Wake up Call

Admora via Nancy Tate
December 28, 2010

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I am here today to tell you more about the visitors to your planet. They are here from all over the universe and from other universes as well. They come to learn and to appreciate what you are doing in order to bring to a close this period of unease and tribulation in your world. They see that it represents a myriad of other things as well, and one of them is to find the way to a veritable solution to a great many issues that come through the diversity of cultures on one planet.

This is one issue that is going to be addressed at length in many portals of learning. It is one that has been shown to be a valuable way to conduct a civilization and still be able to remain in harmony with each and every one of the beings who are present on any planet that chooses to give it a try. There are many ways in which this can be done, and one of them is to take the elements of what a culture means to itself and to apply it to being able to resonate with all others who are living their own cultural ways and still be able to retain the harmonic balance that supports and resonates with the planet's balance.

On your planet right now is the widespread element of change and that applies to every culture there. It is a widely seen advantage for everyone to share in at least one important issue and that is what takes the longest to realize and to keep in harmony. When the people of your world gave their permission for us all to come and observe, you also asked that we not interfere even when there was seemingly cause to do so. You did this according to what the Creator Source ordained was your right as sovereign beings of your universe and the conglomerate of universes that is never ending in existence.

You all are taking the steps that it requires to keep the momentum going to bring to a balance the resonance of all of your different cultures and still be able to be in harmony with each other. Through this field of dreams you have given so much and have shown us what it takes to build an energy of turmoil and disparity and then to be able to bring it all into a balance that supports all of the cultures, while at the same time honors the changes that may come about in the journey to that result.

I am Admora of the Sirian system and I come to you now with the admonition to the ones on your planet who are taking their leave of the original idea of imbalance to a height that was not seen to be possible, and who have given us a new perspective by which to bring about the balance that is necessary for the evolutionary destiny to take place and be lived.

That admonition is to let you know that no matter how far down you sink, no matter how far away from yourselves you may find your paths to take you, you will not be able to take control of the world that you are part of because it is not part of the destined outcome for earth. You are the ones who are at the pivotal place in this evolution that are bringing about the dire places of mind that are in the throes of revolutionary change. That means that as you continue to plunder through life in the way you are, you are building an even stronger energy of Love throughout all of those beings on earth who are realizing their oneness with the all of existence, which includes you.

There is nothing that can overwrite what is inherent within each and every one of the beings in existence. No matter what takes place and how far away from who you are originally you may stray, you cannot ever take your place in the universe in the way that you think you can because you are so far away from the origins of What Is that you are as well, one step in the opposite direction from which you choose now. Taking that one step back, away from the direction you are moving now, will give you the release to go back to the real you and to find that all is Love. No matter how you fight to keep your momentum and equilibrium in your present place, you will eventually come back to the love essence from which you began.

That is the Universal Law of Creation. That is your destiny. It make take more evolutionary movement than it takes for those whom you consider so outside of yourselves, however, it is the choice you made and that is why we so love seeing you take the eternal plunge into what you consider to be your triumph, for to us that comes through as the fact that you have not and never will forget the original Light seed from which you sprang. That will bring you back to yourself and the balance in which you can resound with all of those who are seeing you for who you want to be, and have put yourselves outside of the realm of their evolutionary paths.

I speak now to those of you who are following your journeys in a way that resounds throughout the heavens as being pure and loving and free. You are living in peace and harmony as much as you can in the world that you have all created. Yes, throughout your history on this planet and from the origins of your creation and the evolutionary paths you have made to ready yourselves for this journey on earth, you have had many differing experiences and have hidden behind the ideas that you have generated throughout your existence.

It has been a most interesting evolutionary process, and now you have come through the various other lives on other planets in the universe. You have experienced time-warps, evolutionary timelessness and timeliness. You have gone through many experiences to bring you to this planet earth and now you are almost at the period when you will be moving into a whole new experience period in which you will be putting into practice what you have learned and acclimated to this point.

As you begin this new phase of life you will bring all that you have learned and practiced into a new evolutionary place, and in that place you will have the opportunity to join with all of us who have been observing and now who are participating with you in this phase of transition. You will join with us consciously and bring about a whole new way of being that has not been experienced before.

I cannot tell you how that will be because we do not know ourselves. That is because we are to be part of what you do from here on in. We are part of what you have experienced in that we are the audience and at times we have been participants. We will bring with you the essence of what has been experienced into action. We together will soar through the universe and take part in whatever comes to the mind of the individual as is seen by the Universal mind to be part of what we create in the energy of the various creators of our own deity.

We are the collective energetic creation of what we have experienced and so as we go through the next phase of what has been on earth, we will be coming to be with you and to move through this past phase of duality with you in order to be one foot here and one foot in the coming times with you. We will come a few here, a few there. We already have begun that process and will continue to as you become more and more aware of our presence. There will be more of you who will recognize us and who will welcome us to your story.

We are ready for this huge transition and we apologize for any discomfort it may cause for any of you, no matter how short, or long lived it may be. You asked us for this intervention that we now bring and in so doing we are here in stages and in complete and utter love and respect for you. We honor what you all are doing and have been doing. We come to you, as asked and bring to you the ultimate blessings that we have to live, for we are in line with you in this new way of being that you are creating in every moment. We slip into our roles here on earth and we join with you, as you will be joining with us in our worlds on our planets, once this world, this planet is back in resonance with the rest of the universe and with each other.

For those who choose to take a longer journey though their lives on earth, they are being given that opportunity to do so in their own idea of what their world is that they have created. It is their make believe world, and of the ones who they want to have with them for manipulation and for playing with, you will leave behind your shadows for them to carry out their games and their ideas of what may come of their world.

When they are ready to take that step backwards to observe how they've done, to take a moment from their continual movement forward away from the Light, they will find that as they step back, they will step into their forward movement on another plane and into the ever-growing realm of the light from whence they came originally. That is because as they pause for a moment in their forward projection, they will be reminded on an inner plane of who they truly are. They will see the fullness of Light from which they originally came. They will not be able to deny that truth.

This is the totality of the ever-expanding life. This is the totality of the proof that totality is really non-existent, for there is no end to Creation. It is ever-expanding. As it expands it invites in any being who choose to be a part of the forward movement, or to continually spin their wheels in a circle of self-creation that takes them round and round in the same essence. All it takes is one moment of a different idea, and they are off to another reality that carries them in the direction of that idea.

That is the power of us all, my dear family and as we climb to the essence that is within our spectrum we see so much potential awaiting our creation. And so it is. And so we are.

Thank you dear Admora of Sirius,

Love, Nancy Tate

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