Message from the Masters

Masters via Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
Oct 8, 2009


(Note from Dr. Meg: In the last newsletter, the Masters talked about a series of coming events multi-dimensionally. The full message can be read by clicking on the previous message link. I have excerpted their description here so that those of you who may have missed that one are up to speed. They said:

There are many events which will escalate in the coming times. Now that the triangulations have culminated and particulate relationships are reordered and reharmonized, there comes a vast opening of multiple Stargate systems. This is a multi-level system, meaning that it crosses the time space continuum, dimensional thresholds and is interconnected by a vast series of wormhole systems. These systems are regulated with a valve system which allows for a, for lack of better descriptive in your language, vacuum system type of operation which in turn allows for expedient transfer of matter in particulate form. At the same time, these valves maintain positive and negative pressure thresholds between transfer stations and angulation changes within the system.

This series of star gate systems was utilized by the precursors of the Atlanteans, beings of an intergalactic nature. These systems are the Um, the Lenhe, the Aetnalin, the Urnallum, the Renari , the Leioni and the Dendor. 7 being the number of truth, 7 being the number of Stargate systems opening. This will begin on October 3rd of your current year.)

Message from the Masters - October 8th, 2009

Antui Anshallah!

To each of you welcome and greetings!

It is that we have spoken to you previously about coming events of a multi-dimensional nature. It is understood that that which human beings cannot see or feel or touch with their normal senses is difficult to perceive as reality. We tell you that you have another set of senses, those of the seventh nature. With these senses you have the capability to see, feel, know, and even hear, smell, taste and touch on varied levels of reality. It is only to let go of your illusion that the reality in which you live is all there is. That is not so.

As events begin to refine and the triangulations have now completed, and the web of star gates, wormholes and portals begins to snake open throughout creation, certain events will come to fruition to validate for you that which occurs in other realities. In the past week, your ring of fire has lit up like a city night. It is that there have been large seismic events that have also affected weather events. If you were to view the recent earthquake maps you would see that virtually the entire ring of fire is lit except the Pacific Northwest. With every event of a seismic nature, there must be an event that mirrors. These events may happen simultaneously or within days or even a few years later, but they happen. There comes a quake large in nature off the Northern Oregon, Southern Washington coast that will affect the flow of the Columbia River. At the time of this event, the river will flow backward temporarily from the coast.

Other events include strong wind patterns as the jet stream moves in an unusual flow. Warming in Europe along with heavy winds, and a seismic event deep in the Atlantic Ocean. All of these events are necessary for release of pressure and inner balance of the earth. There will also be electromagnetic anomalies and a minor tilt of the earth of its current axis that will move magnetic north. These events will happen over the next eight years. As the electromagnetic anomalies and releases from deep within the earth occur, you may feel a tilt of your inner gyroscopes. You may feel irritated, uncertain of why, and yet, irritated. This is because it is an electromagnetic field which holds you together as a mass of matter. All electromagnetic energy is interrelated and also relative to forces of gravity. It is no wonder that on occasion you feel symptoms of imbalance and irritation. The matter which is you is responding to events that you cannot see or hear or feel with your normal senses.

This electromagnetic field is the same field in which all energy travels. All prayers, intentions, in fact any energy that is expended, move through these electromagnetic fields, commanding reality to shift into something new.

Your reality, your universal beingness, in fact all creation is shifting. You have requested this. In fact, many of you have required it. You have been heard. It is not to become fearful of the outcomes of these changes. Instead, you much know that the same power from which you created these shifting times has the ability to determine their outcome. We repeat:

The same power from which you have created these shifting times has the ability to determine the outcome.


Knowing this, there is no reason to fear what might be. The question is what is now. What are you doing with this now in such a way that will ripple outward into the infinite bringing back to you that which you have commanded by your actions, your words, thoughts, and intentions. Universally speaking, all of the messages that you send outward into creation are heard. It is the power with which you send them and the certainty of your intentions that determines your effectiveness. Your messages travel along the corridors of creation instructing all reality to recreate itself just for your desires, your intentions. And creation responds by rearranging on its most minute levels to accommodate you.

As creation moves and pulses, a living organism of which all of us, you and we are integral parts, portals to other facets of reality become open and available. Shortcuts through the folded layers of reality defy the time space continuum. Past, present and future realities exist in every now and part of you lives in each of them, having experiences that are not quite the same as your earthly ones and in some cases quite different. When you are not harmonized and balanced on all levels, your other reality aspects seem to run amok. They do not indeed. It is that you are a harmonic set of frequencies, each aspect in each reality can be considered a note or set of perfect harmony. When you do not allow inner balance, do not allow yourself to trust and require an alignment of all that you are in every reality, your become dysfunctional and your experiences become chaotic and the realities you have attempted to create do not occur the way that you meant them.

In your quiet time, in your meditations, in your seeking of self, remember this: To call for an attunement of all of your aspects in such a way that you are harmonized to the highest and greatest state of perfection of harmonic relations in conjunction to your experience and that of all reality. When you have done this, you have streamlined your inner eyes and ears as well as your other senses. By considering what you cannot see or hear to be so, it is so. The only reason there are mysteries is that you have forgotten to conceive of the fact that they exist at all. A mystery is an unknown. You already know. All of them. It is simply to allow for the fact that they exist.

As the ancient star gate systems open over the next years, you will find that your internal access will amplify. It will refine so that you can begin to make internal sense of those experiences. We mentioned to you previously that there will be at times bleed throughs of other realities into your perceptions if you are open. These are overlaps of creation as it balances with the star gate system openings and are not to be confused with your personal insights. You will know the difference if you allow awareness to discern for you. That which is truth will feel smooth and unchallenged except by your thinking mind. That which is not will feel confusing, chaotic and be created from your subconscious fears.

At times the changes that are opening universally will affect your gravitational fields as well as those of other planets and other solar systems. There will be some anomalous and unpredicted movements of planets as they respond to these effects. Your earth will as well. These are temporary perturbations of orbit which the Mayan people knew about. These perturbations weave certain patterns into a perfection of geometric nature. Within that remember that you can communicate toward outcomes.

How is it that you see your world in the future? How can you set forth positive messages into creation that will bring to your world a sense of peace and stability? What can you as a being inside of this great One contribute to the fulfillment of the entirety? Or do you choose fear. The Unknown? Remember this: That every choice that you make in your reality affects the realities of all others.

It is that we are grateful to be of service in this now.

Be in peace.

Ansi Entui Nahallah Asi, Asi, Asi

And with all Blessings we return to Light. Of the Light With the Light and Within the Light.