The Touch of a Goddess

Owen Waters - June 6, 2010


Human evolution is a 12-stage process all the way from caveman to cosmic consciousness. The achievement of the 12th stage - the ultimate, long sought-after state of cosmic consciousness - is the true pinnacle of human potential.

However, even a fully-enlightened master of yoga can only visit stage 12 temporarily. George King (1919-1997) was a master who entered cosmic consciousness hundreds of times and he reported that it is not possible for a human to remain continually in the realm of cosmic consciousness. This is because, while stage 12 is accessible as the peak of human experience, it is primarily the first stage of the consciousness of a planetary being.

Prior to 1961, it was generally believed that cosmic consciousness was the final goal in spiritual development. Then, George King delivered and published a set of messages giving spiritual seekers a glimpse into the realms of cosmic freedom beyond Earth (The Nine Freedoms, Aetherius Press, This treatise revealed that the path to God involves, not just glimpses of cosmic consciousness, but the full development of the higher faculties of human consciousness followed by cosmic experience.

The term cosmic consciousness, as it turns out, literally means consciousness on a cosmic scale. The One Creator is larger than the entire universe, so it should come as no surprise that your field of consciousness will eventually expand sufficiently to become part of the consciousness of a planet and, later, part of the consciousness of a sun. Even the galaxy is a great and conscious being, and one which is closer still to the heart and soul of the One Creator.

The Earth is an advanced being who, while based in a higher, seventh-density layer of consciousness, maintains third and fourth-density physical bodies in order to provide a home for humanity while we evolve through experience.

In light of her advanced nature, we can see that ancient cultures were quite right in their intuitive knowing that caused them to view the Earth as a sacred goddess. Their natural response, in those cultures at the time, was to worship her as an advanced being.

Today, as we move into the spiritual tier of consciousness with its inherent sense of self-empowerment, worship is no longer an automatic response. Instead, when faced with such awe-inspiring realizations, we may find that love, respect, and gratitude are more appropriate responses.

We can send our love and gratitude to the consciousness of the Mother Earth for providing our home in space. We can send our love and gratitude to the consciousness of the Sun, which converts the cascade of universal energy from the One Creator into forms that give us life.

The Earth is the most spiritually evolved being within our reach and the Sun is the most spiritually evolved being within our sight.

Every day that we live upon Earth, we have the ability to be in touch with this great goddess of light and compassion. We have the opportunity to give our thanks and our love to the consciousness of this great being.

The act of tuning into the Earth and the Sun, then sending them your love and appreciation brings a deeply uplifting response. Try it and see!