2011 - Year to Bridge the Gap

The Council of 12 via Selacia - November 1, 2010

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Note from Selacia: "This message from The Council of 12 came during the September 25 global meditation channeling. A key focus of that event during equinox week was to address the gap between vision and manifested reality. As part of the group channeling and guided meditative experience with The Council of 12, participants anchored new energies to support a bridging of the gap."- Selacia 10/19/10

For thousands of years there has been a gap between the dreams of dreamers and what was truly possible.

Humanity's consciousness was fear-bound. People were indoctrinated by authority figures. Society's structures were too rigid to allow for true creativity and innovation. Some people managed to break away from the conventional mold and connect with their true divine power to create. However, the ordinary person could not connect fully with his or her spiritual potential. The ordinary man or woman did not have the spiritual fuel to leap across the gap.

Things are changing now. The spiritual transformation of humanity, in process for a long time, is ripening. There is a synergy occurring as more people awaken, question the status quo, and take more enlightened actions. It is happening as people are more aware of the larger picture and the interconnections between people and life across the planet.

The Focus in 2011

In the year 2011, humanity will turn its focus to bridging the gap between positive visions and what is manifesting on Earth. The gap relates to resources, appropriate use of resources, and respect for the Earth and all life.

The gap relates to imbalances in pretty much every aspect of life--from how you coexist with nature, how you cooperate with others, and how you manifest your dreams. The gap will be getting the attention of people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world. Anyone who seeks positive solutions for personal and planetary dilemmas will be looking at this gap.

There will be a sense of urgency, too, as people respond to crises and the faster pace of changes. Right now, in the 2012 window, you sit in an accelerated cycle of energies that is building momentum and intensity between now and the years beyond 2012.

What this means is that you and humanity are experiencing a time of rapid and revolutionary changes.

Everything is happening faster than it did before. One obvious benefit of the acceleration is that positive changes can occur more quickly. A key reason that this can occur is that people are becoming more aware of what's out of balance. There is more awareness, too, of what needs to shift to remedy the imbalances.

What is the Gap?

Right now, you are living in a gap. This gap is the energetic space that sits between the world you want to manifest and the one you are living in now. Your ancestors lived with the gap, too. There typically was a huge space between your ancestors' dreams and the physical reality they could manifest. Disparities have always been there.

In some historical periods, the gap was experienced differently than now. The downtrodden living within a caste system had no hope of escape. The spiritual practitioner in a traditional church, synagogue or mosque was not taught that he or she had the same spiritual potential as the elders had.

Humanity's consciousness in the earlier times did not support the sort of accelerated shifting you are seeing now. Not enough people were awake. Not enough people were questioning. When people in historical times dared question or hope for more, they weren't aware of how energy really works. They didn't know how close they really were to their dreams. They didn't have the tools to take action on their dreams, either.

Need for Trailblazers

There were no trailblazers in front of them, showing them that it could be done. If your ancestors had dared to dream the sorts of dreams you have now, they did not understand the gap or how to bridge it.

You and others like you are here to change all that. After all, you are a Divine Changemaker--here on Earth to create the changes needed now.

Most likely, in recent times you have had your share of ups and downs. You likely have moments when you question your ability to break free from the conventional mold. You may see yourself at the edge, peering into the gap, and wondering how you will get to the other side.

The gap can seem huge at times. It is a large gap. It is temporary, though, and it can be closed. This gap involves the whole of humanity, and for that reason is big. The impact it has on each of you and the planet is profound.

Gap Gets the Spotlight

The year 2011 will be the year that humanity at large focuses on bridging the gap. You are already focused on it, of course. The energy is present even now for humanity to bridge the gap. However, the forces of positive change need to ripen more--before you will notice the bridge that indeed is being built.

Reminders of the Gap

You stand at the edge of the gap. You see it. You know, deep within your bones, that it can be crossed. Your inner wisdom often reminds you of the new more light-filled world existing on the other side of the gap. These reminders are not meant to discourage you. They are meant to catalyze your fire and your passion for change. They are given so that you will stay awake to your vision.

As a Divine Changemaker, you are a trailblazer. You often lead the way for others, bravely taking steps into the unknown. Right now, as you are reading these words, you have a reminder of your role. You are among those who will be taking the lead--setting the foundation needed for closing the gap.

How to Close the Gap

How do you do this? If the world is not presenting the reality you want to have, remember your power as a Divine Changemaker. You can change what you experience with your consciousness, and by consistently taking different actions than you see the conventional world taking. This is one way that you close the gap between the reality you now experience and the light-filled one you have long dreamed to create. The change occurs a thought at a time, an action at a time.

DNA-Level Belief Systems

Another way you can close the gap is by addressing the limiting views you have unknowingly taken on from your lineage, your early upbringing, and the mass consciousness. These views include thought forms of lack and limitation. These fear-based belief systems are held within the DNA of a majority of humanity.

Your ability to close the gap in your personal life is heavily influenced by these limiting belief systems. You can think positively about your success, but DNA-level belief systems can keep you in lack. That's because the beliefs you can't see in the subconscious mind are many times more powerful than the thoughts you are consciously thinking. The key then is to address sabotaging beliefs in the DNA.

Your Physical Body

You can address the gap by focusing on your physical body, too. Manifesting your vision is easier when your body is full of vitality, your energy is flowing, and your brain has the nutrients it needs. Remember to take care of your body, then, for it's the sacred temple for your spirit. When your body is nurtured, you will have fuel to accomplish your dreams in the world.

You are about to leap to a brand new world and a new way to experience being human. As a Divine Changemaker, you are at the forefront. You are setting the path for those who will follow you.

Your Role Now

In the next phase, as you discover how to bridge the gap between your realities, you catapult yourself into a dramatically different kind of world. As you leave behind the old, fear-based ways and move forward, you set in motion a light trail for others to follow. People just now awakening will have that light trail as a guide. Those in future generations will benefit from it, too.

Know that it's always more difficult to be first. It's always more challenging to be the trailblazer. You take greater risk. You face greater obstacles. And yet, as you do, you advance exponentially on your path of enlightenment. Nothing is wasted. All is fruitful.

We ask you to trust in your power to create a brand new Earth. We ask you to trust that you can bridge the gap--for yourself and on behalf of others. We ask you to trust that there is a divine purpose to your life and to all moments--including your most recent struggles and delays.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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