Utilizing the Solstice

AA Metatron via James Tyberonn
Dec 21, 2010

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Potent Entry into 2011

Greetings All!

On December 21st of 2010, a full moon total lunar eclipse will occur on the Solstice. This extreme double edged surge will be the entry into 2011 and is a taste of what is to come in the year ahead! This will create a mighty blast of high frequency energy that will span the planet and carry forward into a solar eclipse occurring on January 4th of 2011.

This will be a powerful intense field, but we tell you is also a supremely benevolent energy. This solstice of December 21st is a remarkable day for meditation and resolve, and indeed a day to combine your energies to create the year ahead and bath the planet in the impeccability of the powerful OMM-Wave. Seek and you will find ! We ask you to seek joy, kindness and abundance of life. Indeed create a combined Wave of Unconditional Love!

Masters, the energy that is circumventing the planet right now is among the most intense energies of 2010, and indeed 2010 has been a roller coastal of frequencial extremes.

The Energy that culminates on December 21st is in fact the apexial fulcrum of energies that began 2 weeks ago. It is an energy of creation. But Dear Ones, what will you create? We cannot over stress the dichotomy of this rare frequency blend. It is an energy that combines myriad gravities. As such it is truly the double-edged sword, cutting the direction in which it is employed. Therefore it is imperative to remain positive during this resonance.

This full moon solstice eclipse is indeed a rare phenomenon, having not occurred on the Earth for more than 4 centuries. So we again re-emphasize that this potent energy can be of great and greater benefit if properly utilized in positive intent. It is indeed a superb time for manifestation. But this requires of you to stay in the 'higher frequencies'. The surface reaction to the robust force of the astrological and astronomical gravities surrounding you just now must not be to fall into depression or anxiety.

Dear Ones, if you allow the intensities to frustrate you that will indeed be amplified in the current energy of Full-Moon Eclipse, Solstice and Mercury retrograde.

This can combine either way with the subtle energies of your 'Holidays'. On the surface this holiday season is seen as a festive time of happiness and family celebration. It is a time of lights, of gifts and gatherings. While indeed this can be a truly wonderful holiday, it is also a time of memories and reflection as another year comes to an end. And in truth for a great many the holiday season can bring a tenuous, unspoken sadness of years gone by. This especially for those who are alone at this time of year. For many 'empty nesters' of middle years and beyond, Christmas has underpinnings of melancholy and loneliness.

And so we ask you to remain in higher chakric vibration. Count your blessings, express love to one another, nurture your neighbor and reach out to family. And Dear Ones all Humanity is truly Family.

On the December 21st Solstice, the veil will be opened wide, and the Cosmic Council of Light will return in close and closer presence through the Beloved Sainte Germaine to assist the Family of Man in the Global OMM-Wave meditation. This energy will be Omni Present on the Earth. It will be a time of manifestation and healing. It will create, collate and disseminate the energy of Hope within an amplified wave of Unconditional Love.

We ask each of you to meditate on the intent of joyful abundance, and send a wave of beautiful love, unconditional love across the planet.

From higher perspective this Solstice and its 'collective resonances' are indeed tools of magnification that the wise human can harness for release, purification and manifestation.

So we offer suggestions on how to joyously utilize the energies of the Dec 21st Stargate of 2010.

* Gather in groups on the Dec 21st Solstice and project Joy and Unconditional Love

* Focus on well being, remain positive, be the change you want to see

* Nurture one another

* Count your blessings for life is a gift

* Script the Solstice with Intent for Highest Good

* Remember whatever you feel is magnified in the Solstice energy

* Guard against negative emotions

Masters, as we have previously shared, most of you think of a 'negative' emotion as fear, hate, anger, jealousy and such. While these emotions are indeed detrimental and rupture auric fields, sadness and depression are electrically just as destructive to the human aura. Perhaps even more so, because many tend to accept their sadness far more readily than other toxic feelings, and rather than recognizing the harm and combating it, tend to fall into a seasonal melancholy. This especially occurs at Christmas and New Years for those that are alone and in middle years and beyond.

Find the joy that is around you, and amplify that joy. We tell you there are many across the planet at this time, that do not know joy, that do not know love. So take a moment to recognize the blessings in your life, and be thankful. Then make a concerted effort to nurture those around you.

Use the OMM- Wave to reboot, to strengthen self and share love, Unconditional Love, across the planet and to all of the Family of Mankind.

I, Metatron, and the Legion of Angelicas will indeed combine with the Cosmic Council of Light and assist in amplification of the Love you intently project. The Cosmos is open, the veil is thinned.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

And so it is...

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