12:12 and The Return to Love - Arcturus

Lauren Gorgo - Dec 9, 2009

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Blessings and divine greetings benevolent ones, I am Lord of Arcturus and on behalf of the entire Arcturian civilization, I speak to you as one.

Long gone are the days of strife.  No longer are you required to uphold a vision of perfection for the world, for you are perfection now.  No longer are you required to uphold the sanctity of future creation, for you are creation embodied now.

Beloved beings of extraordinary light and unwavering focus...gather together under the energetic shroud of this transmission for the purpose of celebrating the return of love!  We come together today to join in praise and celebration with you, our beloved brothers and sisters of earth.

The turning of the tide, the parting of worlds, the separation of the wheat from the chaff...all of these euphemisms point to the eternal now, a point in time when all lower reality matrices are severed from truth.  What we would like to bring forth thru this cherished inter-dimensional channel of various galactic civilizations, is as of this day (12/09/09) the 12:12 gateway has officially opened.

What this means for man and womankind is unprecedented in scope, for all galactic gateway portals have been leading up to the potency of this particular frequencial point in time and space.

The resurfacing of love as the forerunner and template of creation is activated through this very portal and brought completely into physicality through the 12/21 solstice celebration. The alignment of this frequencial resonance point is indicative of a major push forward in the earth's evolution and humanity's spiritual mastery. From this day forward, and into the next level of planetary ascension, all of humanity will be forever changed.

Those of you who have been consciously following the ascension timeline, integrated the physical changes initiated at each numeric galactic portal, and cleared the emotional body of fourth dimensional discord, are entering into the new galactic time zone centered at zero-point frequency, through the divine portal of peace.

The entrance into (w)holism, as is your vernacular, is the entrance into unity thinking which precipitates unity action as all the cooperative parts work collaboratively for the function of the whole. Earth is being transformed with love consciousness, and beginning to work as One.  In this way, you of the new time line will be the new earth keepers, the sacred ones who have transcended the veil of illusion, fear and separation and will be working with each other and your galactic emissaries to implement the new structures of ascended earth.

These 12:12 and 12:21 gateways are taking you far beyond any limitations of separation and bringing you directly in contact with the true frequency of creation... into harmonic resonance with the All.  Greatness awaits each of you as you begin to prepare the earth and her people for an entirely new way of being.

As it stands, your earth mother is undergoing many shifts and vibratory upgrades to prepare herself for the most splendid act of divine intervention to happen in the history of man.  These shifts are creating the foundation for living in an inter-dimensional society and are necessary for the complete return of love on the planet.  Stay connected to your inner knowing as these changes take place, for you will come to experience the earth in a completely new way, a way that will astound you in times to come.

As well, those of you who are preparing for your leadership roles may find that you are still plagued with a lack of vitality and an inability to move forward into your rightful position.  This is for good reason as many of you are still holding the beacons of light that are necessary to guide humanity over the threshold and through this doorway.

Once this gate fully opens, however, you will feel the full release of energetic captivity from old programs, core issues and the emergence of a renewed sense of joy and vigor.  Your biology will finally have the ability to fully adapt to the new and higher frequencies and spontaneous healings will become commonplace as you reclaim the various aspects of yourself that you willingly fragmented in service to the All.

This will truly be a return to the state of grace as you rest, recover, revitalize and embrace your brothers and sisters in higher love with the full remembrance of your true state of being now that your tour of duty has expired.  In this, we will also share that some of you are already beginning to feel the grace of God enter your divine vessels, and for you to whom we speak, we say...it only gets better.

As each of you completes this laborious yet necessary cycle of integration and purification you will be free to experience the life you have dreamed of and as you do, as you embark upon this new journey in creation, so too will you lead by infectious example.

Post 12:12

Following the 12:12 gateway, all members of the activated crystalline grid structure will begin to release responsibility of and connection to the 3d dimensional duality matrix.  This will create an energetic chasm between worlds, or realities, that will permit the new world to begin taking form as the old world continues to dismantle and experience the extremes of polarity.  This latter portion of the population will fulfill their soul contracts in karmic creation as the new earth leaders begin to assemble the cosmic blueprint, held in the 12th dimensional frequency field, of the original design for the planet.

Those with contracts to serve in the first level of stewardship well know their roles by now and those next to activate will be joining in to take the helm.  This 2 tier level of leadership is necessary to employ some of the greater advancements in technology and social awareness that will come in the later stages.

If you are one who is not aware of your "role" in all of this, realize that the physical expression of your talents is of your choosing.  All that is required of you is that which brings you great joy.

12:21 Solstice Celebration

At the 12:21 solstice celebration, and with the support of both the lunar and solar eclipses, the earth and her people will shift into position for greater expansion and the new beginnings of 2010.  All of earth and humanity will be affected by the amount of love pouring in through these powerful portal dates, yet it will also represent the activation completion and reconnection for wayshowers to step fully into their divine roles.

This suggests a hierarchical order, yet it is based on an individual ability to accept ever-expanding probabilities, and to broaden your capacity to love. As a result of these changes, we will be able to work directly with many of the new earth leaders as the veil of separation lifts and we become an integral part of your new world.

Brothers and sisters, we have so much to share with you regarding the building of your new earth.  We have galactic ambassadors stationed all over the planet, as do all participating star nations, who will be facilitating many of the off-world communications necessary to employ great endeavors and we are so delighted to finally be working with you in this capacity!

The culmination of efforts put forth by the many intergalactic societies here to to assist you will create the resources and rapid change required to enable the people of earth to truly live in peace and harmony.

To your joy in completeness and the return of LOVE!

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at ThinkWithYourHeart.net

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