Vibrational Upgrades and New Beginnings:
1010, 1111, 1212

Lauren Gorgo - Oct 9, 2009


"Round and round we go...where we'll stop, nobody knows!"

Feelin' bipolar?

Yep, we're still on that crazy merry-go-round of bliss and blocks...feeling the polar extremes for sure.

One minute you may be feeling free, full of expansion and with the taste of pure possibility and potential on your tongue. The next...trapped, limited, bound by your past mis-creations and wondering which real-ity is real. Mostly... you're probably wondering if and when this insanity will ever end.

If you can relate to any of this, I have good news and bad news...which do you want first?

The bad news is... if you are adjusting to the new timeline, you are supposed to be a hot mess right now...feeling quasi-manic as we waddle into our new vibrational home and while methodically shifting from polarity to neutrality.

The good news is...things are starting to look up again! Forward movement is slowly coming back, and our new beginnings are desperately trying to find their way into our deflated and played-out lives.


September 9th, 2009 offered many of us a major opportunity for completion. Completion of any and all wayward elements hindering our arrival into the new and true, and in some cases this meant bringing up some very old wounds for release and the accompanying aftershock of physical re-calibration resulting from the toxic release.

This may have shown up in your life as sudden news that needed your immediate attention, the surfacing of old emotional memories and/or pain, things you were avoiding or not sure how to deal with, and anything that needed wrapping up should have reared its ugly head in September.

With Mercury retrograde for most of September, there was not much to do other than sit around in our goo and because there were no opportunities for forward movement, it gave most of us the mental kick in the pants we begrudgingly needed to really deal with old business, cauterize any open wounds and release all remaining fears of the unknown.

For the most part this amounted to a month of mania...infrequent bouts of bliss coupled with prolonged bouts of crying, raging, fear, anxiety, boredom, restriction, poverty, sickness, insomnia and of course, my favorite...relentless fatigue.

And a good thing too, cuz now that all that stuff is out of the way (or up for review) we will definitely find it easier to move out of our self-made-muck and into the next two gateways sealing us into our new and higher vibrating realities.

1010-New Beginnings

So in September we survived 999, 911, Mercury Retrograde and the equinox, and now in October we are preparing for the next galactic/celestial line up. Fortunately, with the exception of that irrational full (harvest) moon on the 4th, October (beginning with the 1010 gateway),is looking to be a much more hopeful month of transition in terms of moving forward again, reconnecting with our soul families, attracting more aligned opportunities and new beginnings.

According to the Pleiadians, the first wave path-pavers completed the "universal clearing phase" on 9/9 and from now until 12/12 we will be undergoing the cellular re-patterning needed to vibrationally align with our divine blueprint... or quantum anatomy.

This basically means that our bodies really need our love right now because every single cell is being attuned to what I am hearing as scalar wave patterning... or zero-point neutrality...and what the invisibles keep referring to as our new vibrational "home" in consciousness.

This is why we are still enduring so much physical clearing and its the clearing part that really has us feeling so manic...basically, because bliss hurts. Rather, bliss is always followed by the resurgence of all that is not bliss in the expansion/contraction process of purging and integrating any darkness (fear) in our lives and bodies.

Let me explain: each time we climb to a new vibrational level in consciousness and let more bliss (God/Christ consciousness) into our lives and bodies, our DNA is then activated on a higher level to transmit information to our cells to match that vibration...which means healing anything that is not aligned with bliss.

Most times this "bliss" download forces old buried fears to rise to the surface to be transmuted and released (meaning, we quickly and temporarily relive our pain), which amounts to us feeling pretty awful for a short period of time. When it's over, we feel great again, sometimes better... which can easily be confused with mania. Our true (quantum/christ consciousness) state of being is kind of like the blue skies behind storm clouds...always there and consistently beautiful and clear...despite any passing weather fronts....and reemerges each time a storm clears out.

The tricky thing has been realizing or remembering our true nature because we have been in an aggressive activation (awakening) cycle, continuous and ongoing (aka, relentless) and we have been in a taxing state of (healing) crisis almost continuously.

Healing and Scalar Wave Frequencies

The star beings have been talking a lot about scalar waves lately and how tapping into this neutralized (non-polar) energy is the whole point of ascension...the holy grail, if you will.

I don't really want to wax all scientific on you... but I totally will.

Here goes...

Scalar waves have been described to me as another form of invisible energy that is relatively unknown by mainstream scientists, yet contains all of the untapped potential for higher dimensional existence for this planet. If I am hearing correctly, scalar waves exist above or around electromagnetic waves, run longitudinal as opposed to transverse, and are emitted from the galactic core as opposed to electromagnetic waves which are emitted from the Great Central Sun.

The official definition I transcribed is as follows: a neutral carrier wave of a ubiquitous non-electromagnetic field of energy that exists outside of the time/space continuum and carries information and other forms of consciousness to move potentials into manifestation.

Did I lose you?

That's just a geeky, sci-fi way for a 5th dimensional being to say that scalar energy is THE field of pure (limitless) potential that we have been working so hard to access thru clearing, clearing, clearing... or what I like to refer to as "the force". Also known as: All that IS, Source, universal intelligence, the timeless/formless, unified field, quantum field, antimatter, etc.

