The Triad Portals:
The 11-11, 12-12 and 12-21
Triad Star-Gates of Love

Archangel Metatron via J Tyberonn - Nov 8, 2009


Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. And I embrace you all in energy of Unconditional Love!

And so we speak on the Triad Stargates. We tell you there are three major frequencial openings occurring in the remainder of your year.

These will occur on November 11th, 2009; December 12th, 2009 and December 21st, 2009. These stargates are a major part of the 'Planetary Shift'. The 3 listed frequencial portals are a Triad of inlet corridors that will work in aggregation to assist you through a potent transition. The planet is changing its spiritual season.

The 11-11, 12-12 and 21-12 are aggregated around the release of fear and the acceptance of LOVE. It is the Return of the Heart of the Dove. These bring the Triad Stargates of Love, invigorate LOVE, and are indeed an aspect and function of the Crystalline Age. As such the arc swing of duality is lessened.

LOVE is Pro-Active

Masters we tell you that in the Celestial realms, love is a frequencial force that is pro-active. The triad portals offer you a benevolent aspect of love that will give you the strength of will to be harmonically assertive rather than passive. The Triad gates enable humanity to reinstate passionate influence through stalwart action. Where timidity and fear have closed inner doors, this Triad of Love, will offer frequencial fidelity that will reopen them. On the 11-11 these will be received in micro, individually. On the 12-12 they will be received in macro, in group and mass. And as such hold open the doorway for all of humanity to pass through the same threshold.

The energy that is offered in the Triad Stargates, as always involve your choice and your discernment. But they also require action on your part to activate the energy of enablement that is being made available to the seeking souls of humanity.

These offer you the vision to see what no longer serves you and the ability to take charge of the multidimensional aspects of your consciousness by offering access to the seat of power within the oversoul. The seat of your oversoul is the center of power and Universal Truth. And Universal Truth is in a field of LOVE that is in your terms, devoid of fear. It expands as you enter and enables your ability to access vast wisdom and information to assist you on your journey of Ascension. As such you will discover that your life's purpose and its success is in many aspects is linked to that of others. It is imperative that mankind discover that one can maintain individual reality while cooperating with others to bring about the highest potential and result.

Harmony in the Crystalline Age

In the Crystalline Age of the Ascended Earth partnering with others of diverse content will be seen as very do-able when release of fear is permitted and love is not impeached. Cooperation and harmony do not create limitation, rather expansion and creativity. This possibility, however, requires accountability and responsibility. It does not mean cowering or passivity in the throes of duality. Love requires the commitment of strength. This does not mean bullying another or allowing self to be controlled by fear. Indeed it is standing in your truth, and that requires gentle but solid courage.

Fear, from our higher perspective, is not the opposite of love, in fact it has its purposed role in duality just as all 'obstacles' do. Nor is LOVE meant to cancel out fear per se. Rather the two, from overview, work in tandem to allow humanity to find the harmonic solution.

But do not misunderstand us, unbridled fear can and does separate. It detriments wisdom. As such it is a catalyst in duality. Fear is employed by those with an agenda and a desire to control. Release of fear through unity consciousness is your final test.

As your great teacher, Mahatma Ghandi told you, when you disarm your own heart in unity with those that are fearful and controlling, you disarm their hearts as well. Not by giving in, but by being steadfast in your power and truth, yet open to unity within love of others.

Violence begets violence, and it is never the answer to resolving conflict. For a while it may seem the dark side is winning, but in the end, it is always love that prevails.

So there are in essence two levels of fear that the Triad gates will assist you to deal with. The first is inner fear, fear that causes you to become weak, filling you with doubt and confusion, impairing Love of Self. The second is fear from outside sources. Simply put, being 'stuck' by allowing others in group or individual to control you and limit your freedom. In order to overcome the detrimental consequences of fear and its side effects of despair, depression and immobility all that is required is to face them in strength. Then ask your Divinity to create possibilities and situations that are fear and harm free and then choose the power of will to live them. Be active!

