Message from the Masters

Masters via Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
December 13, 2010



Anshallah! Haluna entui ansi Anshallah!

From Great and Growing Light We Greet You!

It is that your world is reaching a climax of energy in this now. There is a huge rise of energies coming to you like a tidal wave. It will peak about the 16th of January and will be causal to many great changes in your lives. These changes may be dramatic on many levels as some of you will find yourselves moving to other locations, changing jobs, relationships, or on the other side of that, becoming far more secure in everything that you currently experience. There will be vast openings of awareness on different plains of comprehension and new energy forces will be available to you. These energies will come in the form of the double helix, of combined geometries that are of fullness you have not yet as human beings experienced. Contact with your higher being will be greatly easier, and healing with the coming energies will be of virtually unlimited possibilities as the new and coming energies will be full sets of changing harmonics.

The new energies are of combined sets that those in the before times used and understood. They can move mountains or make the subtlest attunements. It is these energies that are outside of gravity and are above limitation. To utilize them, you must realize that they are not outside of you, they are of you and part of you and you tem. To comprehend this fully, know that you must become that which you intend. These energies are very different than what you had previously encountered. To use them do not see something as a possibility. Rather, see it as already done. In such a way what is done is unquestionable and what is a possibility is not yet occurred.

This is a concept that the logical mind does not grasp but the consciousness already knows. Your mind is your limitation. Step outside the realm of what is possible and know that anything you can imagine can be done by your intent and your knowing that it is so. The time for your creative efforts is upon you and you are unlimited in scope. If you choose.

We wish to speak with you of the coming times as we do at this time each of your years. The energies rising are going to be causal to other rises in your world. The stock markets will take an upward trend in April that has the potential to begin a vast change in your world economics. Global currencies will adjust in value in surprising ways and commodities will remain on an upswing. Your housing markets will begin to stabilize and then raise beginning in August. Futures in corn, wheat and soy beans will be good investments.

The current baiting by North Korean officials to others in your world has the potential to escalate especially in February. We highly suggest that those who are in the know of this be very cautions of reaction to the temptations set out by the North Koreans. This kind of situation is a push/pull of wills and what must be understood is that those who are pushing cannot be reasoned with since they are unreasonable to begin with. Their agenda is not one of compromise; it is one of self-serving issues that cannot be met except in the egoic planes. Be very cautions to maintain balance or the scales can tip in ways that are undesirable.

There will be surprising events affecting Canadian government this year that have the possibility of changing faces and political perceptions particularly coming from Western Canada.

The Mexican drug war will exhibit some unification of resources and attempt to forge further into the southern US. There will be changes in power that will ultimately lead to absorption of certain factions and unification of others. Nothing is as it seems on the surface. There will also be branching out to include human trafficking. The solution to this situation as in all situations of such a nature is not defense, it is offense. It is a war against darkness that can be won. While the darkness seems overwhelming, it only takes a spark of light for it to be no more.

There will be archeological discoveries in the Yucatan and in central America that will lead to huge discoveries linking primitive cultures as well as the reasons for their disappearances. There will also be further discoveries in Peru of mass graves that will inform of both cultural and climatic changes. In Mexico, a site will be discovered to the north of mixed cultures and massive destruction by incoming forces of foreign nature. A new pyramid will be discovered in North Western Brazil near the equator.

In the medical field, further discoveries will be made toward skin replacement. This will be of a synthetic nature but will interface with surrounding skin in a natural fashion. This discovery will combine plant materials with human cells. In the same vein, plasma replacement will also take a huge leap utilizing a bonded synthetic material that can assist in emergency circumstances and will be available generally in the next 5 to 10 years on the mass market. New heart valve technology will also become available utilizing titanium and silicone for less drag resistance and higher functioning as well as longer lasting insertions.

Technologies regarding projected holograms will come forward in the next several years to replace 3D technology. In computer technology, further progress will be made using light technology to store and transfer data beyond what is currently known as wireless. Massive amounts of data will be stored not on the chips themselves, but in light fields that are created of them. These fields will move in a centrifugal fashion and data searches will be immediate in results rather that delayed responsiveness.