The importance of this neutral energy as it pertains to planetary evolution is two fold: First, the concept of scalar wave frequencies, as it was first introduced to the human populace, was used more for the communication systems and technology on our planet, but now and in the era of rising consciousness, many are beginning to see the overall effects of scalar energies and specifically how they pertain to human healing.

The healing aspect is an important link to ascension and the evolution of mankind because these scalar waves generated in the body also provide an energetic communication system that connects all cells to create harmonic system functioning and cellular regeneration when we are residing in a mental space of peace.

Through increasing human consciousness we realize that it is not the intention or design of the human body to rapidly decompose as it does in 3d dimensional civilizations and societies..that the human body is designed to regenerate and replicate itself... but in order to do so it must first be plugged in or in constant communication with universal intelligence...aka, the force.

On becoming a Jedi

The arduous process of releasing fear and limitation through the first wave ascension cycle was to ensure our clear and unobstructed connection to Source so that we could begin to manifest our purified intentions from the field of pure potential, as an example of what is now possible, and which includes the perfection of our physical forms.

This means that our bodies are finally beginning to absorb and communicate the neutral scalar wave frequencies of pure bliss-full potential from our newly wired connection to universal intelligence which, as you are well aware by now, is completely altering our physical makeup. In other words, those who have transmuted and released enough negative cellular memory imprints from discordant thought patterns are now aligning with the vibration of pure Source energy (bliss), on all levels.

In biological terms, this would be referred to as "miracle healing".

What's this all mean?

In spiritual/esoteric terms, we are transcending karma... in scientific/quantum terms, we are neutralizing pop culture terms, we are becoming Jedi Knights.... all with the ability to manifest new potentials from the un-manifest scalar wave field of pure potentiality.


So as of 9/9, many are now fully anchored in a neutral vibrational space (peace) that is free of discordant thought patterns... and though there is nothing left to clear universally speaking, our physical and emotional bodies will still need some linear time and space to complete the clearing and re-patterning process since these layers vibrate more slowly and are therefore more dense.

For the rest of October and into the new year we will be modulating... vibrationally upgrading everything remaining in our lives, aligning with our new beginnings in all ways, and to varying degrees we will continue to exist between worlds...experiencing more life in 5D consciousness with forward movement toward our intended outcomes, feelings of "anything is possible", support for our visions, and with increasing levels of creativity, expansion and inspiration... yet continuing to purge old reality constructs from our cells... detoxifying, regenerating and aligning our bodies with the pure vibrations of bliss.

If you find yourself suddenly dealing with some horrors of the past while simultaneously attracting new level experiences, opportunities, and relationships that align with your future version of self, this may be why. The collapsing of timelines can be very confusing and remaining conscious thru the process is key. It is easy to slip into fear if you don't understand the physics of interfacing timelines (past and future), so try to keep in mind that endings and beginnings are happening simultaneously and we will not be left unsupported in the process.

On 11/8 we will officially enter the galactic 6th night according to the Mayan calendar, and on 11/11 there will be another re-calibration of sorts...a way to realign ourselves with the 5D again after another month of anchoring these energies into every square inch of our physical lives.

1212- Gate Closed

At the 12/12 portal and until the Solstice, the gate will be closing behind us and timelines will be severed. At this point, those embarking upon the new and true will have been completely and biologically prepared for higher dimensional living and, if not already, it will become very apparent which reality we reside in at that point. Some vibrational filtering will need to take place to put each of us in contact with our true brothers and sisters of like-mind so we can come together and work collaboratively on our visions of a new earth.

By the new year we will be operating at a completely new level of creative expression and actively participating in and with our new beginnings.

Getting and Staying Grounded

We are still in the throes of the too-many-to mention ascension symptoms, feeling rickety and worn out, but at the same time there is so much energy running through our meridians and pumping through the heart center that it is worth a quick mention.

Feelings of stress, anxiety and urgency have been a major side effect, most specifically since the harvest full moon on October 4th. These incredible surges of energy are barreling down the antennas that we call spines, impatiently trying to find an outlet. If not properly grounded this energy can back up and create pressure (especially in the ears) and stress/tension in the the neck and shoulders, behind the heart, and in the lower back. This extra energy also encourages insomnia, racing thoughts and even feelings of panic. Other side effects created from the massive heart openings include heart palpitations, pain in chest and back, indigestion, nausea and rapid heart beat.

Imagine that you have just been unplugged from a 15 amp outlet on a 20 amp circuit and now you are plugging into your own 50 amp dedicated circuit...cuz that's sort of what is happening at the moment...we are firing up our electrical system in a big way which, incidentally can also wreak havoc on electronics and light bulbs.

So if you start to feel overwhelmed remember to ground yourself because without a proper "outlet" you will feel all wound up, but walking into walls... feeling like there is so much to do, but unable to get anything done. This energy must be assimilated through movement so exercise, stretching, any physical activity should help you to release or reroute these surges.

And as always, whenever we are downloading a ton of energy...and if not properly grounded...we can inflate like marshmallows as a protection mechanism from electrocution. If you have been unusually bloated lately this could be why. It is also very common to eat like an animal during an integration period, so don't be alarmed if you suddenly find yourself binging on big macs.

When all is said and done tho, we will finally be able to trade in these fat-suits (we have unwillingly been donning) in exchange for those new celestial robes of honor. Or wait...was that just code for: a robe is all you will be able to fit in???

Happy portal hopping!