Message from the Masters

Masters via Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
September 13, 2010



Message from the Unified Council
September 13, 2010

Salutations. We have spoken to you previously regarding your planet. In this now we will continue our transmission regarding you and humanity as a whole.

You have come to a place in your evolution that you sit on the precipice of your past and your future. You are in a now that determines the entirety of your existence. You must wonder why you are so vital to us. Why we take the time to send our transmissions to you. To this we shall speak before continuing.

Five times we have seeded your planet. You are our issue and our greatest pride. You are also one of our greatest frustrations. We have inserted our genetic information into your genome so that you can grow and evolve in our likeness. Humanity did not materialize out of nowhere, nor did you come into being strictly from primordial ooze, yet there you are. In your evolution was brought forth the possibility of propagation of multiple races in embodied consciousness that have the ability to experience free will, tactile senses, subtle senses, emotions and even logic. It was out intention to assist your evolution toward the perfect beingness that would carry the balance of the heavens and the earth as well as the balance of what is cosmic and what is of more terrestrial being.

To instill the life force within evolving biological structures appeared to us to be the perfect marriage of the divine with the mundane. You have surpassed all of our suspected possibilities in every way, coming into awareness, sharing with each other your possibilities as a race of people and yet often you choose to exterminate each other over your perceived differences. You must know that your differences are slight. A protein here or there and you look different, you seem different and yet there you are the totality of humanity, each carrying the roots of the other not just in theory but also in truth.

Our frustration is that you separate yourselves from one another, choosing to live as separate entities as if you were disconnected from your very origins. That is impossible.

Why is it that you believe you are so different from one another? Just because your skins are different colors or your religions demand different beliefs? Do you not realize that it was your religions that separated you in the early stages of your evolution? That at the very roots of every religion are contained the same undeniable truth? That each of you is a child of creation who has come forward from your ancestors to become whatever you desire? That the freedom of your divine will was no mistake and in fact the greatest accomplishment of creation proper? And yet you so often choose to believe that singularly you are the only truth.

Look past the possibilities of self and into the entirety. Know that within you is carried the entire coding of all reality that is expressed in human form. Each of you carries within you, within your DNA, within the very structure of your biology, records of all that has ever been and all of the possibilities that can be. For as you evolve still, the coding within you modifies to current possibilities. You are continually and constantly updated to the very moment of now as all of creation interacts and at times even counteracts all of that which occurs throughout its integral structure.

With every expression of energy that you make individually you send messages into the integral one and it responds by bringing you what you have commanded. Similarly, as each of you comes together intentionally to bring forward a singular intention, the power of that intention increases exponentially each time another one of you joins that intention. In other words, for every one of you who chooses to become the intention of the moment, the power of your unified message expands exponentially. You do not yet have the capability of equations to this degree in your world but suffice it to say that as enough of you come together in a singular intention, that intention sweeps like a tsunami of emotion through the very construct of creation, sweeping it clear of previous data and instilling it with the very power of your expressed intention.

That being said, it is humanity that we depend upon to bring forth into reality all of the possibilities of the exquisiteness of manifested life. May of you grieve your density, and you desire to go home and yet what you do not realize is that your human form contributes to home in ways that are indescribable in words. The density that is you allows for depth of feeling beyond all else. Depth of emotion that is unique to your form. Heights of awareness as you conquer your dense form and rise in consciousness back into the ethers from whence you come.

And yet you deny each other.

Look into your heart of hearts, your essences of being. Find the link within you that ties you to your source. It is there. Once found, look more carefully at each other, for the link within each of you ties you indelibly together beyond your perceived differences and boundaries. Each of you carries not only the essence of the living One. You carry the essence of each other as well, for none of you can exist without the reality of the other to notice you. Imagine.

In the current now, inter-dimensional events are in occurrence that are re-harmonizing you and your locale. As the series of star gate openings enters into its fourth phase, and the Urnallum system reconnects on intergalactic levels, there comes on the twenty-seventh of your September, a great wave of energy that will sweep through you and your kind. This energy can be likened to a hot wind, blowing through your particulates and those of your reality, cleansing you, shifting your harmonics, and even changing your perceptions. It may also create some temporary glitches in your electromagnetic fields and affect electronics and radio communications. Further, there is a possibility of a great earthquake in the Pacific Ocean that can then cause repercussions in different areas of your planet as the earth seeks to re-balance her weight.

This is the fourth of seven star gate reconnection. As the connections occur, the star gate series will begin to interconnect one to the other in an unprecedented intergalactic and inter-dimensional connection that has not been in place since before the dawn of man.

Your abilities to connect energetically, psychically, and of common consciousness will be expanded in such a way that your efforts need only be minimal to be carried infinitely outward as a command to creation to bring to your world a commonality, a linkage within the psyche of all people toward recognition of your origins, your very roots as a race, and the ability to join intentionally toward the greater good of all humanity. Coming to you is the ability to erase boundaries that never existed, to open perceptions to the hearts of those foreign to you, and the conscious awareness to intentionally utilize these openings for powerful creative processes.

In order to direct energies within the coming changes, you must utilize them in their natural form and flow. To do this, you must direct them in a spiral flow, much like the DNA that is contained within you. As you do this, the energies will be expanded immensely and will be fueled from within the very information that you carry innately within you. You must understand that not only do each of you carry the force which is you; you carry within you the very force of your source and therefore the force of creation. You are far more powerful than you imagined.

It is time to come into balance with your selves, each other, your planet and far beyond into your very origins. You have forgotten them and yet your very source sustains you far beyond your imaginings. The light within you carries you through all aspects of your very being.

What you must understand is that it is only your perceptions that falsely separate you from the very grace that courses through your very being. The fear that you carry within you that maintains your sense of inequality and imperfection is merely an aspect of the totality that is a falsehood, based upon no truth and all misperceptions.

That which is holy is your essence. That which is holy is the essence of your source. The two are synonymous. The two are inseparable. The two are your power, your light, and the fuel for your very lives and yet you deny them. Reach inward to your grace. Know that living it does not denote weakness but instead carries forward the full power of the One, of which we are all aspects. The power of creation is at your beckon call. You do not think that in all our wisdom and our eternal being that we would create a likeness of ourselves who were imperfect, do you?

Within you, each of you, is the knowledge, the wisdom, the power and the grace to rise above the illusion of misperception and into the higher aspects of awareness that have always been you. As the coming times bring to you greater and greater opportunities toward universal harmonization, let go. Relax into who you are in truth and do not deny your origins. They have become you.

End of transmission.