically apparent in terms of the gravitational anomalies and time distortions.

The caves in the area were and are used at various periods as entry points for the Pleiadians, and these energies are quite powerful. One can at specific periods truly access greater portions of multidimensionality in such energies as Grimes Point. This energy was recognized by the indigenous as a 'doorway to other realms' because of its unique energy field and its resulting effects on the human visitor. Its effects are many. The adept can employ this energy for retrieval of the integral self. For healing and changing the past and future. The various dimensional realities of the Self merge in the overall perceptions of the whole self. There is a constant subconscious interchange of information between all these layers of the whole self, and this is an extremely important process. It is somewhat easier to enact this healing integration within the concentric dimensional overlays of areas like Grimes Point. Indeed these energies are quite available to the seeker in that manner.

Multi-Dimensional Time

The energy of Grimes Point creates a time anomaly, as do certain other locations on the Earth. Some are recognized, others are not. Time is a created illusion and gravity, earth spin ratio, electromagnetics and celestial alignments are components of its unfolding. Now, time as you perceive it, is simply that, a perception. We assure you that time truly does not exist in the linear manner that you believe, beyond duality. And even within the filtered lens of duality, there are certain areas of dimensional overlay that occur on your planet in which striking time anomalies can and do occur. You see there are many Earths that concentrically occur within the space that mankind perceives physical earth to occupy. There are frequential mechanisms that connect these overlays of parallel dimension, and these create gateways to other time frames and realities that coexist differently within these unique areas. So from the greater aspect, time as you know it does not exist. Time and space are intricately connected, aspects of the same mechanism. Space, in a manner of speaking is congealed light held in a matrixical format within duality that allows for the separation and unfolding of the illusion of trapped or sequential time metrics. To explain it in your present day computer analogy, Space and Time are sub-programs of digital-dimensional light. Space-Time then is a hologramic server that can simultaneously store many different files and subfiles within its storage capacity. Just as there are locations within the stages of computer access that allow you to see all of the programs and files and navigate from one to the other, so there are locational vectors on the Earth program that anchor the hologramic dimensional gateways that allow access into other metric/matrix files of reality and time formats. So as you live this 'present' life in the perceived time of today, you also live all your existences at once. Time 'programs' are hologramic and these programs are manifolded and coded in certain areas, especially the polar regions. Gateways or multi program access occurs in them.

The area you currently call Grimes Point, near Lake Tahoe, Nevada is one of these. Within this area are many overlays of energy dynamics. It is indeed a portal, but we will say an open-ended portal that is not just a wormhole in space to other points in the Cosmos, but indeed (and especially) a unique gateway to other dimensional aspects of what may be termed the hologramic Omni-Earth program. It may be termed a time-gate vector. It is one of many coordinate points on your planet that contain within in it time code scripting. Such coordinate points are anchors that peg each reality to the physical worlds, the Omni-Earth. And so then, within this concentric overlay vector other time programs; other dimensional realms can be frequencially accessed more easily. The ancient adepts knew this, and certainly experienced to varying degrees by many of what you term as the indigenous.

Time Gate Vectors are not the only means to access other realities. Indeed this can be done myriad ways, including the crystalline energies of the phi resonance, in deep meditative states. But what is different in the Time- Gate Vector coordinate-points is that the Omni-Earth Time program itself is anchored, to use a simplified explanation, to certain aligned points that occur on your planet, within certain frequencial matrixes. These are very unique in purpose, and differ from areas such as Titicaca, Arkansas, Grand Tetons, Shasta and Roslyn that are primary Celestial Star Gates. In the former one access other realms, other epochs, other programs of terrestrial time, whereas in the latter one travels to other dimensions in Space. Do you see the difference?

Question to Metatron: Are you saying that Grimes Point and other such 'Time-Gate Vectors' allow for or enhance the ability to travel in time?

Metatron: Yes. But let us be clear, it is better to say that all programs of hologramic times programs coexist more clearly, more tangibly within such points. That does not mean that when one walks into Grimes Point that you will disappear from the present and materialize into a future or past program, rather it means windows into other time-sequence frames are (more) accessible here. But we will indeed tell you that materializations can and do occur here quite intentionally and occasional by accident. We will tell you those more technological civilizations, both from the future and past in your terms, which understand the very real science of time travel chose such time gate vectors for entering other epochs for various purposes. Indeed this can has and does occur.

