12:12 The Parting of Worlds

Lauren Gorgo - Nov 24, 2009

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Settling into our New Grooves

In the last energy update I said that November would be a very powerful month of spiritual mastery... a month of fully aligning with the new and true and a time to integrate any remaining fears preventing us from mastery. And while we are not quite finished with this month of major transition (sorry folks, we have another 11:11:11 on 11/29/09) I am wondering....

How did you fare?

My guess is that you were either flattened out from the relentless waves of purifying love... or you were busy wrapping up annoying details (relationship, career, financial, ect.) from your past so you could make the 12:12 deadline...or you were busy packing and moving to a new location or finding your new home on earth...or perhaps you were inundated with new ideas, plans, inspiration and/or great clarity around your new life while slowly starting to move into position...or maybe all of those things.

From an energetic perspective we (the collective we) are getting down to the wire... aligning on all levels with our higher choices and really needing to wrap things up in totality by taking full responsibility for our past mis-creations and resolving any issues syphoning our energy so we can effectively walk into the new and true with absolutely no ties. We really need these clean slates so we can step into the flow of conscious creation and focus all of our energy only on that which we are here to contribute as we come together to create the new earth.

As we ground deeper into our lives and bodies, physical happenings (new people, partners, purposes) begin to take their place to usher us into the new era and the proof of all our hard work is slowly beginning to appear as greater clarity, new openings and grounded real-life opportunities.

And just to be clear, this applies to all of humanity, not just those conscious of the galactic ascension process. Though we are all residing at different levels of awareness, people everywhere are finally settling into their new grooves, beginning their new lives and venturing down the path to living their authentic purpose.

It is truly amazing and even a bit bewildering to finally begin to see pieces of the life we knew would eventually arrive!

And please don't be dismayed if you do not yet have the full picture, the details or the physical vitality to fully engage these new realities/opportunities...for those of us who have been holding the space for all others, we are so close to the magic of 5th dimensional living that portions of it are bleeding through and becoming more readily available for us to participate in, however, a bit more patience is still needed to complete this unfathomable cycle of clearing.

The Severing of Timelines

The starbeings declare that 12/12 finalizes the separation of worlds from the lower dimensional reality matrix of polarization and the higher dimensional reality matrix of unification.

This means the absence of discord and the arrival of peace.

This is also the prophesied time for the wayshowers to activate their full potential in mastery and to step fully into their leadership roles..."those who rise to the top will be the new leaders of a divine era and those who follow suit will be well cared for in the realms of new earth." - Pleiadians

On an energetic level, the resistance that we have been feeling with regard to actualizing our dreams and potential is finally fading, and in it's place is the energy stream of support. I am hearing that the reason this is now possible is due to the changes in the magnetosphere as discussed in prior postings...those magnetic changes that are releasing the human race from bondage. Though it is a pseudoscientific area of expertise that is revealing the nature of these events, all of humanity will be undeniably affected by it.

Activation of the Merkaba

The 12:12 (12/12/09) galactic gateway/portal signals the completion of a cosmic cycle and the separation from fear based reality constructs. From a bio-energetic perspective this is made possible thru the activation of the 12th dimensional perceptual field matrix, or 12th dimension of conscious awareness.

"... a being with a sustained 12 strand DNA activation and its corresponding 12-dimensions of conscious awareness is known as a Christed being.

Once a sufficient amount of the divine blueprint has been activated, the human body can serve as a bio-electrical conduit of interdimensional frequency, through which energy can flow from the timeless/formless substance through the human body and into Earth's planetary grids.

The frequency field of dimension 12 represents the pre-matter state of density that eternally holds the original blueprint for any manifest form.  The activation of this field severs all lower reality constructs and places the christed being in a protective layer of interfacing vortices that spin counter to each other to fortify the souls ability to create in a space of detachment from lower forms of density...." - Pleiadians

So basically, this 12D frequency field completes the activation of the Merkaba body as an ascension vehicle, which consequently enables the conscious application of directive thought to manifest into form.

In essence, the Merkaba is a complex geometric conscious field of energy that surrounds each of us and that activates through the purified vibrations of love, faith, trust, truth, and compassion which enables us to expand into the next set of dimensional fields of existence and progressively ascend.  Once we fully arrive in these higher dimensional fields of awareness we are kept in a dimensionalized phase lock which fully releases us from all lower dimensional and holographic reality systems. Hence, peace.

12:21 The Doorway

I am being shown that the solstice on 12/21/09 will create the doorway to enter the vibrations of new earth.

"This doorway to the other side will appear in your lives and members of intergalactic societies here to assist you will become visible to some at the onset of your new beginnings.

This will have many global ramifications for soon those with the ability to perceive inter-dimensional worlds will become more prominent in their ability to lead.

The new world is marked by those who have done the soul work necessary to arrive and consequently uphold the vision for a unified and sustainable planet of peace and cooperation.

12:21 is the interconnecting portal between past and future, the doorway to full presence.

This entry point is signified by the collapsing of time lines and opens for those who have achieved the level of mastery and self love necessary to exist comfortably in the realms of neutrality.

All those who have not yet achieved the level of love necessary to self activate will simply return to the cycle of karmic clearing in anticipation of the planetary ascension. No one is lost, forgotten, nor left behind.

For those on the truncated path of mastery, interaction with duality ends here." - Pleiadians

Physical Happenings

As we finish up our unfinished business, and depending on how many cellular memory imprints we have to clear, our physical bodies have definitely been working overtime to keep up with our energetic demands this month.

Throughout all of November, and as the divine masculine and feminine energies merge through our heart centers, we have endured some unprecedented heart openings. These clearings can manifest in the physical realms as relationship challenges (issues of the heart), incidents or projections of past heartbreak/betrayal, bouts of bronchitis, nausea, indigestion, HEARTBURN (licorice root helps with this), chest pain, back pain and soreness (between the shoulder blades) breast tenderness and swelling.

Where we are headed, the intelligence of the heart will completely direct our reality and dictate our impact on the world, which is why our hearts our being painfully cracked wide open.

In addition to that fun, we are also still undergoing major electrical changes as we are rewired to perceive the higher vibrating realities. These electrical changes can cause anxiety, restlessness, difficulty in grounding, inability to complete things, erratic sleep patterns and insomnia, spinal discomfort, stress and tension around the base of the neck and shoulders, buzzing and vibrating in the limbs and crown.

Add to that the usual detoxification symptoms (bloating, fatigue, irritability, ect.) and things can still feel pretty icky on a physical level.

We have also had a lot of ongoing activity in the pineal and pituitary glands with the merging male/female polarities so sinus issues may be prevalent right now: vertigo and sinus headaches, ear pain/congestion, high-pitched ringing, post-nasal drip, incessant throat clearing/coughing, sensitivity to smells, etc.

On the positive side (yes, there is one!) you may be experiencing random breakthroughs of bliss, great anticipation, clarity and inspiration coupled with feelings of expansion and periodic experiences of timelessness, along with increased psychic vision and perception of "other worlds" as we continue to teeter between the past and future. Answers to long held questions may be suddenly appearing as well as some material manifestations and new connections with like minded people.

So tho we are still primarily in period of challenge and stillness...and with just a few more portals to pass through... I am told that what's on the other side of that doorway can barely be imagined with the human mind.

Luckily for us, we will only be limited to the human imagination for a very limited time!

Wishing (my American friends) a very happy Thanksgiving and a fun filled feast of festivities with family and friends!

In Joy,



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