Message from the Masters

Masters via Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
Nov 28, 2009


Antia Antui Anshallah!

Greetings from within your light!

As we have previously spoken, that which is the series of stargate and wormhole systems through creation have begun to open. It is these events which are causing feelings of imbalance for many of you. Some of you have begun to see wavering in the form of creation, as if everything moves in a serpent-like motion, becomes translucent or transparent, then solidifies again. This is the construct of reality responding to the changes that are happening within all of creation. Reality at times is thin at best. That which is the illusion of reality, that it. The truth in reality is that it is all perception, whatever you believe, your reality becomes. At this time we suggest that you allow yourselves to become more flexible in such a way that you can move easily with the changes.

These events will be occurring for the next years all the way to 2018 when the harmonic alignment of every pyramid on your planet will harmonize. When this occurs there will come a stabilization of energies everywhere.

We have been asked to speak to you of the coming year and its events.

We tell you that your world economy will begin to show signs of great improvement in February beginning with the Tokyo stock market. Certain events there will trigger a global response toward higher stock values and ultimately to a greater world economy.

In March President Obama will make decisions that will be received of a positive nature. These decisions will include health care, those who have retired and those who are in need of public assistance.

There will be earthquake activity in February of 2010 that will come unexpectedly affecting wind and weather in Europe, particularly the U.K. and France. The earthquake activity may be causal to issues on the coast of India but may occur in Indonesia or north of there along the Pacific ring of fire. There are certain events setting up that require balance of the earth's crust and the balance point is still in progress of being determined. This could occur as far north as Japan.

There will be in the spring of 2010 events that have occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan what will come to light in a negative way. The information about these events will negatively impact the world view of these areas and the participation of other countries.

In late June of 2010 there will begin a season of storms. By mid July there will be a storm of hurricane force that will affect the east coast of the USA most emphatically in the North Carolina area but also in areas of north Georgia.

In May of 2010 there will be word from the Russians of their discovery of technologies that are relative to interstellar travel. This information will have been gleaned from reverse technologies of craft already in their possession.

In July of 2010 there will be fire activity in the western US that will be widespread and out of control and will encompass several states. This may be relative to volcanic events that are setting up to occur in the northwest.

In August of 2010 there will be an unexpected announcement of a peace accord that will involve the Holy Land in Jeruselum.

In the Fall of 2010 there will be an unseasonal snow event that will affect Cape Cod and surrounding coastal areas.

Gold will continue to increase in value as will precious metals until about the third week of April when it will begin to stabilize and level off. Other precious metals will follow suit but silver will not plateau in value until later in May.

There will be discoveries announced that directly involve the Halderon Collider that will change the views of science forever on both the construct of creation and forms of energy.

Further discoveries in science in your world in 2010 will involve technologies for cell reproduction relative to skin growth and transplants. These discoveries will lead to greater acceptance of the recipient's bodies to the transplanted materials. Also in the realms of medical discoveries will be new awareness to the subtle energy charges which are the communicative impetus within DNA which creates change within the overall biostructure of the human body. This discovery will lead to the possibilities of openness and awareness of subtle energy studies which will ultimately validate alternative medicine modalities that are currently not recognized as authentic or effective. Of course, they are and have always been!

There will also be more pharmaceutical products introduced to the public in 2010 that are not well studied as have become the practice as companies push to release drugs in less and less time. These products particularly one related to inflammation of the body and another relative to arthritis (joint pain) in particular should be accepted with high caution. Also a new drug that is supposed to relieve the symptoms of ADD and ADHA will long term cause cardio-pulmonary issues in children and should not be used.

In the Fall of 2010 there will be discoveries in space which will lead to greater awareness that there is life beyond your earth. These discoveries will absolutely alleviate any doubt that was previously had on the subject.

The electromagnetic energy releases and balances on your planet will escalate and reduce time and again over the next year. This may be causal to issues of further seismic activity. What you must understand is that when we speak of seismic activities we also speak of weather issues and volcanic issues because energetically due to the electromagnetic releases that occur just prior to an earthquake affect the volcanic chains and weather patterns.

As the star gate systems continue to rip open pathways that have been closed for eons, more and more electromagnetic activity will be wrought on your planet. This will cause issues at the Artic as well as in the areas of New Zealand, Indonesia and the smaller islands in between.

There will be new evidence of Atlantic in the area of the Bimini wall that is yet undiscovered. There will be an uncovering of an area that is currently hidden that will alleviate all doubt as to the relevancy and significance of the site. Further studies should be pursued in the area of the Canary Islands north to just south of Great Britain.

We maintain that there remains an undiscovered pyramid to the northwest edge of the Antarctic Ice. This pyramid was built millennium before the Pyramid at Giza on a site that was once the perfect center of the earth. Until, at least, a polar shift occurred. Similarities to the sites at Giza and Teotihuacan will be astounding.

Of course there will be many other events in your world during this time as well. What you must remember always is that you individually as well as you collectively are the consciousness within the living One. Because of this, you have the abilities and the power to create any outcome to every reality you encounter.

We are grateful to be of service in this now. Be in peace.

Anshalla Antui Asi, Asi, Asi.

And so it is that we return to the light, with the light and within the light.