What To Do When Dawdling in Downtime?

Lauren Gorgo - Sept 4, 2009

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Anyone out there?

If you have been feeling like things are eerily quiet and still right now, that's cuz things are eerily quiet and still right now.

Which is exactly why I am writing...

As details finalize and our lives rearrange themselves to match the new energies we have been downloading since May...and most recently since the eclipse sandwich/lions gate opening/World Conference on Illumination... we are in that familiar (and annoying) vortex of nothingness... clearing, integrating and yes, waiting to reconnect with those higher frequencies.

As we sit (bored out of our fricken minds) in this holding cell of silence with so little energy/activity/connection/inspiration/motivation, scant communication with our higher guidance, an inability to move forward and wondering which end is up...oh yeah, and with sea sickness from the vertigo of the frequency flu...much of our time is spent on the sofa praying for confirmations that we are still on track and that this torture will end before our lives do.

While in the void...and especially this most recent one which carries the vibration of GREAT anticipation of endings/beginnings, new perceptions and the hope of those high vibrations of fulfillment/peace/ joy, etc...I often get a lot of questions from many peeps around the world regarding this still-time...and they go something like this:

"Is there something specific I'm supposed to be doing right now? I feel confused about my next steps, what are they? Nobody's returning my calls or emails, does that mean my projects are dead? I feel very alone and unable to connect with my loved ones...why? All my manifestations and abundance have been completely cut off...what gives? You mention we should get ready for this new phase, how can we do that? What does it mean exactly?""

So I thought I would quickly explain...in 3d terms... where we are now, what we are being urged to do and what for.

Mostly, we are being supported right now to wrap up/let go of any remaining goo from the past (mentally, emotionally AND physically), to get our lives in order as much as we can and get really clear about only what we WANT so when we are fully connected again, the new and fast moving energies will serve to support only our truest and most purified desires. If we use this time (energy) wisely, much else will have been completely eliminated which will serve to save us from minor, but avoidable chaos in the future.

Depending on where you are on the physical part of your journey...ie, how much of your potential you have grounded into form...this subtle spiritual nudge can vary, but mostly it can manifest as a desire to organize, consolidate, clean out your closets/drawers, donate lots of stuff, get caught up on paperwork/filing/bills, complete or update old projects, erase your internet browser cache/update your bookmarks, eliminate unnecessary emails, etc. You may even be urged to update your technology or buy new technology to match your new frequency and that of the new grid.

Symbolically, its like we're nearing our due date and so we must quickly finish up with the nursery preparations and get everything in order so when baby comes we can devote all our time and energy to this new life....because just like the birth of a new child, it will be an all encompassing whirlwind of change!

If you were one who experienced those quickened manifestations from the fast moving energy that directly followed the eclipse in August, you will know exactly what I mean. The flood gates cracked open, if even only for 9 seconds, just to give us a glimpse of whats to come and to really encourage us to prepare for it.

I, for one, panicked in my usual overreactive way and started to reassemble my whole life as though I would somehow be washed away in some perfect storm of creative flow. I boarded up the windows, unplugged all the phones and cancelled any obligatory events for the month of September. The less dramatic of you may have just swept your patio and called it a day.

Since there is very little connection to the new timeline right now...and since inspiration, new ideas, new people and opportunities will be hard to come by until we are reconnected... it really is a great time to wrap up the past, clear the clutter and clean the slate for those exciting new beginnings and next level creations to come flooding into your life.

Truth is that when you have purified your inner self to the point of complete simplicity, your outer environment will naturally adapt to your new perspective. When everything in your outer life is simplified to reflect ONLY those things that you desire to add your energy to, then none of your energy is wasted on what no longer serves your highest and best intentions.

This narrowly focused state of consciousness encourages the streamlined self-containment and self-sustainability that the ascension process ensures for all us, as well as to provide the foundation for a life of expansion and most importantly, one of our conscious choosing.

So if you are wanting to capitalize on the present stillness from this most recent cycle, there are three things you can do right now that will be of great benefit to you in a very short period of time:

1) Get Clear - decide what you want

2) DeClutter - release what you don't want

3) Choose - focus solely on what you want

...then pay attention and see where those three steps take you by the end of September.

Wishing you fun-filled holiday weekend!



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