12:21 - Out With the Old, In With the New

Lauren Gorgo - Dec 17, 2009

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It was nearly 3 am on the night of the new moon when this post started to form in my head...I remember it so distinctly:

I awoke in the usual new moon way...completely drenched in a pool of my own sweat, but way too cold to get out of bed. And tho I did eventually get up for a complete wardrobe change, that was not my main motivation. What was even more pressing was the pounding pain in my sinuses and the awareness that someone had clearly braced my head in a vise and was slowly trying to remove my eyes with a spoon.

Holy hell, I had no idea it was possible to "feel" my pituitary gland.

It was in this moment...between the gripping pressure in my head and getting up to write this... that I laid in my sweat soaked sheets trying in vain to again discern the actual moment that I consciously agreed to be tortured like this.

It was also during this time that I realized what suckers we all are... and how each of those poetic feel-good transmissions from the unseens are actually just bait luring us straight into damnation. I mean I apologize if my tone turns to disgust, but how else could we consent to feeling this way other than by being completely duped?

I will tell you how...because deep down inside each of us is a an endless well of naivete disguised as "hopeful" that each galactic and astrological cocktail that the cosmos serves up may actually go by relatively unnoticed. I know there is definitely that small part of you that always thinks "this time will be different" as we guilelessly anticipate birthing each new level of consciousness with ease.

And we definitely have the proof that birth ain't easy...yet, we somehow forget each time some intergalactic neighbor pops in to share the upside of hell. Yes, the channeled messages make it all seem so magical...like these portals will gently open and we will suddenly feel unobstructed and free to build our sand castles in fairy dust and dance on the moon.

Well, if your anything like me...overly hopeful...let me enlighten you to what that magic always boils down to: portals suck

And the worst part is that while we are seemingly and repeatedly tenderized by the universe, these portals (as painful as they can be) really ARE magical in nature and delivering us to "all good things"... which, after releasing my deep cynicism through writing this, got me to thinking about the celestial insanity of what this month is actually providing us.

Celestial Insanity, take 1

To give you some perspective about why you might not be able to get out of bed this entire month, here are some of the main ingredients to that poisonous punch (pun intended) we have all been served:

December 2nd - Gemini full moon
December 12th - 12:12 (33) gateway
December 16th - Sagittarius new moon
December 21st - 12:21 (33) gateway/solstice
December 26th - Mercury retrograde in Capricorn
(FYI: Mercury generally goes Retrograde 3 times a year. Periodically, like this relentless year,
a 4th one will occur at the year-end.)

December 31st - Second (blue) full moon/lunar eclipse

And the fun doesn't stop there! ...on January 15, 2010 we also have a solar eclipse on the same day that Mercury goes direct...which will probably and finally allow us to fully exhale after the holidays and 3 weeks of re-re-reviewing our divine blueprints in preparation for putting them into action.

What's this all mean?

In short...we are being given a flurry of universal support to get it "right" this month...to choose love over fear in every thought/action/situation that has presented us with the illusion of darkness in the past, and to rise above all mental and emotional adversity with the truth that we are free and sovereign beings who now create our non-karmic realities through LOVE.

In other words, the energetic events taking place throughout this month are grand opportunities for the complete mastery of self-love, choosing love in all forms. It is a full month of opening to the flow of Christed consciousness and the revelation that each of us are fully connected to the realm of all good things.

As we venture through these gateways, portals and astrological events, we will at some point become aware of a sense of love permeating our very being, a sense of increased vibration that is leading us to the direct understanding and perception of Oneness.

As the 12:21 stargate opens and fully floods the planet and her people with this reinforcing vibration of love, all that is not love will again come forth to be seen and healed... and in this very moment of healing, a divine unification will occur between all things.

It's important to realize that the 12:12 (33) gateways are not portal events that have an ending, in fact this is only the very beginning of love... and a space in each of our hearts is again opening to maintain the full vibration of that love.

Apparently as the second 33, or 12:21 (solstice) portal draws nigh there will be another opening that will push any remaining fear to the surface of our lives to again be recognized and released.

"This opportunity is of great magnitude for it offers each of you a final chance to free yourself of dross before the lunar eclipse seals your intentions on the 31st and the solar eclipse activates them on January 15th. It is a signal for each of you to rise up and claim your Godliness, your right of passage into the year of the 3 vibration." - Pleiadians

What's to come?

