Merging Into Completeness - Metatron

Lauren Gorgo - Oct 22, 2009


It is a day of new beginnings. It is the dawn of a new era. It is the light of hope shining brightly to restore your faith in the path that has led you through the mire of human mis-creation.

I AM Metatron, greeting you in your vibrational home, that of the 5th dimension.

Welcome warriors.

We, the holders of light and keepers of the flame, come forth this day and on this unprecedented occasion to present each of you with your well-earned robes of honor!

You, those who read these words and take them deep into the inner recesses of your lighted heart flames, step forth in the name of oneness to herald the new day.

Our beloved countenance has fallen upon you and you have risen to claim it. You have held your composure in the name of adversity and great human strife. You have sown the seeds of new life. You have healed the great divide in separation consciousness, and you have worn your dignity well.

You, the first wave warriors, are the new leaders, the bright lights that will shine upon the darkest hours. You are the fallen angels, resurrected and reborn into your rightful place as forerunners, path-pavers and pioneers of a new earth.

Brothers and sisters of light, pray tell.

We are your family... we are the realm that you now inhabit and we come with you, to walk hand in hand into this familiar, yet foreign land. This new territory that you have dutifully claimed as your own now holds you in vibrational alignment with all that is God's glory.

You have presented an opportunity for all of earth's inhabitants to grow toward the light, to reach out and claim what rightfully belongs to each and every one of God's children. You are those who have made this journey possible for all.

Praise yourselves and come together now to praise each other, to hold each other up and to share your love for and with one another... for this magnificent adventure could not have been made possible without your divinely-human strength and blind endurance in faith of a better world.

We cry tears of joy and dance in fields of greater potential for earth's people, and we come together this day to celebrate with you, in honor of you and to show you that you are the ones we have all have been waiting for!

We are your co conspirators in creation of the higher way, but it is you who has made this journey possible.

We share that darkness is soon to fall on your planet once more, yet again to shake the foundation of those who are still deeply steeped in the depths of greed and hate.

We say this to you not to heed warning, but as a reminder that in this coming transition, you are the keepers of the christed flame, you are those who others shall turn to in their darkest hour. You have been well prepared for this role and you are about to exercise your mastery most profoundly.

In the light of the next full moon, there will be a changing of the guard. This change will commence as a result of new galactic and interstellar alignments that will precede the entrance of a new cycle.

This new galactic cycle is a pivotal step in consciousness that will again expose the outworn ways and disrupt the flow of any system based in separation. We assure you that no stone will be left unturned in the coming days, months and years. For this reason it is paramount that each of you, the masters of light, remain diligent in your thinking, anchored in truth, and that your actions stem forth from a place of love.

Stay in your space of hopefulness and joy and regard those who begin to awaken as the same shimmering radiant beings of light that you have heartily become. For deep down, beneath all of the calamity and chaos passing thru the heart of every soul, is the flickering flame of eternal goodness which never ceases to burn.

My friends, stand tall and proud. Your efforts have marked the most significant and magnificent transformation ever to have been achieved on this beautiful planet of love.

Yes, Love is the new standard now that you have achieved it. Love is the action that you have put forth in remembering your is the action that you have put forth in remembering your power...and love is the action that will heal every wound, feed every mouth and reunite the world under one God, indivisibly, with liberty and justice for all.

Let these words seep deeply into the core of your divine essence, your sacred blueprint, for Love will soon become the common denominator for all fellow lifeforms on this planet.

Love is the potion, the elixir of all miracles. Love is the feeling of completeness, the experience of overflowing fullness, of having it all and sharing it all... for anyone in Love knows that there is always more to be had.

The lives and experiences that each of you knew were yours to have are now attainable...not by your wanting them, but by the love that has filled you up to replace all wants, all needs. In the purity of divine love there is no want, no lack, only that which is whole can exist in pure love.

Have you never wondered why the human body exists with little, water, rest....when in the throes of new romantic love?

Think on this dear ones, and know that the physical release of endorphins activated by new romance results from the rapid increase in vibration that sustains you in love, reminding you of what it is to be home again.

Waves of love-filled bliss will surely overcome you here, as you adjust to the new heights. These waves will continue to pulsate through every cell of your eternal being-ness, altering your genetic and physical makeup, resurrecting all in its lighted path and releasing those same endorphins that sustain you in Love.

And in this space you will want for no longer. It is not as if you will be without, for you will undoubtedly have it all...but the difference...the important difference my friends, is that you will not need it all. You are merging into completeness within yourselves, that which activates the universal source of abundance to fulfill you in all ways.

Surely you knew where this path was leading, now lets observe how you fare! Surely it will take some getting used to...yes?

We will be with you to guide you to use your newly acquired powers and we will continue to offer you ways to grow and to attain higher and higher levels of mastery... but in truth, you already have all you need to live and dwell in grace.

Our love for each of you is unending and soon you will understand just how and why you are revered so dearly as humans of sublime virtue.

Stay tuned for many life changes arriving to carry you into the glory land. All is divinely orchestrated and only a force greater than God could alter the path that each of you have selflessly paved in love of humanity.

Sacrifice and commitment to the service of ALL will never go unnoticed or unrewarded, so we join with you now to celebrate, to dance, to sing and to praise all the warriors of the way!

It is now.

With great reverence, and in union with our lighted family on earth, I AM Metatron, guardian of the kingdom of heaven, keeper of the christed flame.

Again, we are one.

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