Triad Portals: A Time of Insight and Recharging

The Triad Portals will provide a recharging, a revamping of courage and insight within a vibration of active LOVE. You will be empowered. When fear is faced and released, you will find an inrush of energy. You will within this energy open channels of previously dormant creativity, and creativity leads to the power to script your life. But the vibration of love must ever guide the wise use of power. Those on your planet that truly wield the greatest power, do so in brotherhood, and exude gentleness. True power is also subtle. But insight is required to achieve this.

On the 11th of November energy will initiate that assists you in breaking through the energetic boxes that many on the planet are yet entrapped within, often unknowingly.

Some of you may not even be aware of the entanglements. The primary component of the containment is again, old energy fear. And it is a fear aspect that is multidimensional within the duality hologram of simultaneous time on the planet. Many of the aspects being surfaced in the ascending energy are indeed remnants within the coinciding lifetimes of individuals that must be cleared, must be released. There has been in essence a pull back from many Lightworkers over the past months. A sense of lull. It is why many on the planet for the past few weeks have felt stuck, mired in a low energy that contains waves of doubt. In this present astrologically driven phase of imbalance, the old energy has resurfaced. But it is not just the pseudo-sacrosanct control religions that are seen. Indeed all of the aspects of false beliefs around control and revenge are being boiled to the surface in the purification crucible required for the cleansing of the planet. It is in essence the allegorical test of 'Kristos Temptation', and it is a mirror that reflects what no longer serves.

Dear Ones, we have recently told you that old religions and old dogmatic beliefs of control are in their last throes. Light attracts bugs, it has always been so. Violence is never the answer. All answers lie in the strength of harmony.

Those who are required in the new paradigm to abdicate the old thrones of power in both government and (especially) old-energy religion will not do so willingly. They will not fall without a fight.

Masters, view the incidences of this that have occurred over the past month alone in America. It is manifesting on two fronts, one that is actively center stage, and another that is individual and submissive. Do not fall into the lulled quagmire of surrender.

Heart of the Dove: The Kristos Rose

The 11-11, 12-12 and December solstice are energetic portals that will assist you in breaking through the mire. It is the Return of the Heart of the Dove. It offers what some refer to as the 'Kristos Rose' it is the Heart of the Dove. It is time to shine your light, and that takes energy. There are many paths and many choices on your road of growth. A wise human is one that is not easily surrendered to the threats or actions of nay sayers who will attempt in their negativity to discredit or threaten behind the critical veil of skewed self righteousness.

The planetary Ascension requires seekers to reclaim their will and to shine their decisive intent in a beacon of confidence that is unaffected by the duality bias of the hour. It is time to rally through the mire.

Dear Ones if you hang your head in despair and confusion your heartbeam will be lowered in kind. Lose momentum and your forward thrust will be curtailed. If you ingest the animosity and acrimonious threats of the nay sayers you will be discouraged, and indeed that is their controlling motive. That is their role in duality you see, to ensnare you in confusion and doubt.

The Spiritual Warrior cannot, must not allow the hostilities of the world without to penetrate the layers of the harmony and love within. Do not surrender! The submissive yielding would be individually subtle and voiceless, but the collective rue would be felt in micro and macro across humanity.


Spirit hears you. Spirit speaks to hearts in a small quiet voice. Spirit reveals its TRUTH from within and exhibits its fidelity through every step along your path of enlightenment. Spirit is not defined by religion nor hemmed in by dogma. Neither does Spirit seek approval in good opinion of others or lack thereof. Spirit is TRUTH and Truth is is resplendent in form and formlessness. Spirit ever projects the frequency of of impeccability in Universal Law. The frequencial opening that occurs on the 11-11 (11 November, 2009) is one that cast light on all of these aspects. In truth its door has been opened since the full moon of November 2nd. Review on the 11:11. Take inventory. On the 12:12 gather in groups where possible, and release.

On the 12-21 project love and actively take your power. Love is pro-active. Love is nurturing but steadfast. The Spiritual Winter on your planet is giving way through the Crystalline Energy, to a verdant springtime. Plant the seeds of your heart, in nurturing and powerful LOVE. This energy is shining down in the Triad Portals through the emerging 144-Crytsalline Grid. Employ them, it is how the Ascension occurs!

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved! And so it is.