Message from Aca'u - 2010 Winter Solstice

Aca'u via Camille Albrecht - November 30, 2010

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Greetings, it is I, Aca'u who speaks to you now.

You have all come through a most challenging year. For some this has been a year of crisis, for others a time of great adjustment and for all an opportunity for remarkable growth. During this very beautiful Winter Solstice, it is important to assess the growth that has taken place within you and around you in 2010.

May I suggest a series of questions to ponder over the next few months?

You may want to begin by writing down your initial responses today, as you read through my message to you. So take out paper and pen and let’s give it a go, shall we?

What have you learned about yourself? Think about what you experienced this year and what it has brought forth from you.  Just take a few moments to assess what you have learned about yourself over the past twelve months.

Now I ask you, what have your learned about others in your life? Is there one relationship that comes to mind that you now see from a new perspective? Are there several relationships that you now see differently? What has 2010 brought forth in your relationships?

Next, please take a few moments to take stock of your accomplishments this year. If you’d like, write the answers to these important considerations in your journal so you can reflect on your perceptions over the Winter Solstice period.

There is a fourth area I would like you to focus on. What is it that you no longer want to carry within yourself? Take a look within and choose one quality, or one character trait, one attitude or a belief that is blocking you from growth. Choose to leave it behind in 2010.

Just as many of you have gone through your possessions and lightened your load, take a look within and lighten up here as well. Choose one thing. Take a moment now to think about it. You can choose to live in 2011 and beyond free from this burden.

Having examined what you’ve learned about yourself this year, what your relationship with others is, what you have accomplished and what you choose to release, there is one more question I ask you to focus on.

What new potential within do you want to bring forth in 2011? You are rich with potential! So much to be brought to the surface and used.

Some of you have already found that new potential this year. How will you expand it?

Why focus on these questions? Because the answers hold the foundations for your future growth.

You have your initial responses down on paper. These questions should be returned to for re-examination over the next several months. For those of you involved in spiritual groups, you may want to discuss these in the group setting. Vocalizing your perceptions can bring more clarity. And as you hear what others have to say, your own assessments can expand.

These are challenging times; of that there is no doubt. Yet such times are filled with more opportunity for growth and evolvement than ever before in history. This is a time of unprecedented change that will continue to unfold over the next several years. You can grow by leaps and bounds. As your vibration steadily increases, new realms of exploration and understanding open.

Take advantage of the opportunities to evolve that present themselves to you. Do your know how much patience you can learn now? Those times when people on the road cut you off, the salesclerk is rude, the telephone solicitor calls right in the middle of your dinner, practice patience. How about when those expressing an opposing political viewpoint appear on the news? Practice patience!

The innovations you will see over the next several years will be astounding. This is a time of breakthrough, inventiveness, unique unfoldments and discoveries. Advancements in science, medicine and technology come one after another. Exploration is favored now.

In your personal lives, try doing things a new way, even if that means taking a new route home from work. Use a new medium in your artwork, try playing a new instrument. If you always write prose, try poetry.
Are you of a scientific nature? Time to take a dance class. Don't let what was be the only ingredient to form what becomes.

Your own inventiveness pays off. Creativity abounds now. Be courageous and take the new approach.

Many of you are inventors. Be bold enough to complete your invention, patent it and get it out into the public.

There are many ways to be inventive. In most any way you allow your own creative, peaceful individuality out, you will be rewarded.

The economy continues to improve as employment increases, manufacturing and production increase as well. Purse strings are loosened as people once again make their purchases. Business investments grow. Fiscal responsibility at all levels is called for.

Responsibility across the board is necessary now. It is important that you continue to assess who you are responsible for and to what degree.

During this time, people can assume responsibility for their own lives in ways they have not been able to before. The energies available now open many doors for taking personal responsibility. You provide others who may have become overly dependent on you with the opportunity to become self reliant when you stop taking care of things for them. By the same token, it is important that you take full responsibility for your life.

Live within your means. Balance your budget, pay off your credits. Make the difficult decisions. Take the action called for. Stand behind those decisions and actions and accept the cause and effect factor of them.

This is the Age of Peace and peace shall be. Many times I have said to you, peace begins within. It begins within from a loving heart. To love yourself just as you are allows you to love others. To love one another unconditionally is the root principal in all Ages. You will not have world peace until you make peace within your own family. You don't have to like everyone but it is important to love everyone, soul to soul. At the personality level 'be and let be' and leave judgment to the Creator. In your heart find patience and peace.

In this magnificent Season of Lights, seek the Light within you that is ever there awaiting your call. It is your peace and your perfection, ever there to guide you, to enrich you, to strengthen you and to bring you wholeness. When you allow that Light within to lead you, it will never let you down.

And do listen to the voices of the angels!  There is a great host of angles that join together in song during this season. Listen and you will hear their voices in harmony as the music of the spheres rings throughout heaven. And heaven is all around you if you would but see it. Open your eyes to its beauty, to your beauty. Open your ears to hear its magnificence. With eyes to see and ears to hear you will be led to your greatness. For you are great. Believe it and so shall it be.

In friendship, acceptance and with great joy in this loveliest of seasons, I bid you peace,


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