All of these goodies just in time for the new Gregorian calendar year and (according to numerology) the switch from a 2/11 (2+0+0+9) vibration to a 3 (2+0+1+0) vibration which thankfully corresponds to creativity, playfulness, outward self-expression and just plain happiness.

By putting our spiritual efforts into action the rest of this month, we will be affording ourselves the opportunity to express the highest version of our new selves. We will be settling completely into our new grooves, fully entering and exploring the landscape of our new lives and entertaining some unexpected new connections, opportunities, experiences, and ideas thru a whole new realm of information to explore.

We have come full circle on our climb thru the upward spiral of consciousness.

Because 2010 is universally a THREE year, it will greatly assist us to renew our optimism and enthusiasm after the 9 year cycle of transitioning out of the old and into the new. I am hearing that this new year will be filled with more excitement and much more certainty as we become very clear about our life purpose and how our singular missions play an integral part of the whole divine plan. In the new year we will be transitioning out of the time of waiting into the full expression of our many creative opportunities that will abound as our soul brothers and sisters come together in harmony and love to create the foundation of a new earth society.

The Merging

As these planetary events open the once closed spaces in our hearts, so too will we begin to open to once closed opportunities. We will have the ability to transcend the workings of the linear mind in all that we do and over a period of time we will come to know this way of thinking as predominant.

The sacred energy of the recent new moon precipitated another physical switch in the left hemisphere as dominant, to the right, as our brains rewire to work in tandem as a unified whole. The human brain will function much like society once the new earth has been established and the frequency of the collective, through each and every form, has risen to a place of love.

As such, the coming solstice portal is an awakening for all of humanity (the macro), a time of seeding the galactic way of living on earth and opening to greater levels of love. What we have known up to now has only been a fraction of our human potential because we have only known a fraction of love.

The final days of this month are pushing us beyond the confines of what was and allowing us to freely choose what can be.

"In the light of a new dawn, all those who came to represent the new earth culture will be set free to experience truth, sacredness and love in all of life. The ways of the warrior will become the ways of the dove, gentle and loving, peaceful and free.

These new traits of human consciousness are to be fulfilled by the way-showers and new leaders and will be harnessed by the people of earth thru the great examples of what can be.

The next few weeks will be filled with potent energies and opportunities to rise up and be counted. Stay firmly connected to your new creations during this time for the light is increasing exponentially and all intentions will be magnified greatly.

In this, we remind each of you to honor your truth and stand in your full integrity as self-empowered beings of co-creation, for this is what will be birthed through the next moon.

Beloved warriors, your visions are about to become a reality. All wayward elements come to a close this month and all aspects of divinity come together to form the complete and multidimensional you. Behold the new day!" - Pleiadians

Physical Happenings

As with all major transitions, our bodies really seem to take the brunt of these changes and the last few weeks were no exception. Some of the more noticeable symptoms this time around were/are: vertigo/dizziness/loss of balance, headaches/sinus pressure, blurred vision, sleepiness, extreme bloating, intermittent deep sleeps/insomnia, night sweats, intermittent (extreme) hunger/loss of appetite, skin itching/rashes, back pain/soreness (especially behind the heart and lower back), sore feet, aching legs, lower abdominal discomfort, and the always present FATIGUE.

Emotionally you may be feeling irritable, tired of your old "story", disconnected from your joy/passion/creativity/guidance, doubting or reevaluating your life purpose or the fruits of your labors, lacking self confidence, desiring a course correction, needing down time/isolation, ect. This disconnect phase is just a rewiring to a higher level of connectivity and when completed, new insights, ideas and opportunities become possible.

The final 2 weeks of December

So we made it thru not only the first two weeks of this legendary month of activation and change, but thru 2 of the most intense transitions of this entire year...11:11 and 12:12. (applause) With only one more galactic portal to survive this month (the solstice awakening party for all of humanity) we are quite literally balancing ourselves on the top of that enormous wave (that used to pummel us every time), in position and ready to coast into our new lives!

As more of humanity steps into mastery and self-love thru the solstice period, the way-showers, path-pavers and all those who held steadfast to truth, will become free to experience the full rewards of universal activation (being in the right place at the right time) and the exhilarating ride into our new lives. All energetic roadblocks that have held us back for so long will finally dissipate as we begin 2010 with the forward moving momentum that will catapult us into the new and true.

See you next year!

Wishing you and yours a blessed and happy holiday season....



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