Message from the Masters

Masters via Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
September 29, 2010



The Online Messages September 29, 2010

Message from Dr. Meg:

Online Messages September 29, 2010

Greetings to each of you. Before I leave for Egypt tomorrow, I wanted to send you info about what is happening energetically because the dam has broken! Many of you have told me that you were in a state of stillness, not sure what is next, not seeking to get information about what to do or what direction your lives are going. The past few months have been a time to regroup, regenerate, and contemplate what we already know and remember, who we are up to now and how we feel, because often in all of the every day chaos we forget these things.

The star gate system openings continue and right now and for the next three weeks or so, high energies are being funneled to us like a grand slam of input, information, and even action. These new and heightened energies will leave some of us feeling as if we have been plugged into the infinite energy of creation. We have. Many of us will sleep less, accomplish more and seem to have razor sharp comprehension. Those who resist these new and intense energies may begin to feel lost, as if everything around them is moving at lightening speed that is too fast to comprehend.

The thing to do right now is to relax into ourselves and trust that we know what we need to know and act without too much reflection about what the result of our actions might be. It is a time for lickety-split decisions and no looking back. A time to be wholly present in each now so that we do not miss all that is available to us. Frankly we may not always realize what we know or what information is being absorbed into our energy fields. This is the new way of being. The time for everyday logic is past and old paradigm. We may not always understand what we are doing or why but what we will do is know in each moment the perfect choice to be made.

Our appetites are being affected as well. Many are not eating as much as usual and preferences for what we want are currently dramatically different. Things we normally love may seem repulsive in the new and things we would not have considered previously may now sound delicious. Alcohol will have profound effects on our systems, leaving us lethargic and unclear because it will affect us more than usual.

Our bodies may also show signs of confusion, particularly our digestive, renal and lymphatic systems as the energy is causing changes in our metabolic rates and our bodies will be adjusting more slowly than the changes that the energies bring.

This is the time that we have been waiting for! Streamlined energies, universal communications unadulterated and refined body functioning's. Higher awareness is prevalent and many are receiving downloads or awareness that they have not previously had. Don't get caught up in trying to understand what things mean, just know that you have what you need. This is vitally important, as things will become even faster and more pure in information transmission to us and from us to creation.

In keeping with the heightened energies, I have joined forces with indigenous medicine people all over the planet, particularly in Peru. Join me at 10:10 am your local time on 10/10/10 to assist in activating the ley lines wherever you are to unify the energy of our planet so that all of our efforts from that moment forward will be streamlined in effectiveness and move freely across the lands and into the cosmos. This event will also prepare us for the nearly full week of ceremonies and discussions as well as lectures that we will share together at Mt. Shasta in November. I do still have room for a few more in this trip and I have extended the early registration discount to assist you to come. Info is below at the end of the newsletter.

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GREAT NEWS! I have had countless e-mails from you asking for more about the Living Light Symbols that you are experiencing in The Secret History of Consciousness. Remember that I mentioned to you a few months back that I was working on getting the Living Light Symbols Cards published for you? Well, I have done it! They will be available to you in November, and I am offering a pre-release special to my readers that saves you $5.00 per deck. Make sure to take advantage of this special. PLUS, in addition to having no limit to the number of decks that you can buy at this price, I have opened up the contest to those who pre-order the decks too! Here is a link and full description for you:

I am so grateful to all of you for your interest in my work. I wouldn't have a lot to do without you and I never forget that!

As always, I wish you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days and love in everything that you do!

Blessings and peace,

Dr. Meg

Meg Blackburn Losey, PH.D.

Message from the Masters

September 29, 2010

Antui Asi, Asi, Asi, Anshallah!

Greetings to each of you of the light, from the light and within the light!

We have been witnessing the intensities that come to your world, the energies coming to you currently with a force that belies full description as it moves through you like a hot wind communicating to you real time that which you cannot fully comprehend.

The energies bring to each of you the possibilities that you are not now and have never been alone in your journeys. Nor has humanity ever had the amount of support and assistance that is has not from those of use in the other worlds. As you know from previous transmissions, the Unified Councils have come together to support you in your world and to share with you communications that are vital to your existence and even your survival. Our message is one of the heart. You must know that without compassion for yourselves that you cannot have it fully for others. Nor will you know how to receive it from others for yourselves.

The time for self-criticism and judgment is over and now is the time to begin to embrace and see what it is that each of you holds in your very beings. Each of you is indelibly created of light that came from the source of all things. Each of you reflects that light differently and yet in your coming together the light frequencies that each of you holds harmonize and then expand exponentially as each of you joins the other and then the other and then the other.

As powerful aspects of God, your Creation, of Spirit, each of you reflects a unique aspect of your source. These reflections are shining truths that only you carry. By virtue of each of your existences, creation is complete. Without each and every one of you who holds your unique place in all of creation, creation would have no balance and not exist at all. By virtue of your very beings you are intricately hard wired into all that is, sending messages each and every moment of your feelings, thoughts, experiences, desires, intentions, and all other expressions of energy. And creation hears you.

As it does, all forms of creation rearrange in order to respond to you, and you reap all that you have sown. You must know that being in and of service does not mean to give yourselves away. Being of service includes you first and all others inherently. As you exist, as you live as a living, breathing example of the perfection of your infinite source, you share that energy with everyone and everything that you are in contact with. You cannot help but share your energies. When you live intentionally, knowing that in each moment you are doing your best and living your lives to their fullest, you must also know that the exchange of your energies with all people, places and events carries communication of your perfection and challenges creation to creation more of the same.

What we are saying to you is that by living your truths you are being of the highest and greatest service to all creation. You are that powerful. By being examples of the living one, you are communicating within the entirety everything that you are, and creation responds by bringing you more of the same.

The current energies are immense and being funneled right through your dimension as the fabric of creation has moved into an almost alignment in the process of the star gate openings. If you could see the composition of the alignment, currently it is in a "V" shape where energies enter at the widest part then shoot out the narrowest part directly through multiple dimensional realities. As this occurs, you are getting a direct infusion of clear and powerful as well as intricate information and heightened energy frequencies. The energies, because of their compaction during the funneling process, are becoming heated, which intensified their speed and effectiveness. Many of you are experiencing heat surges that cause your bodies to feel extraordinarily warm and even hot when the external temperatures are otherwise. This will occur for 23 more days from your current one until the corridor alignments of the current star gate system opening fully align.

Eight days before the alignment, there will be a three-day (October 14, 15 and 16) misalignment, which will fell very chaotic. There will be overlaps of realities during that time which will come to many of you as time glitches, reality blips and confused awareness as multiple perceptions come to you simultaneously. As the final alignment occurs, your will feel within your very beings, a cosmic "whump!" as if something has just snapped and things heighten and then normalize again very quickly. For some of you it will be as if a several day fog has suddenly lifted and full clarity will come as if someone just turned on your inner switch. In a way this is so, because as the alignment occurs, you are harmonizing with it.

We remind you to be at ease within yourselves. Do not resist what you do not comprehend. It matters not whether you do or don't understand. What matters is that you live, you breathe, you experience on every level of your beings and you have the free will to choose as you will in any given moment. Your destinies lie in your choosing, not in ancient contracts or agendas. You are the creators of your worlds both inside and out and we are allied with you as are countless others as we come together to rejoice in the enlightenment of humanity as it was and as it has always been.

Be in peace.

End of transmission.