Time Travel

Time travel has occurred in both your future and past. Although there are instances in which people have temporarily passed into different time holograms, there are very few cases where the transition was permanent. Your Admiral Byrd did in fact temporarily view a very real passing into a different time epoch during his polar flight. Most of the flight disappearances that are so publicized over the Bermuda Triangle were not permanent transferals. Time disruption did occur, but the airplanes did not fully disappear into another epoch of time. Rather were they caused by related instrument malfunctions that created misdirection and radio silence, and the disappearances were simply crashes into the sea.

Certain of your governments working in classified tandem with covert corporations have already developed crude mechanisms of time travel. These are not yet at a truly manageable level, and the stress that results on the human 'tempornaut' is considerably, stress-aging the human body approximately 7 to 10 years on each journey. At present they are only able to move forward in time about 20 years, and are unable to navigate into the past. In time, when the apparatus utilized is converted from magnetic forces to crystalline bioplasmic field this will be improved considerably, and time navigation will be deliberate and not by random mishap. Optimal time navigation occurs Merkivically through a consciousness refined Bio Plasmic field, and while certainly aided in terms of time vector by crystalline apparatus, it is primarily operated by the light-consciousness of the traveler. Many of you time travel in dream state quite often, and therein is the key to how it will be optimally done in expansive conscious states. There are indeed Laws of Physics that apply to how time and space are navigated interdimensionally. And in time, the seemingly apparent boundaries between past, present and future will be better understood as filtered illusions caused by the limitations of dimensionality perception that mankind can physically perceive in duality. It is indeed these single lens filters that create the linear illusion of sequential unfolding of time. This then is precisely the reason mankind believes that one moment exists and is gone forever, and the next moment comes and like the one before also evaporates into the great elusive mist of the past. We tell you that everything in and on the Omni-Earth and indeed the Multiverse exists at once, simultaneously. The past, present and future only appear to those who exist within three-dimensional reality. And the programs that separate time-epoch files on the Omni-Earth can be navigated.

The Past is Not Fixed

The past and future as you 'believe it to be' exists as a series of electromagnetic receptors held in the crystalline portion of the physical brain and in the nonphysical mind within the ultra violet field. These electromagnetic codlings can be changed, and in fact are in constant flux. You script your destiny, and your destiny is not a linear one way dynamic. Your creation of your past is just as important as the creation of your present and future. The past then, is quite malleable and no more fixed than your future. Now, your mental process and beliefs create your past, and there are as many valid versions of the past as there are of the future. We tell you that if the next generation were all to be taught from an early age that the Roman Empire ruled the world until the 17th century, indeed that past would become a reality, and evidence would be found to confirm it. Yet it would be a completely different past from which the older generation constructed. But BOTH would be true. Both would be separate yet valid files within the hologramic programs of time. As humans in duality, you take it for granted that present action can change the future, but present actions can and do change the past as well. The past is no more detached or uninvolved from your present than the decisions you make today. We share a great truth for you to ponder, and that is that everything you do effects your past, and you can accordingly remove what you may term traumas and misactions that occurred years ago or lifetimes ago from your present stance. Furthermore, all of you are required to do so! The electromagnetic crystallographic portals within the human brain are forged and mantled totally and completely by each of you, and uniquely so. The probable past can be changed, and such changes are far from uncommon. These changes happen spontaneously on a subconscious basis. You can now learn to do this consciously.

The linear aspect of the past is rarely what you remember it to be. In fact you constantly rearrange your memory of the past with the experience of each new moment, each new occurrence. It is a constant metamorphosis from the instant of any given experiential event. Your hypnotherapists are aware that pseudo-memories of fictitious or altered past events can be implanted in the minds of humans through deep state inducement, and in a very real sense these memories and they way they effect the subjects present become quite real. So, it follows to reason that the future, present and past are always re-created by each individual as beliefs, attitudes and associations evolve and change. And take note that what occurs is a real-time actual recreation, not a metaphoric one. The changes you make are quite real. The small inner child is indeed still within the adult human as you progress in years. But that inner child is also dynamic, not molded into a permanent version that remains as it was. The child within the human constantly changes every day, as does the teenager, young adult and elderly you in your future.