There will be further technologies regarding learning and experiencing virtually. What we must say to you is that as human beings, in order to not become desensitized, you must maintain usage of all of your physical senses, particularly those of the tactile nature. It is these senses that allow for your abilities of depth of experience as well as awareness. When these are synthetically driven and experienced, certain aspects of your nature are not included and your systems moderate and mutate in order to adapt. It is this type of technology that your forebears from other galaxies and non-local realities utilized in their histories and they now seek to return to their races. They have lost touch with their emotional faculties as well as their tactile experiences and they realize only too late that they have modified their corporeal existences beyond anything they had expected and the result is dysfunction in their overall experiences as well as reproductive successes. This is why certain abduction experiences take place by non local beings and also why monitoring of your species has become necessary. They are re-learning their own beingness and attempting to reoccur what they have lost in their technological periods.

And speaking of non local beings, as we have said previously, there will become more and further evidence of this being not only so, but interactions with human beings. Not all of these interactions are for selfish gain as there as multiple races accessing third dimensional reality. They have been to your world previously in different times and ages and with the coming alignment not only is access to your world easier, so is communication. Most of those hi come to your world seek alliance or to assist you. Many walk among you now, teaching you of energies, technologies, healing, and even how to utilize your naturally occurring minerals and gaseous materials. There will be further advancement because of this in the world of fuels particularly for inter-stellar travel and communications methods.

Your media is in a period of imbalance as those programming's that propagate desensitization and lack of intelligence are rampant and yet at the same time, those of a more conscious and aware nature are beginning to surface. Over the next five years you will witness a cathartic change in what the media provides to you. In order to expedite this, you must speak up or not allow those which propagate ignorance into your experiences. Speak to the media of what you desire and request that these be provided regularly to you.

Your el Nina winter will continue with heavy snow falls and high wind factors as well as extreme cold in certain areas such as the pacific northwest and the central plains in the US, and in Europe. Mudslides and heavy rains will continue in central and south America and some flooding will occur on the coast of India.

There will be a minor lull in earthquake activity for several months and then some large quakes to occur in April and June as well as in August. As many do not realize, whenever there is a quake of any magnitude, there will be offsetting quakes in other areas, usually across the plate from the instigating event. Often there will be multiple offsetting quakes. We see that there will be several large events in the south pacific as well as one or two in South America. There will also be one event off the coast of California that may give rise to a further event up the coastline to affect Oregon or Washington. New Zealand will experience another large quake but it will not be as destructive as the one that recently occurred in Christ Church, as it will be off land in its occurrence. There will be a surprise quake off the eastern US coast near Georgia or South Carolina in the Atlantic.

In your summer of the coming year, the hurricane season may begin early with a powerful storm that originates off the coast of Africa. This storm may affect the eastern US as well as areas of the northern Atlantic. There will be at least two other storms that follow a similar tract. Later in the season, around late September, there is the potential of a storm which will reach the western side of Texas and Northern Mexico that has the potential to be of extreme high winds and fluctuating barometric pressures. It may diminish at a point then regain strength as it moves north toward land. If this occurs, this storm will cause great flooding to the low lying lands on both areas.

We wish for you to take on awareness of the entirety of your world. That which you have not experienced is not real to you and yet it is reality to many others across your planet. Whether you realize it or not, all that occurs affects you. That which is positive affects you, as does that which is not. What is necessary is to embrace with great compassion that which happens in lands far from you, to know that in every reality, every world in creation there are periods of flux, of pain and destruction and rebirth, creation and expansion. Know that when these kinds of events happen anywhere on your world, they are felt in the collective psyche. As they are, events are instigated in every world that affects the entirety. Compassion must first be experienced in and of one's self. When that is done, that same compassion can be shared both globally and universally. What we wish for you in this now and always is not only peace on earth, but as a result, peace universal.

Blessings, Grace and Peace to each of you in this now and infinitely.

End of transmission.