Re-Scripting the Past

Accordingly, it is now incumbent on you as you enter the Ascension energies, to grasp the power of NOW, and realize that you can and must change the past, your individual past, from the stance of Now. Within the NOW, you can Merkabically convert to the MerKiVa and as such gain the controls of all within our multidimensionality. That is a sacred Universal Truth, and that Truth expands when you enter into it. It expands into power that allows you the fulcrum of cocreation in the singular moment of NOW, above linear time and hologramic sojourns within time in the Omni Earth.

We tell you that personal issues and blockages can and do arise when appropriate evolvement of the past are stymied and not allowed to spontaneously take place. In some scenarios serious neurosis occurs precisely because an individual has not changed his or her past. As an example, the channel has some close associates who at times sense a great panic of claustrophobia and paranoia in large crowds. He is aware that this is due to the associates having a traumatic past life bleed - thru of escaping the chaotic rampage of Athens with children in hand hours before the invading Turks destroyed the city. Literally leaving all behind and running in terror for their lives, with children in tow.

Now we tell you that many of the souls that were drawn into this experience in Athens, were pulled into the re-enactment because the trauma they felt when desperately attempting to escape the shaking earth of Atlantis along the land bridge that connected to the Yucatan created such an electrical charge in their multidimensional self that it became a recurring energy. Such is the power of extreme emotion and fear. The Law of Attraction works in all of your Earthly sojourns. Any event can bleed over into another, and attract by its intensity, similar experience.

This is a perfect example of past life trauma occurring and osmotically effecting the present in the simultaneous NOW. If that probable past is faced and deliberately changed, it can and will eliminate the panic disorder and the resulting neurosis. It does so by changing the past. When you rescript your past and change the experience of the past, the fear behind it is eliminate. It is as if the trauma never occurred, and that is exactly what happens. This is but one example. So irregardless of the specific details, all of you have traumas in the past that can and will be altered in order for you to gain the perfection required in enlightened cocreation. Do not be dismayed, this is quite do-able, and in a subconscious level you have done it many times in dream state. We assure you it can consciously be done in the Merkiva within the NOW.

And precisely because the past, present and future exist simultaneously, there is no reason why you cannot react to an event and alter it whether or not it happens to fall within the limited scope of reality in which you normally participate. You have the ability to remove trauma from the past at anytime, and from an over view that is the completing portion of the lesson of why you chose the experience in the first place.

Time - Dimensional Portals

Now, the LeMurians who escaped the islands of Mu going into the inner realms of the Earth did not simply do so by spelunking. They did not suddenly finding a cave and venture deeper and deeper into it until they stumbled upon a vast inner world chasm. Rather they entered into a different program of the Omni Earth precisely by gathering in a Dimensional-Time Gate coordinate portal and raising their frequency through intent and self-mastery in order to shift into another hologram. This process was also followed in a far more scientific protocol and technique by the Atlanteans of the Golden Era, and for different purpose. The LeMurians relied primarily on natural time gate vectors, whereas the Atlanteans had sophisticated devices and crystals that created time gates. Yet both required Mastery of the Self to raise the vibratory level to different frequencies.

Many humans have experienced the dimensional gate aspects of Shasta and the Grand Tetons, and have read of Guy Ballard's (Founder of the IAM Movement) exploits with the Beloved Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters in the Etheric Light Cities above and inside these mountains. Although in truth, these light cities are neither above nor below in a directional sense, rather separate programs occurring in the same spaceless space, and accessed by Dimensional-Portals anchored to the specific energy matrix of these locations. These areas, these etheric light cities are very key coding points on your planet. All of you will at some point spend time within them. Consider them graduate schools. There access involves the same mechanism as time gates. Well to visit these areas and exercise consciously what you already know how to do in subconscious dream states. Indeed you visit these areas quite often in dream states.

Closing: The ability to become unfixed in time, and indeed navigate within it, has a succinct utility that serves the integral healing of the whole self within multidimensionality. Certain areas on your planet make accessing the time holograms and multidimensional aspects somewhat easier. Grimes Point, Grand Tetons, Arkansas and Mount Shasta are among the most potent of these. This is due to the frequencial energies that are exuded within these portals. Yet it can be achieved Merkivically at any point. No event is 'written in stone' nor predestined. Any given event can be changed not only before and during but after its occurrence. Scripting your future and changing the past remains one of the final challenges for many of you, and no time is more potent than NOW.

I am Metatron, and I share these Truths. And so it is.


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